The quality of Satya Yoga Center teachings

1. The promo movie of Satya Yoga School (Important update below, please read)
Watch, listen and keep your eyes open for the bullshit. And watch out for the ambitious plans they had in India. I'm sure Mihai and his bunch is pretty pissed that their great plans were foiled (or at least put on hold). 

Update the above video is no longer available.
Second Update: I have been contacted by someone requesting that I do not post or recommend the original video because the students who appeared in it do not wish to be associated with MISA or Satya anymore and do not wish their image to be shown associating with these people. 
Let it be shown here also that I received this message on the 25th of June 2011 and from then on everyone reading this should consider that these people who were fooled by Satya Yoga Center do not wish to be a part of this whole thing, so I ask you to please respect that and leave them alone. They are victims in this case and not the perpetrators. They were used for promoting the stupid ideas of MISA/NATHA/Satya/etc and no longer wish to do so.


Around the 14:30 mark the great “European yogi” Mihai Stioan declares the following, answering to a question:
The Divine Consciousness which is also acting, moving the Sun on the Sky. Who is moving the Sun? Who is moving the Earh? Who is growing the gras? Is the exact one who is moving the mind. 
OK, now I am going to add nuclear pysicist to my titles. Along with yoga proffessor, yoga teacher, tantra master, tantra teacher, master, yogi, and spiritual leader of the largest yoga school in the Universe.
Because apparently I can. I know better than to say something this outrageously stupid so I think I am entitled to.
Now come on Mihai, if you really did go to college and studied physics no fucking way you should say something like this (and no it didn't sound like a metaphor you asshole) you are evidently doing one thing and one thing only: looking at the faces of the people you are addressing and thinking: ah these are just a bunch of stupid Indians (even though many of them spoke English much better than you ever did) who think that the Sun goes around the Earth so I can say something I know to be incorrect and let them stay in their ignorance.
Now that is just simply evil. And evil in every sense of the word. Is this the level of yoga you are teaching in India? Starting off from your bigoted prejudices and acting and speaking based on them? Purposely misleading people and just saying every stupid thing that pops into your head?

Fuck you Mihai Stoian. 

But why an I surprised? After all his own master has said that India is a spiritually fallen place and there is little spirituality there anymore. 
Quote from a "lecture" by MISA "founder"[sic!, MISA being a non-profit educational association can't have just one founder, but nowadays the only ones that are still in the cult is probably Mihai Stoian and Gregorian Bivolaru and a few others, the rest were kicked out for daring to criticize the infallible master] Gregorian Bivolaru:

You should know that you shouldn't imagine that even in India, the country where yoga appeared, that 99% of the people are preoccupied by yoga. Even some of the statistics that have been done show that, paradoxically, the number of those who practice yoga is greater in the West than in India. Why? Because the Indian people is culturally in a period of decline. Every civilization, as you know, goes through a period of childhood, adolescence, maturity and death. Because of this some civilizations appear, grow, mature, grow old and die... From this point of view, therefore, the Indian civilization is in its death state. So it is, as you would say, in this state of old age. Advanced old age. Because of this the people itself does not realize the treasure that it has in yoga and in many situations the Westerners realize the value of these yoga-related methods way better than the Indians themselves do. 
To tell you a comical aspect, in the country in which tantra and the practices related to continence reached their highest... let's call it... development, and where in the domain of sexuality I think that not in 5000 years could a discovery be done that they haven't made, despite all this, paradoxically, in India the population is so numerous that the government periodically uses sterilization through radiations or... 
So this is the situation concerning why they aren't interested in yoga. It is a problem that is related to their inner level and if this inner level is... let's say... in a certain phase of the level of civilization, these things happen that a person who doesn't know the law considers to be oddities. For the one who knows the law they are natural. And from this point of view the Romanian civilization is in full growth, so it is a civilization that [certain spiritual teachings] work a lot better [in] and generate a more profound impact than, let's say, in other areas of the globe, where the respective civilization is confronted with a period of death. 

(Translation and correcting the grammatical errors of mr. Bivolaru was done by exmisa.org user No-one. The original audio file can be downloaded form here, but it's only in Romanian)

3. Big news: Mihai Stoian is an enlightened master 
During the whole movie the idea that Mihai is enlightened is promoted and repeated by the students many times. He holds enlightenment camps and is the one who answers the questions about what that is and his students repeat it many times that the special thing about Satya yoga is that the teachers speak not from books (because books are bad, and facts are an impediment in spirituality, of course) but form experience. So if Mihai is holding entire camps about enlightenment he must be enlightened. Don't you ever dare to deny this Mihai, don't you ever dare to utter the excuse that your students don't think that you are an enlightened master and worship you because of this because you let them think this about you. If you didn't  object at the first site of this don't you ever ever dare to deny this.

4. Fun
And just for the fun of it here's a recent picture of MISA founder (but note that not yoga teacher, not yogi, not any form of expert on the subject of yoga) Gregorian Bivolaru. (the image is taken from the promo movie)

Oh and another thing, the movie itself doesn't have subtitles for the part in which the great founder of MISA speaks in Romanian (here's a little special revelation by the great Mahashakti: he doesn't speak English very well and that's why) but he clearly states that the goal of starting a MISA branch in India is to wake up the poor (implicitly: stupid and spiritually de-evolved) Indian people.

Around the 35:35 mark he says:
This will be the great spiritual revolution that we must make appear in India. And to help all the Indians to become aware of the immense value of the spiritual tradition they have.

(Translation by No-one)

At least he's consistent in his prejudices and narcissism. 

And another funny thing (to end on a more light note) is the involuntary self-parody that  Mihai (and the one who edits these propaganda videos for MISA/NATHA) now seems to be oblivious to:
at the begging of the movie he mentions that one of the signs that told him to start a school in India was that he saw a double rainbow at a certain location. 


I guess he missed out on the viral video a few months back. 

Or on the contrary he was precisely trying to ride this popularity wave but missed out on the fact that taking that seriously just results in making yourself look ridiculous.

And the only logical conclusion that an outsider can have from this is that spirituality in MISA equals to a drunken guys wonder at an entirely natural and normal phenomena. That is the level to which a nuclear physicist has to reduce himself in order to see signs of his god approving of what he is doing.
Yeah I guess that sums up all the MISA miracles pretty well.

So again readers I advise you to take this in consideration before joining a MISA-run yoga class. This is the level of stupid you will have to deal with for a little fun while stretching. 

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