Former MISA members on tv 2011

Here's two parts from the interviews shown on Antena 1 TV-station with two women, former disciples of MISA with English subtitles. 
This show still hasn't received any response from the pro-MISA camp. And these are one of the most normal and honest presentation they have gotten in years. I'm still waiting for them to try to twist every single word the women said into something that fits their agenda, because that would be a true test of their spontaneity and creativeness. Maybe this should be part of the Miss Shakti contest, soon to start in Costineşti. Maybe as part of the intelligence test, or the spontaneity test. Show them the report and give them 10 minutes to come up with a response that is appropriate fro a spiritual school and that represents what you are taught in this school and how the relationship between the spiritual leader of the spiritual school, the same one that organizes this beauty contest, should be like and why these women are manipulated by Freemasons and this whole show is just yet another attempt by the Freemason controlled media to manipulate and brainwash the population so that they don't see how truly spiritual and wonderful our yoga school really is and how great our master really is. 
Or something like that. 

Disclosures from the MISA hell

Vezi mai multe video din film

The girls were initiated through sex

Vezi mai multe video din film

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