This week in MISA 07/22/2011

Saturday 16th of July - Spiral meditation with the topic: Communion with the soul of the Romanian people and the Hungarian people. Starts at 14:57. In Bucharest the spiral will be held in Pipera hall's locker room. (see the source for this, I'm not making this up!)
Also on Saturday from 21:15 another spiral meditation this time with the topic of divine grace. In Bucharest the spiral takes place in Obor hall. 

Tuesday 19th of July 17:00-17:45 Meditation of communion with St. Seraphim of Sarov

Wednesday 20th of July 15:00-15:45 Meditation of communion with the Holy Prophet Elijah


Sunday 17th of July Meeting of the groups of deepening the spiritual guide-aspirant relationship
Event takes place everywhere in the country. This basically is a group to worship Gregorian Bivolaru because he is MISA's spiritual guide. But the fact that outsiders consider that MISA students worships Gregorian Bivolaru as the second coming of Christ is laughable. Right Monica?
Mind you this group means that a group of MISA students who consider Gregorian Bivoalru a spiritual master and their own spiritual master gather up and bring flowers, fruit and cute objects like statues and small nick-knacks of angels for example and make an altar of this, and after that they proceed with meditations about and dedicated to and sustained by the master. And this goes on for hours. 
The participants of the group also receive photos (of course non-digital ones) of Grieg and have a common tapas of meditating with the help of this photo on a daily basis. 
Why he and not someone else is considered a spiritual master or who is a spiritual master is never explained, the participants are welcome and then let's start the rituals to Grieg. 
So nothing cultish behavior there, all normal, all good orthodox/protestant/Christian event, nothing to come in conflict with the yogis religious beliefs and most certainly no worship of Gregorian Bivolaru. No no no. 

Costineşti camp
According to this announcement on the official website of MISA:
Anyone who has the special spiral pass (which must be valid) can participate to all these spiral meditations that will take place during the Yogi spiritual holiday camp Costineşti 2011, without needing a camp pass.
1. 8th of August 2011, 20:00 – 20:45, Yang spiral meditation for Spiritual Communion with the Soul of the Romanian People.
2. 13th of August 2011, 19:00 – 20:45, Yang spiral meditation with the induction of the state of Spiritual Liberation through Divine Miracle
3. 15th of August 2011, 19:00 – 21:45, Meditations in Yin Spiral, in Yang Spiral, and in Yin Spiral and Yang Spiral unified
4. 19th of August 2011, 19:00 – 20:45, Yang spiral meditation with the induction of the state of Spiritual Liberation through Divine Miracle
5. 23rd of August 2011, 12:00 – 15:00, Yang spiral meditation with the induction of the state of Spiritual Liberation through divine Miracle, followed by a Collective Prayer to God the Father
6. 25th of August 2011, 18:30 – 20:30, Yang spiral meditation for profound spiritual communion with the Souls of the people represented by the yogis present in this Spiritual Camp.
7. 27th of August 2011, 23:57 – 03:15, exceptional meditation in Yang Spiral, with the occasion of the annual Hiatus moment, followed by a Collective Prayer to God the Father
8. 29th of August 2011, 19:30 – 20:15, Yang spiral meditation with the Glorious Androginal State (only men will participate to this meditation)
9. 30th of August 2011, 12:00 – 15:00, Yang spiral meditation with the induction of the state of Spiritual Liberation through divine Miracle, followed by a Collective Prayer to God the Father
10. 31st of August 2011, 19:30 – 20:15, Yang spiral meditation with the Glorious Androginal State (only women will participate to this meditation)
11. 2nd of September2011, 12:00 – 15:00, Yang spiral meditation with the induction of the state of Spiritual Liberation through divine Miracle, followed by a Collective Prayer to God the Father
You have to love the fact that for the Glorious Androginal state meditation they separate men and women.

Go on visit them. You have the image of the ID here on the blog. Just put a photo on it (it doesn't even have to be you, they don't  look at that so closely).

MISA blogoshpere
MISA without yoga publishes copy-pastes an article by a crazy conservative website which I assume knowing the conservatives of Romania wouldn't approve of this or having anything to do with MISA but the advanced yogis who write the blog are impervious to this for some reason. 
Just like they are impervious to reason and evidence. Otherwise there wouldn't be half the articles there that are not only posted there but that make it to the official website too.

Pierre Crié posts a photo of a sixteen year old "as Shodasi Tripura Sundari"

Mihai Stoian publishes the press release of the court decision regarding Gregorian Bivoalru's persecution during the communist era. 
Two ironies jump out of this: 
1. Someone in the Mihai approved comments asks
Since 4th of July till now have you noticed at least one media release of this great victory?
And let me answers since Mihai didn't and this certainly isn't a rhetorical question: yes I saw several media releases about the case. Here here here here and of course here
Are these enough "Bogdan"? 
Oh there all MISA sources? Wait now there MISA sources and not true independent sources of information that are unmasking the evil Freemason conspiracy against the one and true and largest yoga schools in the universe as well as against humanity? Well I'm shocked!

2. As someone on exmisa pointed out ok, maybe Gregorian Bivolaru was persecuted politically before the Romanian revolution, but not because he fought for liberty, for an end to the dictatorship or anything similar (oh don't let the conspiracy to bring down the Romanian dictator fol you, that's an easy charge to get when you live under a dictatorship) but rather because of the fact that he spread pornographic material. And that was illegal at the time. And he also stirred things in similar directions. None of which have anything to do with the sort of activities that politically persecuted brings to mind. 
(And while we're at it dedicated especially to my Romanian peers link)
Add to this the legend that Grieg and only Grieg is the cause of the revolution, a popular myth in MISA circles and you have an idea of what MISA legends are made of. 

So yeah this is a great victory of MISA. 
A great victory over the minds of their disciples. Let's celebrate that. 

The official MISA website announced that starting form this year the participation in the MISA organized spiral meditations is based on the so called spiral ID (available in exchange for money and I think you had to be a yoga student of MISA to get one). On the forums this was a source of mockery hinting to the idea that the organizers are desperate for participants at one of their most famous and most reported events, but I don't think this is the case. When I started the yoga course and got my first spiral ID all you had to do is show up at a spiral, find a particular car with the right people in it and give them a photo (it didn't even have to be a bikini - two pieces women, one piece men - photo) and some money (I think) and they gave you the ID there. A couple of years after this the new system of shiny new spiral ID's was introduced, along with the mandatory two non-digital photos in a two piece bikini or bathing suit for men, a much higher price tag (twice the price I think) and it had to be done through your yoga instructor and could not be done on location anymore. 
All this announcement means is that the organizers of the camp once again changed the rules (not to be too boring I guess, or just to keep changing the rules so that the stupid little cult members can't keep up) back to something similar to the rules of the good ol' days. 
I was in one year in the security crew or the camp and I controlled not one camp ID and not one spiral ID, and back then the rules were like this:
for the normal spirals the participants had to have the camp ID and the spiral ID.
for the big event the hiatus spiral the participants had to have only the spiral ID the camp ID was not necessary. 
Not to this, many people came to the camp just on this day, and they payed for a 24 hour pass just to participate in this spiral, which is considered the most important 3 hours of the year in MISA folklore. 
Now I'm assuming that enough people complained to how expensive this is (keep in mind that they had to do the HIV and syphilis tests also and the photos and the travel to Costinești in order to participate in a few hours long spiral) and that has something to do with it. And probably wanted to participate in the other spiral meditations as well. And it went through. I'm sure they'll make up for the money somewhere else by asking for money for the main initiation event that is the real reason to go to these camps for the majority of the yogis anyway, so don't feel too bad about that.

NATHA news
Mihai Stoian posts an incredible (literally) revelation on his blog to once again make the reporter that dared to write about them and their shady business in India, look bad.
To achieve this he uses the three old favorites techniques, that are like most MISA techniques not too original and in no way unique to MISA, namely: verbal abuse, a fake testimony and reinterpretation of things until they fit their agenda.
The verbal abuse is all throughout the post, the fake (very very obviously fake) testimony is from (of course) a secret service member that says exactly what Mihai would like him to say.
He characterizes it as: "the clearest evidence of this scheme that we have seen until now."
Well I couldn't agree with you more Mihai. This type of propaganda is the clearest evidence that you yourself are more than eager to provide to the fact that your little yoga club is a cult. And a dangerous one at that.
As for the reinterpretation. Mihai offers a short 3:46 video out of an interview to prove that Arun Ram the reporter form the Times of India who dared to write about them is a hypocrite because, get this, he admits that there are erotic images on Indian temples. And exactly what the fucking fuck does that have to do with the "tantra" that MISA/NATHA/Satya/whatever you call yourselves teaches? Are you saying that you teach the exact same thing as those ancient temples? As those ancient traditions? Really? Not only do you know what the Indian people need to know about yoga, but you also know better than anyone who ever lived in India and ever had anything to do with yoga? Nice one Mihai.
Oh and how does that make your delusional plans to build a pyramid any more sane?

Next he follows up with a long-long table in which he tries to spin afirmations form the various articles about them in a favorable way. The ultimate spiritual technique for this? Lying of course. You must be true to the exact opposite of the name you chose for your Indian school after all. Not to mention the fact that once you decided to lie form the get go you can't back out now.
The most ridiculous one is this part (if you can still find a sense of humour and laugh at this level of lies and crazy)
Quote form (of course unspecified) article:
Gregorian Bivolaru, has been jailed on several charges, including pornography, and is now said to have taken political asylum in Sweden
Response by Mihai:
From where did Mr. Arun Ram get the information that Gregorian Bivolaru, the Spiritual Guide of ATMAN and Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga, would have been jailed on charges of “pornography”? There was never such a charge against Gregorian Bivolaru. In fact, the Romanian Tribunal Court now acknowledges “that Gregorian Bivolaru was politically persecuted and communists dictated all his convictions before 1989 Revolution. Gregorian Bivolaru was innocent for all the supposed crimes for which he was tortured and imprisoned!” (read more: http://gregorianbivolaru.com/juridical-7-6.php). Obviously, Mr. Arun Ram, did not make any research before publishing this article, but instead he is just spreading some rumours with the intention to link Satya Esoteric Integral Yoga to pornography.
Remember just the other day, and including this very moment the great victory of a court in Bucharest deciding (not establishing but deciding!) that Gregorian Bivolaru was jailed during the communist regime is up on all of the major MISA related websites.
In big, red letters in most cases. I can't see how you missed that Mihai. You obviously have an internet connecition and I would think that you were the one that wrote the version on the official page of Gregorian Bivolaru, so how the hell could you not know?
Not to mention the fact that the previous post on your blog is announcing the very same thing.
WTF Mihai? WFFT?
These charges were because of spreading pornography and teaching yoga not brave fight against the evils of communism as you would like the people now to believe.
In reality (lol) Gregorian Bivolaru did nothing to help the people to get rid of communism, even though he was supposed to be magic all the way back then and hence was able but not willing, and even though he had hundreds of followers even back then. He used none of these things available to him to do anything against communism but rather used them to spread pornography and the other things he was interested in. And now that it's hip to be against the former regime he is trying to pose as some great freedom fighter and demands in a pure spiritual altruistic fashion 30.000 Euros (not even RON the Romanian money, because that's not good enough) for this. Great job Mihai, wonderful. You give hundreds of reasons to despise your dear master in each post you put up.

Oh and another thing that has been bothering me form the first time I read it in Mihai/NATHA reactions:
All the people, mentioned in the article, left the country Monday the 6th of June, just as their tickets were booked months before, and none of them have been interrogated by the police. 
Ok, prove it then. Don't just write this ion the internwet wothout any proof and expect it to be believed because you say it, evidence Mihai evidence.
If they did actually leave the country by plane they must have at least the part of the ticket that is given back to the passenger. Just post pictures of that. And the confirmation of when you bought the tickets. You know the one the airline give out. In which departure date and return date are visible.
I won't say it's Photoshoped like you guys at MISA say about every uncomfortable picture that pop up in the media about one of your students in an uncomfortable (form a PR point of view) position.
If you are not willing to do that because a simple insert image or document is harder than to type up a fictional letter form a secret service member then STFU.
They present the lies about MISA (and between the lines Satya Yoga) being a “cult” and about being “involved in pornography” as if they were already known truth, just because they printed these lies before.
Uhm Mihai, maybe you need to check out the official position of MISA bout that. According to the official representative of MISA in Romanian Monica Dascălu there are three erotic movies made by MISA. That's a known truth.

Oh well. Mihai is getting more and more crazy so I'll try not to focus on him too much.

In other news
There is this website if you haven't heard of it you should check it out, called Jamendo.com.
MISA "musician" Kamarius entered a contest on said website.
He posted an advertisement about it on his personal blog (promoted also on misa-without-yoga blog).
He later removed it. Here's a cached version of it.

Well now the contest is over and he did not win. Here are the winners by category.

I for one am shocked at this result.
I guess this is another proof of exactly how huge the conspiracy against MISA really is.

Well if a not really talented musician, who learned how to cut together sounds on a computer, and practices MISA's perfect system of yoga can't win a small contest like this then there must be some conspiracy going around the entire world. I can't think of ANY other reason for this tragedy.

Btw Kamarius has since removed the post from his blog. Somehow I had a feeling this was going to happen. But I was still an optimist. Hey 4 years of MISA won't just go away like that.
I guess I was optimistic to expect that he admits defeat like a true spiritual person and doesn't let it get to him and most of all I did not expect him to try to change history by removing the original post. But of course it's all my demon possessed fault because I expected him to be a spiritual person and behave like what a spiritual person should behave, after all he is recognized by MISA the largest spiritual school in Europe.

MISA's back in the tv
There was another series of interviews with former MISA members in one of the shows on the Romanian tv station Antena 1 considered pure evil by MISA of course.
Unfortunately the interviews are only in Romanian (Updated! The last two interviews are subtitled in English) and there is no subtitle available, but if you understand Romanian take a look at these interviews because they are of a much better quality than the usual reports about MISA.
In the first series of interviews are with former MISA instructor from Germany Cecilia Tiz, which is a known story in former MISA student circles, so if you are familiar with that there won't be too much new information for you there. But the second series of interviews are more interesting. Two women appear in them (with their identity hidden by carnival masks, which I am sure will be the center of the MISA official reaction to the story. Oh I don't know maybe they'll pull out the Eyes Wide Shut movie again, in which similar masks appear and dismiss the whole years of experience of these women based only on that and the unthinkable evil of not agreeing with them) and tell their story and how they visited the great and wonderful master in Paris.

Disclosures from the MISA hell

Vezi mai multe video din film

The girls were initiated through sex

Vezi mai multe video din film

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