Phase 2

After that marathon of blogging all the way through August and the very busy few months before I've decided to take a little break. 
But don't worry it's not going to be like the one before where I don't write anything for months. 
If something interesting comes along I will write about it or post a link to it. 
I've even thought of following the good example of MISA bloggers and recommend articles by others. Of course with the appropriate modification of giving the link and not copy-pasting it like it's my own work. A sort of weekly selection of links maybe? I haven't decided yet. 

As for the future, and phase 2 of the blog, I thought I'll do a little proofreading of the post published up until this point as well as continuing (and maybe translating it to English and Romanian) the series I started to write about the problems with MISA (originally in Hungarian here). 
I'll try to do a summary of arguments and try to write up a deconstruction by topics. But that's the future. 

I wanted to do this for a while now. I have no idea how long it's going to take or even if I'm going to finish it. I'm just going to take a little break now and hopefully come back with more ideas for the future (and maybe less rambling and ranting). 

Until then I wish you a nice, cult and superstition free life. 

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