September 4th (MISA Yoga camp commentary 2011)

Afternoon spiritual program
12:00 – 13:50 Conference by Mihai Stoian and Mircea Morariu titled: Fundamental steps in the superior yoga: Dharana and Dhyana.

14:00 – 14:30 Exemplification: I feel that I am permanently embraced by God and at the same time I have Him in me. 

Special spiritual program
New meditations and conferences by Gregorian Bivolaru

17:00 – 19:50 New conference by Gregorian Bivolaru (2 hours 50 minutes)

20:00 – 20:30 Exemplification: Intense, ample and deep awareness of the subtle, sublime and mysterious energy of the attribute of god God's divine liberation. 

20:35 – 21:25 New conference by Gregorian Bivolaru – continued (50 minutes)

21:30 – 22:00 Exemplification: The state of gratitude towards God the Father. 

22:05 – 22:55 New conference by Gregorian Bivolaru – continued (50 minutes)

23:00 – 23:30 Meditation: Gradual resorption of the subtle spiritual field of the yogic vacation camp®-Costineşti 2011

Now I never understood why this needs to be done. Does this special field exist only during the camps? So does this give it it's exclusivity? Is this the reason that you just needed to participate in this camp otherwise you wouldn't have had access to all those nice states? No access to god? To higher spiritual states? 

And there you have it. The famous MISA yoga camp in all it's twisted, strange, pretentious glory. If you think this is something you'd enjoy you can sign up in a few days for the yoga class, but be prepared to pay through the nose. And remember starting form the second year you can't miss more than a few classes per year and you can never ask actual questions and ask for actual evidence for their claims. Stick to these rules and smile no matter what, and repress every natural emotion and reaction you have and do your best to change your basic fundamental personality and you'll have no problem. And only a few years like this maybe you'll be able to fully enjoy every single twisted event in these camps.


What did we see during this camp?
  • Several presentations about judeo-christian topics like angels and god. 
  • Meditations and initiation with/into the mantras of various Hindu gods. 
  • The trance ritual and initiation. 
  • The famous beauty contest. 
  • The usual spiral meditations. 
  • A new evangelical-christian movement inside MISA. 
  • Aliens that did not show up (again). 
  • One concert (in past years there were more concerts during the summer camp) and a few theater performances. 
And probably other things that are not known to the outsiders.
Does that seem harmonious to you? It doesn't to me. Not even like this; arranged by categories, unlike the MISA version where all of the above mixed together in a hallucinatory order.

So what was I left with after all these years of listening to conferences by an  enlightened master and his disciples  And all those yoga camps.

Well with nothing really.

I still could not tell you what god is like, or if he exists or what all these long sermons were about because they are so ambiguous and so dragged out, so-so boring that I was left with absolutely 0 memorable arguments or ideas form any of them.
And I took notes like a good little student that I was (taking notes was not forbidden at the time), and I still could not tell you what MISA's actual teaching is about when it comes to god(s). It's a collection of everything. And still a collection that tells you nothing. Gives you nothing but some small bits of information that you can't really use in your actual life.
Oh and don't come with the "yoga changed my life and made me perfectly healthy" etc excuse because those things are still not MISA's or Gregorian Bivolaru's inventions. They are plagiarized and presented as some unique and revolutionary mix of all possible esoteric teachings and that is supposed to be somehow the ultimate path to god?

Well it's not.

MISA's real, practical face comes out best in these camps. The experiences in these camps are the reason I know as much as I can know anything that MISA is, in it's present state, a cult.
There is always the possibility of change but at the moment I don't really see that. I don't see the willingness to change. All I see is that they are getting more and more strange and more and more detached form reality. And that's not good.

At least in my opinion.
So do I recommend MISA and it's camp? No. Of course not. If that was not clear to you until this point you need to start over and read the entire series (again).

Otherwise I wish you all a happy and cult free life with as few delusions as possible and I hope this helped.


  1. Pssst. Paragraful 4 si 2 dinspre coada sunt pline de greseli de tipar ;)

    *hug* Thank you so much for these presentations. They were awesome to read and I love your comments on the sidelines of the program :)

  2. Mersi. Original am scris intr-un editor si doar am dat copy-paste si nu stiu de ce editorul de pe blogger nu a subliniat greseliile. :) Am corectat acum.

  3. Greseliile sunt o chestie dar cand am vazut ca scrie judo-christian am ras un pic. :D