The same old conspiracy...

Or why bother to try to find actual facts and write about actual problems in the world when there are thousands of already written paranoid articles about the evil devil's music.

Does the problem of curable diseases killing innocent children in third world countries not bother you?
Does the fact that millions are starving while you refuse a certain piece of food just because it may be of genetically modified origin and demand that others do the same even if they are starving to death?
Are the actual problems like poverty, hunger, lack of clean fresh water, basic hygiene, shelter, love and compassion leave you untouched because you are such an advanced yogi already that you don't care about such trivial things anymore, but you are bored of the political or scientific conspiracies, which are way above your level of understanding and seem to much of a trouble to understand, then your friendly local and the only true cult MISA will provide you with bland articles or translations of articles that are superficial and stupid enough for you to understand.

Yogaesoteric, the official website of MISA and the place where they publish the official communications with the outside world, regularly publishes articles from or inspired by conspiracy websites like. At least they publish the articles that are about the evil Freemason puppets of the entertainment industry.
The problem is not only that the content there is superficial at best, or envious complaining and at worst a seriously disturbed individual's incoherent blabber. And not only does yogaesoteric translates and publishes these articles they do so in their official capacity of being the largest Romanian language website about the topics of yoga and the paranormal in Romanian as well as the official website of a spiritual yoga school. What's wrong with that? The minor detail that these grandiose and extremely paranoid interpretations are presented as facts and even though they demand that journalists check at least two sources when they dare to mention MISA or it's students, they, the editors and writers of yogaesoteric just simply translate such articles form such sources without ever mentioning the other possible interpretations or even hinting to the fact that they might be incorrect.
All of these articles are pure speculation. We are talking about art here people! A certain image or song can be interpreted in many many ways, and I for one do not think for a second that the person who interprets them (in some cases the author(s) of vigilantcitizen, in other cases the authors at yogaesoteric) can make no mistake in these interpretations. I know for a fact that they are not infallible. They are after all only humans like the rest of us. They are in no way gods or possess paranormal powers (since I have never seen any of them demonstrate any paranormal powers, even though they claimed to know someone who does) or are capable of anything that would guarantee that they make no mistake in these interpretations.

And then there's the problem of history. MISA and other conspiracy lovers don't actually like history. Because if we look at history we can see many many similar paranoid people yelling that the sky is falling and it never did. History and those who like it remember such uncomfortable cases. The conspiracy fans don't. They ignore, on purpose, when they are wrong. It's called confirmation bias
The prophets that predicted the end of the world and guaranteed that it will happen and showed the undeniable mathematical calculations on which they base this either do a little more math and come up with a new date (preferably one after their lifetime so that they can't be called to be responsible for their predictions) or claim that the end of the world has happened and now we are living in a whole new world but it's more subtle and can not be seen to the people who don't believe in it aka the special group of initiated cult members (guess in which will the planetary program only performed by MISA students will result in).

Just as in these cases if we look at the history of music we can observe the same pattern.
People tend to forget about the accusations against Elvis, against the Beatles and against all and I do mean all, modern musicians by certain people (and never by others) that are bothered by certain moves, certain lyrics, or certain anything that they find objectionable about the musician in question.
The thing that bothers these people is not the symbolism that is always evoked as the source of the objection, but rather the fact that the musician(s) don't behave according to the rules defined by the amateur critic.
MISA and the editor that selects these articles are doing the same. They are just like your old fashioned grandma that was outraged the first time you wore a short skirt or grew your hair longer than a certain length (deemed by her as appropriate), criticizing you for it and evoking the same old threat: Satan and his evil ways in which he lures you into sin.
The difference between MISA and your grandma is that your dear old mama may be just ignorant and wants (what she thinks is) the best for you, while MISA is trying to convince you of these ideas in order to replace them with MISA ideals dictated by the paranoid mind of Gregorian Bivolaru and his true disciples that currently run MISA. I'm sure if a pop star came out with yoga and Christian symbolism in his/her videos and was as popular as the lady devil (Lady Gaga) that is climbing the charts right now, I'm sure they would not have any objection to him/her. While others (like puritan Christians) would still object. Someone always object. You must can't please everyone, not even with actual facts about reality. How the hell do you expect to please everyone with ambiguous things like art? Let's be serious MISA. You offer initiations in a special method in how to make art and your members organize camps to further art, your VIP members are passionate about art, your courses talk many times about art and simbolism (Great Cosmic Powers anyone? If a 4-8 handed blue/gray/green/etc goddess isn't symbolic I don't know what is), let's take it seriously and leave the stupid superficial conspiracy theories (or better yet hypotheses since these never come even close to the actual level of a theory). OK? Oh sorry I forgot that's also an evil Freemason thing. Can we agree to give our time and attention to things that actually matter? And try to make a difference to better the lives if not of the whole cosmos or the whole planet, but at least of those of our friends and family or the people that live around us?

The other interesting phenomena is that they (yogaesoteric) themselves point out that the Freemasons are deceiving the public by distracting them from actual problems with fake events, but they themselves (yogaesoteric) are doing the same thing, they just call it spirituality. How does that make sense? 

The only thing that scares me about all of this is the fact that people who go into a MISA yoga class to feel better and so some relaxing stretching, come out as paranoid and afraid of everything shadows of themselves.

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