About the case in India once again

On the official Satya Yoga Center website the following copy-pasta article from yogaesoteric (from 2006) appeared. 
Apparently they (the ones who have administrating privileges on the site) decided to turn this into yet another waste of server space dedicated to the same old bullshit on every other MISA run website. 

On a more important note is that I have been contacted by someone claiming to speak on behalf of the former students of Satya India and they requested that I do not recommend or post the promotional video of the Satya school mentioned a while back because they no longer wish to be associated with MISA/Satya. 
I therefore have updated this post to mention this fact and I will not post the mentioned video and I ask everyone who reads this to do the same. 
I do however recommend that if someone who has the video and the skills (which I lack) to cut out the parts with the Indian students and leave only the other silly ideas like the plan to build a pyramid, and the part where the instructors from NATHA (in their position of official representatives of the mother school) are speaking about their experiences as well as the interview with the great master. If anyone has plans to do such an edited part of the video I will recommend it, just let me know. 
Let me make it clear this has nothing to do with Indian locals who participated in the courses and  the interviews, this is still an important evidence of just how crazy the ideas of MISA/NATHA are. And I think things like this need to be out there to prevent the exact same thing to happen to others.  
Yes you were fooled by them. I was too. That's nothing to be ashamed of. At least not if you left and decided to no longer promote their ideas. 
But if you do keep promoting their ideas and telling people that silly excuse that Mihai Stoian and the great and wonderful Grieg came up with to not have to take responsibility for their own actions, namely that this is only another part in the great global Freemason/Illuminati conspiracy against them and that their twisted spirituality will triumph in the end and that you just have to keep it a secret that you are/were a part of their cult because salvation will come (in the form of a great shift in consciousness and the beginning of another great spiritual era) and then you will be rewarded for your loyalty, then I think you are still under the influence of the cult and you should seek help as soon as possible. And by help I mean a (or several) professional psychologist(s) with experience in this kind of situation. 

And if anyone, family member, friend anyone ever gives you trouble just because you were involved with them and they can't seem to understand how you could believe all this crazy stuff, just send them my way and I'll be happy to explain to them just how this cult works. 

I understand that India is a very conservative country and this is a sensitive subject but that doesn't change the fact that you were fooled. This is only partly your fault. Yes you should have doubble checked their claims and their certifications but if that is not a popular thing to do then why are people surprised? After all if being spiritual and religious is such a virtue and such things can not be questioned you as a normal person, not versed in religious texts and science, could not know the difference between a cult's "internationally certified" yoga teacher and the most respected representative of the most popular local religion. 
I'm sure there are now outraged (and possibly screaming) representative of certain churches and/or family members who are demanding punishment of the evil foreigners who came to ruin the purity of yoga in India, but who are in fact no different. At best they have different ideas and would have loved to force those on you. 
Don't let this happen. The solution is not to go from a small foreign cult into a bigger local cult. Take the lessons you've learned from this and apply it to them as well. Stay far-far away from these things and let the cult scream conspiracy and the local fanatics scream blasphemy and move on with your life. But be very careful if you ever want to join a similar group again. You now know. Next time ignorance won't be possible only if you let it. 


  1. A typo "..every other MSIA run website. "
    or you wanted to write MeSIA :). just kidding.

  2. @Nicolae Ghimbovschi
    Anyway they have a MESIA!
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