LaVoz interview (MESIAS Yoga aka MISA South America related)

A while back I was asked to do an interview for La Voz del Interior, a Spanish language newspaper published in Córdoba, Argentina. You can read it here. Below you can read the translation of the original article by Sergio Carreras. My translation may not be the best so if you understand Spanish I recommend you read the original article. 

The paper also published this article about MISA. According to the article some posters appeared in the city of Capilla, where MISA's South American branch MESIAS Yoga has a budding yoga course, promoting the documentary "The dark side of a tantric cult" which I also have recommended on several occasions. And apparently it had a positive effect. 
Anyways read the articles for yourself. If you don't understand Spanish try using a translation like or like

A former student dusts off the memories in the group 

"The first period is always good, full of new experiences and meditations, but then came the madness and secrets," recalls the former integrant. 

Former followers of the yoga group headed by Romanian Gregorian Bivolaru have begun to be heard in various countries. They denounce the treatment they received in what they consider a sectarian group and the use of the devotees in pornographic movies, already known in many countries. 
One of the most frequented sites (http://misa-yoga2.blogspot.com) is maintained by a former Romanian student Mahashakti calling heself by the name of the supreme female deity in the Movement for Spiritual Integration in Absolute (MISA ). 
She, who spent four years in the group, told La Voz del Interior that the group tries to reinvent itself from Romania. "These days, the comments of ordinary people are getting better of them, due to their successful media campaigns. They complain that they were mistreated by the authorities in 2004, which is true, but they claim it's because of a Masonic conspiracy against Bivolaru. They began to organize events like the week of spirituality, the week of the angels, the international day of yoga, and so on. And they participate in TV programs and documentaries that show favorably. " 
"In my opinion, she continues, the problem with the ideas promoted by MISA are not limited to the sex rather their more potentially dangerous ideas. For example, their support of insane conspiracy theories, pseudoscience and doomsday prophecies. The sexual part is just scandalous. " 
The former devotee recalls that her early days in the group was good, "full of new experiences,I  practiced meditation and was the most disciplined student of my class. But then the madness began: stories about evil Freemasons, the dangers of genetically modified foods, which became part of class discussions. The secrets started, in which only certain people were allowed to participate. Most irritating was the magical thinking, which is the heart of MISA. For example, if a shakti, a disciple, found a heart shaped leaf that was considered a sure sign of God, but at the same time the same woman lived unaware of the existence of incredible suffering in the world. It's what I call  spiritual selfishness, I think it's the main damage MISA causes to their members, convince them  that they are special and that God is watching over them all the time. " 

They are not exaggerations.
She never met Bivolaru in person, although she was three years at the international meeting in Costinesti. "It's not an exaggeration what is written about the shakti contest. It's basically a beauty contest in which a mature or fat woman would never win. It takes place every three days during a period of 14 days. Every girl has to do a theatrical performance and receive good grades from a jury. All of them wear tiny red bikinis and should know what they show is not showing in those clothes, because the idea is to prove that they are free of inhibitions, considered a source of problems. They perform erotic dances, take intelligence tests and masturbate on the stage with objects that each of them chooses. Some of these performances are secret, and some of them later appeared as a part of pornographic videos made by the cult. " 
"The existence of the pornographic videos was denied for years by MISA," she says. "Until they were uploaded to the Internet and everyone could see them and verify that they existed. I do not think that is the main source of income for the group, they have several other lucrative businesses in other areas; they sell books, special plants or imported produce, hold seminars and courses and they have developed erotic video chats the income of which ends up in the pockets of the leaders of MISA". 
"The best-known northern branch is called NATHA MISA and also maintains a number of economic activities linked to pornographic movies, erotic dance schools and strip tease. It is obvious that it is adults who are entitled to participate in this, but I heard enough bad stories to be concerned about the girls involved in these activities, who live depending on Bivolaru not wanting to dissapoint him, not to loose his protection". 
She says if she had to give advice to a young person who is considering joining the group should "not believe anything they try to sell you. Don't believe me either, but check the facts for yourself. Look at reliable sources that are outside of the group, and are not suggested by them. Do not let them manipulate you, never believe something just bacuse Bivolaru said so. If they do not answer your questions and doubts about the group, it's because they have something to hide. "

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