Following MISA logic

Following the yogic logic presented by the (non)non-profit organization MISA we can have entirely correct and fully generalized conclusions based only on one (1 piece) photo and all phenomena has an esoteric and secret meaning that is the only true one even though it is very well explained by naturalistic means, the following image's secret esoteric meaning is crystal clear: beer is good for you and god agrees

So if god sends a rainbow that means, - and only means this, no other explanation is correct - that he/she/them is in total accordance with his/her/their opinion and is thereby supporting the action that is being performed under the said rainbow. 
If this is the case for circular rainbows that appear above MISA organized yoga camps and this validates every single action that was performed by MISA during that camp then the above picture is undeniable proof that god thinks that drinking beer is awesome and this of course means that this is the one and only recommended way of living that is appropriate for every single homo sapiens on the planet. 

Humble request to MISA fans: 
Please show exactly where the above conclusion is incorrect. 

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