September 2nd (MISA Yoga camp commentary 2011)

Special spiritual program with the occasion of Yang Spiral Meditation®
Meditation in Yang spiral with the induction of the spiritual enlightenment through divine miracle (5), followed by a collective prayer to god the father.
10:30 – 11:00 Entering the zodiac lines
11:00 – 12:00 Forming the spiral
12:00 – 13:45 Meditation in Yang Spiral®, supported in a subtle-telepathic manner by Grieg.
14:00 – 15:00 Collective prayer to god the father.

Special spiritual program for men and women
Special conference for men and women (2)
Continued form the night before. Well at least this is an improvement. In the good ol' days these conferences (the women's, men's and mixed conferences) used to last until the next morning. But these were once the main attraction of the camps and were somewhere in the middle of the camp. Wonder why that's changed?

17:30 – 19:50 Special conference for men and women

20:00 – 20:30 Exemplification: Intense, ample and profound awareness of the subtle, sublime and mysterious attribute of god: divine eros.
Aww, we finally made it to the point where god is so sublime, so ethereal, so beyond this world and abstract but still love sex. Basically MISA's main dogma. Women are literally encouraged to literally think that they literally are having sex with god. Which god? Mostly Shiva, but since MISA mixes Shiva and the Christian god this is not really clear.
Or should this be called make love with god, after all a large percent of MISA activity supposedly centers around a relationship with god?

20:40 –22:40 Extraordinary (what else) concert of the extraordinarily mediocre band Devas (feel free to check out their music here). They will promote their new album „Androginal Symphonicity”.
The group is made up of Cristian Şerbănescu, on violin, Dragoş Cucoş on synthesizers and Ionuţ Cataramă also violin.
They of course had an international tour bla bla bla, the running theme of the camp: we now have the money and the knowledge to trick people outside Romania with the same old bs we used to fool people there.

23:00 – 00:40 Exemplifications sustained with triple occult force by Grieg. Exemplifications done in unison with Grieg.

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