This week in MISA 07/01/2011

Saturday 25th of June Spiral meditation with the soul of the Romanian nation. From 21.50 the spiral meditation of invoking the divine grace will be performed at unison in the entire country.
In Bucharest this event takes place in the Pipera hall 1 in the MISA ashram.

Also from Saturday 25th of June to Sunday 26th of June from 1.00-9.00 Extraordinary spiritual exemplification dedicated to the great cosmic power Matangi.

Sunday 26th of June 02.40-03.25 – Meditation the Sun in sextil with Jupiter.

Monday 27th of June from 13.10-13.55 – Meditation Mars in sextil with Uranus.

Wednesday 29th of June to 30th of June Shivaratri. From 23.30-01.00 Meditation of communion with Shiva. In Bucharest the meditation will take place in spiral form and in Pipera hall 1.

Wednesday 29th of June 13.30-14.15 - Meditation of communion with the saint apostles Peter and Paul. There you see one day they meditate with a Hindu god (Shiva) the next day with Christian saints.

Costineşti summer camp 2011
Big news you can participate for free in the “international” yoga camp if you are poor.
The organizers are trying to prove that they are good Christians by performing this (this is their words not mine) act.
How many people you ask?
After all they have that big 7 story building in Costineşti, and the other 2 smaller 4 story buildings right across it as well as that big empty field and all that space surrounding the big yellow tent where the big events are held. They have plenty of space. Hundreds of karma yogis are housed in these places as well as hundreds of special women invited into the special villa so there's the possibility.
And I'm sure the space is much needed after all we are talking about the biggest yoga school in Europe with hundreds of thousands of students.
Well the actual number is 14.
And how are the candidates for those precious 14 places chosen? Based on merit? Based on need? Based on any objective standard?
Of course not. Based on a drawing of sorts performed in an undisclosed location by undisclosed people using undisclosed methods. Sure there's no way to cheat in those conditions. I'm sure the most deserving people will get those 14 places. Those in most need, most spiritually advanced, etc people will be chosen by the magic of some deity (which I highly doubt is Yahweh).
The request must be backed up with documents attesting the difficult financial status of the person. So it's bad for the government to ask for details about you but it's ok when a cult asks for sensitive financial information.
Let me repeat this again dear hypocrites at MISA how the fuck do you dare to criticize the fucking state for asking for information that you not only ask yourself but go out of your way in threatening people and doing illegal background checks on them. You are supposed to be a non-profit organization with 0 right to do financial checkups on ANYONE. Let alone the possible hundreds or let me humor you tens of thousands of people, after all you do have hundreds of thousands of students worldwide, that will sign up for this competition.
Oh and another thing, if you can see the auras of the people in non-digital photos of them wearing nothing or nothing but a bikini, and after all your master is a master in techniques that allow him to become one with his disciples to such an extent that all they have to do is think of a small minor problem they have for their dear master to lend them triple occult support in their actions then how come you can't just check up on their claim to the free vacation? Or does this refer to a spiritual checkup just like that? I wouldn't be surprised. After all I personally submitted several digital photos and none, NONE of them were ever refused for the reason of being digital. So I would not be surprised if people who didn't deserve this got a free vacation payed by the fools who hand over their hard earned money to a bunch like those who organize these camps.

But anyway. I would be curious just how many people apply for this and from which yoga years. After all yoga helps you integrate into society and helps you achieve a great relationship with god and which allows you to fulfill all of your wishes.
The end of the application period is the 13th of July 2011.

The art of being a woman aka shakti group version 2.0 by Svetlana Sauciuc
Svetlana Sauciuc member of the MISA theater group Sofrozin among others is holding another version of the famous MISA shakti groups.
She together with a psychologist named Mona Georgescu.
Contact details
Mona Georgescu telephone: 0722.501050; e-mail: minunemica@yahoo.com
Svetlana Sauciuc telephone: 0723.218777; e-mail: svetlana.sauciuc@gmail.com

Every Saturday starting from June.

11th of June – Allow yourself to be a Woman
25th of June – Love in the present tense
2nd of July – How to have happy relationships
9th of July – Feminine charisma and emotional control
23rd of July/30th of July – Feminine seduction – between refinement and self-knowledge

Duration 4-6 hours per meeting starting from 11 AM.
A minimum number of 10 people are necessary.

And a big surprise (which entirely misusing the word by revealing the surprise) again with the help of magic there will be a drawing of sorts and in which the 4 winners will get Svetlana's book the Art of being a woman. Autographed! Wow.

The location was held a big secret (for what reason I could not see, after all they themselves gave away the big surprise of the evening the book) but here it is:
Tabiet Café- Avrig str. nr 29 sector 2 Bucharest, Near the intersection of Ferdinand boulevard with Avrig street.

Sources: 1, 2

At the end of the announcement there is a disclaimer which states that this is not any form of self-development, support or any form of psychology group. No shit! This is just Svetlana's or Dana whatever she feels like calling herself today version of the MISA classic shakti group. She got a girlfriend of hers to help her out who conveniently has a psychology degree to support her. People like this are the one's that make me mad at the state of the social science in Romania.

NATHA events
Teachers: Mihai Stoian, Adina Stoian, Florin Hiru, and more.
Language: English
Price: 2250/1950 Dkk (with food and accommodation); 1450/1150 Dkk (without food and accommodation).

Stevns Klint, 9th – 24th July 2011
Now this looks like the exact copy of the Costinești camp, with a few modification that Mihai and Adina like.
They even have a Shakti Contest!

Partial program
9th – 13th of July Heart of Tantra Retreat
14th – 18th of July Mysteries of Trance
14th – 18th of July Initiation in Tantra Massage
19th – 24th of July Spiritual Art & Creativity Retreat

For further details and propaganda see the link above.

The events calendar of NATHA is worth checking out if you are interested in what MISA is up to.

Yogaesoteric articles
Yet another exceptional anecdote (aka 100% evidence for the authenticity of the cult in the mind of the cult members) of a yoga student in one of the magical big years, year 11.

The misa-yoga.blogspot tested article about a fictional interview with a Swiss banker who “participated” in the famous (and big MISA obsession) Bilderberg meetings.

A copy pasta from an old yoga magazine.

MISA blogosphere
Publishes another test article for yogaesoteric
The first part of the article was published on the official site, and there's no reason to think this won't be published also.

Mihai posts something about a NASA warning with the following hilarious part:
a message that is more credible than usual (usual for them). Last time when they announced the “great” discovery of a celestial body near Earth, the whole planet waited for days with baited breath for the amazing revelation only to be told in the end some scientific data that were not even so spectacular for the scientists (for the rest of the public they were disappointing) as had been announced.
He forgot to ad that most of the time MISA will jump on an announcement like this to meditate in order to deviate the asteroid, but of course only after the not credible NASA confirms that said asteroid is not a threat.
And Mihai also gives an incredibly powerful exemplification of being a hypocrite:
The situation was typical for their “smoke screen” department.
Oh, you mean like the fact that the head of Satya yoga Center India flees the country because the police are looking for him for breaking the law and then starts pointing the finger at a random organization for no apparent reason? You mean that? If yes then this is an extraordinary but not unique exemplification of the state of hypocrisy and pointing out a flaw while you yourself are performing it magnificently.

And I'm not surprised that he jumps to the immediate conclusion that NASA is announcing an impending terrorist attack from the inside of course because as we all know there is no such thing as a terrorist attack coming from an outside source, just like those hurricanes in the hurricane belt are acts of god I suppose. I'm not surprised because he and his crew gave the prime example of just how much ahead they think. Just read those statements they are demanding to be published in the case of the scandal in India, those were based on pre-prepared statements, and I highly doubt that they actually did anything to prepare themselves or their teachers for the task of teaching in a foreign country with a different culture. Just think of the statements of the teachers in the promo movie they did for the Indian branch. You can see that they were practically thrown into the situation and had to eventually flee the country in hurry because they got into trouble. Of course for people with this level of ability to foresee future trouble and prepare for it will seem strange. Of course it does seem strange to think and be prepared when you are entirely incompetent and entirely lack the willingness to prepare and count on the divine triple occult support of your master to spread your message. And of course the only reason that it's not accepted is the fact that the media is evil and controlled by Freemasons.

And you just have to love or band your head into the nearest hard surface when you read the closing lines
Correlating this with the recent warnings about the solar flares (see here the warning from our spiritual guide, Grieg) one can realize that big things are coming upon us soon.
So you should not believe NASA, and you should suspect them for planning some evil event that will kill everyone except the NASA employees and you should take word of a non-engineer and non-scientist spiritual master regarding solar flares. Nice one Mihai. I somehow thought you would lay off the bullshit for a while after the scandal in India. But apparently that case is closed and everyone is safe back home so no need to concern yourself with that anymore so you can now get back to promoting irrational fears and other bullshit.  

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  1. Btw, among the proofs that their 'selections by photo' don't work: they took me in for the Siddhaarta art camp and gave me the art initiation, which they'll be giving during Stoian's Costinesti-like camp, based on a photo. After I decided I loathed Grieg and that I'd probably give any secret whatsoever away.

    Remind me to tell misa-people that?... :D