September 3rd (MISA Yoga camp commentary 2011)

Spiritual activity specific for men
Esoteric Vira® Group (5)

08:00 – 12:00 Meeting of the Esoteric Vira® Group Mahavira Ananda

Initiation in the Charismatic Theosophy Movement
New conference within the Charismatic Theosophy Movement (3)

10:00 – 13:30 Conference by Gregorian Bivolaru – part 3
Motto is the same. 

Afternoon spiritual program
14:00 – 14:30 Exemplification: The mysterious manifestation of god's transcendental silence. 
Well maybe this is the ultimate admission of god is silent because.... ? Why? Why would this be justified? And how is this compatible with all the super efficient methods that MISA teaches left and right about how to communicate with god (think of the ultimate method to talk to god: the 24 hour prayer, which MISA claims to have revealed for the first time ever while it's plagiarized just like everything else they teach) and how to come in communion with him and his various aspects (see the majority of the meditations in this camp). 

15:00 – 15:30 Exemplification: The state of deep spiritual communion with the great yogi and philosopher Dattatreya

Miss Shakti Contest 
The seventh evening of the contest. This should be the last one, unless it will go over to next year. 

What didn't we talk about regarding the tests the aspirants to the state of shakti have to go through? I don't remember the order of the tests only the last few ones so I'll do my best to recall and describe all the tests of the contest. 

The evening begins with the integration of the contest. 
20:00 – 20:45 Integration of the „Miss Shakti-Costineşti 2011” Contest
Access is not allowed during this time. 

There's the 64 other arts of tantra and the test from the most important books of the Shakti groups (where it's mandatory reading) Sexual Secrets: The Alchemy of Ecstasy by  Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger. 
Then there's the challenge. Something that seems like the dare portion of the truth or dare game. One of the challenges I remember involved one of the girls to "remove her makeup, and her pretty clothes" and go out and beg for money in the city. 
And then there's the secret test. That I recently read that it involves an entirely nude pole/erotic dance and the task of reading out loud one's sexual fantasy in front of the jury and a "select public". 

Don't ask me based on what the public is selected because the usual public that can see the beauty contest with camp pass plus personal ID is not allowed in on this special and secret event. From what I've understood this group is made up of people who helped with the organization of the contest to a sufficient degree to be considered insiders. 
Now this can be (and is) justified with keeping the mystery of the contest, which I think is silly, but it still makes you think why is it necessary. If this is an important part (after all it's the semi finals!) of the contest then there is no reason to keep it a secret. If not then maybe there is something wrong with the entire contest. And if so then why is it alright for such an event be part of the "largest" yoga camp in the world?
I never understood why all the secrecy was ok for the believers of MISA. Why? If it's the truth and it's correct there is no need to hide it. Of course I'm a big girl and of course I can think of a few reasons (and good ones at that), but none of them are flattering for a self proclaimed spiritual school that only holds yoga courses. Eppur si muove comes to mind. Not to mention A Few Good Men. (If you haven't seen the later I highly recommend it. Althoug it's not the same topic and it's not done in the exact same way, it's done in a much more PC and double-speak manner, the attitude of those who call the shots in MISA is very similar to that of the character Colonel Nathan R. Jessep)
That was one of the most annoying aspects of MISA: you could not talk about certain things even with people from the cult. But again that reminds me of Animal farm by G. Orwell.
And then there was the whole scandal of several years ago the secret test meant that the aspirants to the state of shakti supreme had to perform a urinary orgasm. This meant they had to masturbate and reach orgasm and urinate at this point (while being filmed of course). And these after they were professionally reviewed by the professional judges of the contest, were cut up in several porn movies that were sold outside of Romania without the consent of the girls. 
I already posted some images form one of these porn movies here

21:00 – 21:30 Spiritual exemplification premiere: Intense, ample and profound awareness of the subtle, sublime and mysterious attribute of god: divine transfiguration. 

21:40 – 01:00 „Miss Shakti-Costineşti 2011” Contest - continued
After the secret test there is something called (if I remember correctly) the video clip test
This means that the finalist girls get a camera crew and get to do a short clip with various (of course only tantric) topics.
(Updated) According to a former aspirant to the state of MISA hot chick shakti the scripts of the very spiritual videos (a sample of which you can see here titled the Secrets of Seduction and sold as an erotic movie) are written beforehand and the participants do a divination (or for us normal folk random drawing of sorts) of which participant gets which script, and they go off and shoot the video with the specially assigned (amateur) camera crew. 

After this final test there is the announcement and crowning of the queen of MISA who get's free participation in two courses organized by MISA (the yoga course and one other course of her own choosing) along with other prizes and the glory of being the hottest chick in MISA for a year.

As a bonus here's a short summary clip made by the only people who are allowed to film during the event, the Sophrozin "theater group".

The goal of the clip is to show exactly how beautiful and authentically spiritual the contest really is. And how important it is. You can feel that from the style of music that accompanies it. 

But let's see what the (a bit too fast going) sequences actually show:
we can see girls going up on stage, a few tantric performances by the theater groups during each evening, a full on pole dance scene, a few sequences in which the famous teeny-tiny red bikinis and a particularly strange scene (at least that was my feeling having been there personally for said scene) in which all the girls spread out on the stage (all of them barely covered by those red bikinis) and they strike a pose together. 
Now if feelings and emotional states can be used to prove that a particular spiritual path (that of MISA) is the only true one, then so does my then feeling of "what the hell does this do in a spiritual contest" is just as valid. If not then please tell me how exactly is your oversexed contest different then all tv shows with outright erotic content (who do not deny this fact) that MISA is so eager to criticize?
I am by far a prude, but the overwhelming feeling one has during the evenings with "the Miss" is a feeling of being dirty from that amount of unnecessary sexual tension and sexual innuendo. And this is not a good sign. Or if you prefer not a good resonance for a spiritual contest. 

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  1. The video clip is known and advertised as an erotic video clip. And the girls don't have a choice about their videos, but have to act in stories written by the crew and drawn randomly. The last 20-something women get one of those.