Earth to MISA: You still don't have a right to be offended

MISA loves something they call synconicities which they use to explain almost everything to give it a spiritual excuse for happening.
They also think that these things only happen to them, the one's on the right spiritual path bla bla bla. 
Well here's one that happened to me just the other day (note: according to MISA doctrine it shouldn't happen because I left the one and true path and even worse I dare to express my disagreement with their activities). 

First this reader mail was published on yogaesoteric. 

In which a reader of both the sites yogaesoteric and the exmisa forums complained about how bad he was treated on the exmisa forums by the members there. And of course the administrator or editor of yogaesoteric was only too glad to support him in this unhealthy behavior. 

My immediate thought was so what?
Of course this is because he was offended by someone or several people, and the people over at yogaesoteric are offended by the very existence of dissenting opinion so they published it. Without checking if it even is true or not. And without taking time to think about it. Not to mention absolute lack of divine inspiration and support. 

You (all of the above mentioned people as well as the rest of humanity, including myself) don't have a right to be offended. You can complain sure, but don't think for a second that the mere fact that you personally were offended by something or someone is an argument against the thing or the person you were offended by. You can be of the opinion that he/she/they offended you and you did not like what they said or how they said it, but that does not give you the right to demand that they shut up. 
If you want to change their mind then that's precisely what you should be aiming for and that will never be achieved if you demand that they change their minds just to please you and to spare your fragile emotions. 
If you are not mature enough to understand that other people exist and they might not always agree with you on everything and if this happens (disagreement) you suffer serious emotional distress, then maybe you should not engage in conversation with people that are likely to have different opinions than your own. If you're so fragile then at the first sight of the opinion that you are not comfortable with, you should stop the discussion, not continue in a masochistic manner and cry afterward to a third person about it. That only makes you look like that kid from kindergarten - which we all knew at one point or another - that started a fight with another kid and when the other kid hit him back (or something similar) then he/she went running straight to the kindergarten teacher to rat him/her out. 
And if we continue the analogy, the kindergarten teacher's role in this case is played by the biggest spiritual school in Europe's (MISA) official web-site's editor. Who being in a very high yoga year and a very spiritual person (yes those are the qualifier necessary for that position, and they are determined by the infallible spiritual leader of MISA: Gregorian Bivolaru himself, just like those over 10.000 pictures in bathing suits for each yoga camp) should know better than to do something like this. If they consider themselves so much better than the stupid and evil lay people then I'm only holding them to their own standards. 

Disclaimer: I'm not perfect either, I've been known for making this mistake (there was this discussion I had on exmisa with the user Bushido. Hey Bushido I'm over it. Hope you'll be too.), but at least I'm open to changing my mind and can be convinced of another perspective. I'm not seeing that form MISA or the fanatic pro-misa MISA student/former/”never was a student of MISA but I support what they do”/etc people. 

Anyway back to the syncornicity. 
So I read the reader mail posted on yogaesoteric and started to think of how to formulate a response to it. Not that I'm responsible or in any way obliged to do so, I just like to think about these things and to express them in this manner (reader feedback isn't too bad either). 
And then I found this video in my subscription feed on youtube. 
Watch and learn. I'ts a superb exemplification of what I'm trying to say. And why you're wrong. 

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