September 5th (post camp cultish celebration)

Well the big camp is officially over but of course being a cult and all the good devoted members can't help but hold a separate cultish celebration in order to thank the great and oh so gracious master for the camp. 
According to official MISA position GB isn't reveared as a god or the second after Jesus or a guru or anything like that. He's only a yoga teacher. The only true yoga teacher at MISA at that but hey.
Well here's proof of the contrary (notice the not so subtle hints in the email):
According to an internal email by MISA astrologer Bartha Zoltál from Cluj there will be a special gratitude meditation to Gregorian "Magnus Aurolsson" Bivolaru for the camp in Costineşti. 
Here's the translation of the email sent by mr. Bartha to the MISA disciples in Cluj. Translation by me. 

From: Zoltan Bartha 

My friends, 

Last night the Yogic Spiritual Vacation Camp ended with a series of meditations among which the apotheosis (at least for me) was "Intense, ample and deep awareness of the subtle, sublime and mysterious energy of the attribute of god God's divine liberation", which was from 20 o'clock. I was very glad to see that to these last meditations many people stayed, and the extraordinary atmosphere generated the sentiment of a divine celebration. 
I wish to announce or remind those of you that already know this, that today, the 5th of September, from 14:00 - 14:30 at the conference field there will be a "Meditation of gratitude to our spiritual guide, Grieg".
No matter where you are, we ask each of you to dedicate this moment (14:00 - 14:30) in your heart to our spiritual guide.
Remember that these revelations, courses, spiritual integrations  camps, etc exist because of two reasons: the infinite love of the spiritual guide, inspired by God the Father and the aspiration of those of us who intuitively feel or recognize this. I wish you a divinely inspired meditation! 


So let's add that to the program of the camp: the final ritual to worship Gregorian Bivolaru as a form of the divine who holds the exclusive key of his disciples ability to access god. Nice. 

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