This week in MISA 01-15 July 2001

After a short break due to technical difficulties I'm back. The main events and relevant articles of the last two weeks are below.

Yogaesoteric articles
A correction is urgently needed for this article on the official website of MISA.
MISA as a non-profit organization with the mission to elevate the spiritual level of humanity if promoting some very very dangerous bullshit.
They probably found this on some crazy conspiracy "theory" website and published it without thinking and misrepresenting heavily what the video actually says. If this was the other way around there would be no end to the complaining.
Here watch the whole video and make up your own mind:

Another exclusive and incredibly important revelation that proves that MISA is full of angels and divine beings and everyone else is evil.
Spoiler: It's some person's rant about being not welcomed on a forum and being offended by some of the comments there. Wow, heaven forbid there be arguments on the internet! ANd on a forum at that! Wow scandalous. And incredibly important. Important enough to have space on the biggest yoga themed website in Romania. Priorities priorities.

And a despicable article that I'm assuming was scheduled already and if they didn't publish it then all they would have is the conspiracy craziness and a few copy paste articles from old yoga magazine.
In case you don't know a semi-VIP over in MISA named Yveline Dobrin (originally named Diana) died of cancer. A group of MISA students organized a series of blessings to help her pass on to the next realm  according to MISA doctrine through the highest chakra possible. And now they publish this article that treats cancer ans something that can be prevented by popping a few cherries.
The thing I don't understand is if cancer is so simple and works in the way MISA claims then how come people like Yveline die? She was a big time yoghini and was faithful to MISA doctrine and the group and yet she still died. Why? Karma is not an excuse if you can't prove it. Neither is chemtrails. And neither is the paranoia about GM foods and bad un-natural foods.
Not respecting a person's suffering and death by saying it's their fault is not very spiritual in my opinion. But maybe that's what spirituality is all about: thinking everything is the others fault and never your own and all the bad things that happen are of some outside source and nothing bad will ever happen to you because you are on a spiritual path and our master who is the only one and true master on the planet right now will spiritually protect you from all those evils. Sorry guys the world doesn't work that way, And this is not me just saying this because I'm an evil former member possessed by demons, but the facts are contradicting your pleasant little image if the world. When will you wake up?

MISA blogosphere
Sure there are UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS NEAR A FUCKING STORM!!!! That's news. And potentially ultimate proof that all those meditations with the beneficial aliens done at MISA events are efficient techniques. And it's 100% accurate, after all it was on CNN.
They wouldn't lie about things like this.
They only lie about the things that went on in Kosovo.
The're on our crazy conspiracy nut-job side now. 
Conclusion: The aliens are here RUN!!!!!!

Oh wait. 

Yet another potentially dangerous bad science reporting form the people from MISA minus the yoga.
The blog post about a study that is supposed to confirm that meditation reduces the risk of heard disease. Why is it bad reporting? Well it leaves out the fact and then modifies the report in other words lies about it that the study was about the transcendental meditation technique and not anything taught at MISA. And never mind the fact that the transcendental meditation movement is known for trying a bit too hard to look scientific.
Fits in well with MISA because they (would) love to do that too. Too bad that all the pesky little cultish things com in the way.
And of course let's leave out the other side in it's entirety. Some say that TM is actually does more harm than good

You have to love the irony in the fact that the original article is promoting this bs with the very famous people that very famously renounced the whole transcendental meditation movement. Not the whole practice but the movement itself. Oh well.

Here do a meditation with this music by a Beatle: John Lennon.

And while we're at it it seems that the involvement with the transcendental meditation movement was the beginning of the end for the Beatles.
Now if you would be so in tune with the great cosmic resonances and synchronicties as you claim to be then you would interpret this as a bad sign not as something you would like to give as evidence of your teachings. I'm not surprised that the original source is not given but rather a translation is used with no source. Well I'm doing the work for you dear oh so inspired and original yogi writers of misa-yoga blog, the original source is the above link, and the source of the Romanian translation is most likely this with the mandatory adaptation to the MISA language.

Oh and it seams that lately they (MISA) are trying to claim that Grieg was the Romanian head of the Transcendental Meditation Movement. I've heard that in my MISA days as well as yet another sign of Grieg's awesomeness and the authenticity of MISA's teachings.
Wonder if they told that to the actual person (Nicolae Stoian, no connection to MISA's Mihai Stoian) - not affiliated with MISA - who was and still is the Romanian leader of the TM movement? Guess not.
I'm just wondering if they are aspiring to reach the level of claims that this parody video is giving. “The guru makes incredible claims: I've invented air.”

Anyway if they claim that the meditation as taught at MISA is the same as TM (which I understand not to be the case) then this is a great resource for why TM is not such a good thing after all. Add to that that MISA is still a cult (maybe not to the extant that TM is) and you have yourself a nice little future ahead.

And finally here's the entire article that we're talking about (which neither the MISA blogpost nor the original Daily Mail gave, cuz' heaven forbid their readers make up their own minds about a study).

Read it yourself and try to figure out if this means that you should run to the nearest MISA yoga course or not.

Now for yet another bad news: the sky is falling.
It isn't actually news because meteors and asteroids have been falling on Earth for billions of years now. 
If you're interested in this kind of news you might be better of to check out the NASA asteroid watch website rather than read about this in some tabloid or the blog of a small cult.
Oh I'm sorry I forgot NASA is not trying to kill us they just know of secret future terrorist attacks and are warning only their employees and their families about it via a public youtube video. Oh, my bad. I guess you need to hide again. Don't forget about the aliens!

And finally for the most important piece of news that has been copy-pasted on almost every MISA run website and blog.
On yogaesoteric.
A Bucharest court decided that Gregorian Bivolaru was jailed for political reasons before 1989 (before the Romanina revolution that ended communism in the country). I don't get it why this had to be decided by a court, but that's what they choose to call it. 
Costică Cojocaru MISA instructor and photographer wrote about it on his blog as well.
I would only be curious that what does this mean for the amount of 30.000 Euros which mr I'm so spiritual and detached form the material world Bivolaru was asking ofr a while back and did not get?
I would only be curious what will he do with the money. Will the poor yogis finally have at least one free summer camp? I'm pretty sure not. But hey, that's pure spirituality for you.

In similar court related news this is more interesting than the bragging and propaganda you find on the MISA sites. And it's available in English. Please read (English translation by exmisa.org user No-one).
Romanian version. 

In other news infamous MISA member/student/disciple Yveline (Diana) Dobrin died of cancer and probably inspired by this yogaesoteric posted a brand new article about death. With the obligatory eternal life bs. There was a group initiative from some MISA students to do some blessings for her in order that (according to MISA doctrine) her spirit leaves her physical body through a higher level chakra so that her place in a higher, more better heaven is ensured. There was a big discussion about almost everything relating to this case on the exmisa forums were many rightly pointed out the fact that Yveline was the ideal MISA yogi and shakti (she appeared in one of the MISA porn movies to elevate the spiritual/sexual level of humanity) and in MISA promotion materials like the confessions of MISA students where she talked about her extraordinary spiritual achievements and yet she still died of a disease that a good yogi should never ever get.
This is not a trivial matter. This is not about this person being dead and now that's somehow MISA's fault because that's disputable, but one thing is certain MISA promises perfect health and legends of curing every disease from the most insignificant one to cancer and HIV is rampant in MISA culture, while people are dying. IF there is a difference between the lay population and the super elevated and advanced yogis of MISA is an unknown and at the moment unknowable information.
I for one am worried where the type of attitude to medicine and the source of alternative cures that is so popular in MISA combined with the deliberate misinformation of which you can see a sample above will lead. MISA has and is very proud of having yoga students with medical degrees and yet promotion of pseudo-scientific bs and good Christian tehniques invented by the master like the above mentioned blessings are considered better than any classic and proven method.
And if all that doesn't work then there's always the deluded hope of the better, more spiritual, more close to god eternal life, where the poor persecuted yogis will probably get a special MISA yogi heaven.
I just hope that people don't loose their lives because of this attitude and culture MISA actively promotes.

Saturday 2nd of July 13.30 - Spiral meditation with the induction of spiritual enlightenment with the help of divine miracle. After this from 15.30 a collective prayer in which they asked god for helping the people of Earth who are in a difficult situation right now. Talk about vague and ambiguous.

Sunday 3rd of July 05.00-24.00 - Something named the technique of revealing of past lives. It is of course sustained telepathically and spiritually by the master.

Monday 4th of July 20.10-20.55 - Meditation Venus in trigon with Neptune.

Also on Monday 4th of July - Svara initiation from 20.00 in Pipera hall 1, but only for those who are worthy. The svara initiations are not given to everyone. The process by which the worthy are chosen is as far as I know the usual drawing of sorts. I have no idea if it can be retaken if one is not chosen.
But just think of the effect this could have if someone is not chosen. Everyone is applying for this and if you happen to not be drawn then of course something is wrong with you. You are not a good enough yogi.

Tuesday 5th of July 03.30-04.15 - Meditation Mercury in trigon with Uranus.

Wednesday 6th of July 15.00-15.45 - Meditation Mars in trigon with Saturn.

Thursday 7th of July 16.50-17.35 - Meditation Jupiter in trigon with Pluto.

Saturday 9th of July 08.50-09.35 - Meditation Venus in sextil with Jupiter.
11.00-11.45 - Meditation Mercury in sextil with Saturn.
21.15 - Spiral meditation to invoke the divine grace. In Bucharest the spiral took place in Obor hall.

Tuesday 12th July 06.15-07.00 - Meditation Mercury in sextil with Mars.

Wednesday 13th of July - Tripura Sundari. The favorable period for sexual intercourse according to MISA terms from 21.30 (Tuesday) to 17.30 (Wednesday).
The meditation is from 07.45-08.30.
The maximum of influence is the 13th of July, 07.59.

Wednesday 13th of July to 14th of July from 24:00 - The meeting of yoga instructors and ayurveda instructors. The event takes place in Bucharest in Pipera hall.
Administrative program 22:00-24:00.
The ayurveda instructors meeting starts from 22:00 in Pipera hall 1.

Friday 15th of July - Full moon. Starting form the 14th of July 15:39 and ends Saturday 16th of July 03:39.
The most unfavorable period is Friday 15th of Jult 09:39.


  1. Hey! I've missed you and I've been checking out your blog every once in awhile to see if you showed up again :)

    About the MISA treatments: yeah, there's a lot of crap there. Not that there isn't crap elsewhere. I had gastritis and both MISA and a normal doctor gave me stuff to make me better (plants vs. pills)

    The plants didn't help and didn't harm.
    The pills worked. For the month I took them. Then, wham! Rebound, keeling over with pain, that sort of thing.

    Now I have been recommended bananas by a random internet person and figuring that it can't hurt (how much harm can bananas do? they're healthy) started eating one a day.

    And strangely enough, my gastritis got way better.

    But you can't play with cancer. Gods. I've heard that in Dochinoiu's case she actually went and had a biopsy, the way the doctors told her, but it went wrong and the cancer went into metastasis. I don't know how true that is. I doubt it matters now.

    Svara initiation: there's many, many 'NO' notes which means people don't get it. And very, very few 'YES' ones. They have quotes written on them which are supposed to explain why you picked what you picked. The 'NO' pile is full of quotes from Bhagavad-Gitta's chapter on demons.

    So there's no problem if you fail to get it once, twice, thrice, seven times, whatever. It's starting to look bad only for those in the highest years who haven't gotten it yet.

  2. Thanks *blushes*

    My thing about diseases is that yes the human body is complicated and we (as a race with the use of the best methods available to us = science) weren't able to figure out every disease and find a cure for it. Yet! But that doesn't mean that you can just stroll along and declare yourself "enlightened" or a "spiritual healer" or some bs like that and just say any stupid thing that pops into your head and expect to be respected. Sorry there's this little thing called testability and it pisses me off to no end when people are claiming things like that (I'm not referring to Sarshi)without evidence. Especially in cases like cancer or HIV. Which MISA claim to heal.

    And about the Svara thing, I had a feeling it was something like that. :)
    Hey turns out I still can reason and have correct "spiritual insight" even after I left MISA ;)

  3. Oh, I agree with you. I was just musing on things :)