The tango of lies - MISA and the scandal in Argentina

First of all this is announced as a press release of the Yoga and Alternative Sciences School form Argentina, released in Buenos Aires, Argentina on the 30th of August 2011.
Which interestingly is nowhere to be found on the official website of said organization (Escuela de Yoga y Ciencia alternativa en Argentina) And neither is it on this one or this one. 

Well sorry guys but this way you can't really complain that your reaction to the news stories doesn't get a response form the press that wrote about you. Not if you don't publish it on the actual website of the organization and not if you publish it only in a different language than that of the news articles. As of today September the 2nd (the press release date is August 31st!) at 11:30 when I looked it was nowhere to be found on and was not available in English or French on
Just the fact that it's out there on the internet on a website that you have control over doesn't mean that it reaches the people it should. So don't you dare to complain that you did not get it published in the original newspaper that wrote about your shady businesses. 
Now let's see a few problems with the press release that didn't reach the press.

In the article a series of calumnious accusations are made that lack the basis as well ad the real facts about our Yoga school. These accusations, that are not proven in any other way, have nothing to do with the activities of our yoga school in Argentina. 
Now let's look beyond the fact that the article states clearly that two former students of the local branch of MISA were interviewed for the article but also for some reason (who can guess what) they (the official press representatives of MISA who wrote this article) completely ignore the other follow up article by the same journalist based on the interview with me about MISA. 
And I was a member/student/sympathizer/what ever MISA decides to call it's victims this week for almost four years. And I have put up the evidence for this on this very blog form the very start. Not only that but I can prove it in other ways too that I was their disciple. 
And I reposted the English version of the article in which my words appear, hence acknowledging that they are true and they are based on what I've told mr. Carreras. 

How is this not in nay way tied to their yoga school? 

Do my words mean nothing? Do my words equal to not asking anyone actually involved? 

If you guessed no then you would be perfectly right, because my experience and my opinion does not matter because it does not agree with the official position. Because I did not say that they are wonderful and my life has been changed for the better by them and that I found god because of them and I was miraculously healed form incurable diseases by their methods. 
I as a former member who does not support their crazy ideas am a person who has fallen on spiritual tests and is possessed by demons. Those are the reason I ams saying bad things about them. Nothing else. At least in the brainwashed heads of cult members. You can read for yourself the reasons I don't agree with MISA on this blog and you can tell for yourself if I'm wrong or not. 
I told mr. Sergio Carreras the author of the article the same things that I write here. He also had access to the public blog and could read it himself. He had actual sources for the article which now is dismissed by MISA based only on their desire to keep deluding themselves and their victims. 
Somehow that does not seem right and does not seem a very spiritual way of doing things. 
Unless they are practicing a special form of ostrich yoga. 

And really? The people from your Indian branch that did not say anything bad about you were perfectly credible sources even if they were also anonymous and only two people but in this case when it's uncomfortable but in every other aspect it's the same thing then it's all of a sudden not ok? And not even mentioned? What? Ever heard of consistency and honesty MISA? Oh wait what's that first year study material about telling the truth? 
Oh I see that's first year stuff. In advanced yogic years, the advanced yogis chosen to write these responses can apply truth in a different manner? They can twist the facts and outright lie if that's what suits the cult? I see. Makes perfect sense. 
The aberrant and sensationalist references to drugs (when in reality within our yoga school the disadvantages of drugs of any kind were explained to the public and ways in which to maintain the organism with absolutely natural methods were presented; plus we have exceptional results in many cases when, with the help of guidance and yoga techniques they could recover from the vice of using drugs) and to a so called sexual scandal (made up of photographs that belong to people not form our group and not form our activities) don't have any real basis, being thrown at random and without bing reasoned and proven. 
What is aberrant is MISA's claims of persecution but hey....

About those exceptional results in healing every single disease MISA, how about proving that? How about sharing that exceptional knowledge to benefit mankind? 
MISA has claimed to cure everything from the promise of never having the common cold if you practice their version of yoga to curing terminal cancer and HIV. Except that they weren't nor willing nor able to prove these extraordinary claims. So they remain just this: their delusions of grandeur and attempts to seem a good people while they are not. Not to mention the fact that these “absolutely natural” cures that they speak of consist of brainwashing people into believing that the pharmaceutical companies are out to get them and prescribing only certain plant mixtures as a 100% effective cure. All the while people are dying. Remember Yveline Dochinoiu? Oh she died only a few weeks ago of cancer. She was quite the MISA sweetheart and female role model. And yet for some reason MISA let her die. 
The guidance and yoga techniques mentioned are usually prescribed by Gregorian Bivolaru and consist of a plant mixture and many-many hours of prayer meditation and various other bs techniques popular in the cult. It's in no way actual medical treatment. 

And oh the lolz of MISA expecting reasoned arguments. Where is this expectation in the case of anonymous letters form former secret service members that prove your school is persecuted by the evil satanist Freemasons? Oh in the trash? I see. Selective reasoning works great in cults. 

And which people are not form your organization?
You mean the same guy on the header of the site and who is a long standing member of one of the cults theater companies and who is involved in each years camp in Costinesti? 

Or do you mean the entire cast of Sophrozin that apparently is a major part of the initiatic and esoteric (and probably sustained with cvadrupple occult force by our spiritual guide Grieg) theater group you have over there? 

Or the various MISA VIPs and starlets who appear in several of your shady movies? 

Or some other female VIP who is also heavily int the sex business? And all of whom you are using to promote your "yoga school"?

I cannot comprehend how that could have been interpreted wrongly. Especially when it was accompanied by the following video. 
(Note: This was the source of the video and I uploaded it here because just like in previous cases MISA removed uncomfortable videos form the internet and this needs to be available. If the people who made this have no problem promoting a cult and no problem with having themselves filmed in such a position then they should have no problems with having it here as well. And as far as I understood it this was a public event and this was it's promotional video)

I give you the accusation of drug use can seem a bit far fetched since neither I nor the other students told the authors of the article anything like this. But, and a huge but at that MISA right this month held several conferences for the initiation into a very special technique called the trance state which requires people to get into a trance and take a mixture of plants of unknown origin to do so. 
Suspecting drug is really that surprising? Not to mention that the package that contained the plant mixture had a note on it that said that it does not contain any form of illegal substances. None of this sparks suspicion? Really MISA? I get it that you work really hard on training people to believe anything that is announced during your events as absolute truth but why do you think that is true of people outside your cult? Are you 2 years old? Come on. 

The usual aggressive tirade of adjectives follows. Let's skip that because it's not fun anymore. 

Then the court cases are mentioned. 
The worst thing is the fact that the Romanian press continues to mention the accusations formulated against mr. Gregorian Bivolaru, but FULLY IGNORES the court cases won in the last period by him. 

Really? Is this the worst thing that they could have said or done? Really? I guess those raids in 2004 weren't so so bad after all? Way to go and rub the salt in the wounds of your own people MISA. Good job. Did any meditations sustained with triple occult force on the topic of compassion lately? 

To correctly inform the Romanian journalists, who see now the article published by a rural newspaper in Argentina  

Sure La Voz with a 65000 circulation founded 107 years ago with a 5.013 Unique visitors per month website (compared to the 730 Unique visitors per month of yogaesoteric and the 430 uniques visitors all time not monthly! of yogaesoterico.com.ar the Argentinian branch of MISA) is a small rural newspaper that does not matter. 
Whilst MISA is gargantuan gigantic organization with hundreds of thousands of students worldwide. (I'm exaggerating here, MISA at most has 5-6000 members) and hence it (MISA) should be believed not the facts. This is the other favorite MISA excuse: the argument form popularity. And the irony is that they are not that popular either. 
as an evidence to the truth of the lies they themselves published
Ahhh, sorry, but no. That's not what it means. It means that yet again MISA has run into the exact same type of problems in a foreign country that it was accused of in Romania. 
Or did the evil Romanian journalists start the spiritual artistic group that did nude or semi-nude performances filled with sex, did they publish the crazy conspiracy articles on yogaesoteric.com, did they instruct your students to do the supreme efficient brainwashing method to prevent the apocalypse, are they the ones that are scarring your students into thinking that they will die of a sun burst or in 2012? Are they the ones that organize the very same shakti groups in Villa Urquiza (tel 4524 6051), in Palermo and Belgrano (tel 4821 2157), and Recoleta (tel 4813 4672)
Are they the ones that promote potentially harmful alternative treatments under the name Ayurveda? 

No. You are the ones that are doing this. 

And how is for example the invitation to do a tantric spiritual porn movie not true when the nr. 2 man of MISA along with his wife have themselves have made porn movies along with several official representatives of MISA like Monica Dascalu and official spokesperson Crina Calek declared that MISA made porn movies to promote the spiritual sex MISA is selling? How is this a lie?
How is it a lie when official representative of MISA's branch NATHA readily admits to members of their group participating in erotic competitions and festivals to promote the spirituality of the school?
And how is the source of this the Romanian press when 
1. it's based on the words of a former Argentinian students of yours and 
2. there are videos and declarations of how MISA did this in Romania and currently does in Finland and other Northern European countries?
3. the official representatives of your organization declare these as part of their official position on the topic?
the decision of the court that established that Gregorian Bivolaru was the victim of political persecution in the communist period. 
And that automatically means that he is incapable of ever doing anything wrong 20+ years after that conviction, no matter how unjust it was? Really? That's your conclusion? 
Only according to MISA logic have those two anything to do with each other. 
Come on. Just because he was convicted (for whatever reason) 20 some years ago does not mean that he could not have had sex with minors, could not have been involved with human traffiking and un-payed labor as well (the very well proven) tried to cross the border illegally. Which irony of ironies not only did he attempt to do once and was caught but tried again and then succeeded and which he told the entire story of on camera in one of the video messages or his right after the event. So not only did he try to leave the country illegally but is a repeat offender in this case.
Or am I mistaken and he does not reside in Sweeden or Paris under the new name Magnus Aurolsson and he lives as Gregorianb Bivolaru in Bucharest? Or did the meaning of words change so much since the last time I checked that by living somewhere you can also mean be there in spirit but not actually physically? 
A group of Argentinian artists have asked for temporary information as well as guidance of an art teacher who at this time is part of our yoga school, in order to create an artistic activity
And the good ol' MISA technique of denying the person that is/was a major part of their school until it became uncomfortable. Might I suggest you read a passage in your favorite holly book the bible about this type of behavior (at least three times because that's the magic key to understanding, not thinking but doing something according to numerology and as superstitious as possible), meditate about it and then reconsider your actions. 
The passage I recommend is: Mark 14:66-72. 
Meditate about that for a bit.

Oh and in case you have trouble with the English text here's a Romanian version. The official Romanian Orthodox Church's version since most of the students of MISA are Orthodox Chritians. 

If you are honest and respect Satya, the truth, then you will edit this very statement removing the lies from it. And as I said before, be brave, and admit to what you actually did. Don't deny it because there were actual people involved who can verify the things you deny. There are evidence of it. Etc. Wasn't the whole MISA was never ever involved in the production of any type of movies let alone porn movies enough when it came out that you produced and sold several of them? Wasn't that enough? That should have been enough for a normal person let alone for an organization that claims to have exclusive access to the ultimate truth and god and that teaches people to respect the truth (Satya). 

Oh and this is rich
The associations (and the biased accusations made in this context) by the Argentinian journalist with regards to the Yoga school don't have any real basis because the said artistic collaboration is of a personal manner and was made strictly in the domain of art as consultancy for the making of that movie by the Argentinian artists. 
If we follow the very same logic then the ultimate MISA enemy the exmisa.ro/org/net forums should not be a problem for MISA. If in this case the artist that they associated with temporarily has no reflection on their “school” then why would the association of the exmisa forums with actual securitate members have any reflection on the forums? Let alone imaginary securitate members. Mind you there is no evidence that what MISA calls securitate exists anymore and even less evidence for their claim that they are manipulating the users of the forums and public opinion about MISA. 

Again this is nothing more than begging for an exception from the rule you yourselves defined. Everyone else should stick to the rigid rules of conduct you define. Everyone except people who run MISA and who are trying to build lucrative businesses outside Romania. 
The accusation against the exmisa forums has been for a long time form the official position of the “non-profit” organization MISA that the forum is run by spies of the Romanian government. Not only spies but communist spies left over form the old communist regime. 
According to MISA the Romanian revolution in 1989 has not made any difference and the former communist secret service called Securitate, in Romanian, that has harassed Gregorian Bivoalru during communist times, is still after him. Not only that but they tried to kill him on several occasions. And this is the reason they give to justify blindfolding people form their very own cult and driving them around Paris for a while before they are able to have a spiritual meeting (= brief sexual encounters over a period of time) with their spiritual master

Also according to MISA's official position the exmisa forums are full of these securitate members (spies) and they are the ones that instigate the problems of MISA with the law and public opinion wherever they go. 
Of course the fact that each branch of MISA seems to run into the same problems in every country has nothing to do with the fact that they are a cult and they have specific guidelines by which they must operate and which are determined by Gregorian Bivolaru and his select group of VIPs. No. It must mean that there is a worldwide conspiracy against them. Makes sense doesn't it? 

They also claim that these people (the spies) are getting payed ridiculous amounts of money for their activity on these websites. For example I am also a member of the exmisa forums. My user name is Mahashakti on each of them and I am not receiving any honor or payment form the secret service for any of my activity there. If I should then I eagerly await my check in the mail. 
And of course I don't need to give an address for that because we are talking about a magical organization that not only can control 99.99% of humanity but an organization that can also find out where anyone who they want to find is. 

All of this is a really big delusion on MISA's part because they can't except that anyone can disagree with them. Well I have bad news for you guys: many people disagree with you, and it's not based on news stories or media campaigns, or anything written on the exmisa forums but based on personal experience within your cult. 

Oh and I eagerly await the special spiritual program with Tara and other rituals that is to be soon announced in support of “our yoga school in Argentina”. Just like in the case of the ill fated attempt to conquer India with the ironic name Satya Yoga Center. 
Not to mention the fact that apparently the special spiritual program they are (supposedly still) doing for the Indian branch had the effect of stirring up a controversy in Argentina. How about that synchronicity MISA? If a circular rainbow is a sure sign of god then what is this?

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