Former member bashing part 2

So the second part of the verbal attack on former MISA yoga instructor Claudiu Trandafir is out on the official MISA website that only publishes articles about spirituality and is the biggest website about yoga in Romania.

The most interesting part of the article (I'm having a “no MISA never ever made porno movies, ever, scout's honor” deja vue) is when the author, an official MISA yoga teacher on the official MISA yoga website, representing the official MISA leadership's position, but not necessarily the MISA student's opinion admits that they (official representatives of MISA) broke the law of the country they were in and they signed over a property of MISA in an illegal manner to a now former yoga teacher's name with the single purpose of not allowing the authorities to investigate or enter certain properties.

Claudiu, when (in spite of the basic decency, which was not supposed to disappear entirely form him) he was asked to sign a trivial notary mandate through which a certain person from the yoga school MISA could be authorized to manage proprieties that were previously registered formally and we stress only formally on his name in the condition that this formal registration had taken place in the period when as   well as in the press like the threats from the SRI [Romanian Secret Service] circulated that the MISA yoga school will soon be outlawed, which of course meant the immediately seized by the state, if they were not written on the name of natural persons, one of these being Claudiu Trandafir.
First of all: if this is such a trivial matter why the cycle of articles? Why all the anger and hate that is obvious in these articles for anyone who is not blinded by MISA propaganda?

Second: This seems 100% illegal to me, but hey it's Romania, so I don't really have any hope that this will be pursued by anyone. They (MISA) will make a deal with the person (C. Trandafir) and the result will not be public, rather be forgotten as soon as possible and the now fired up MISA followers will be quickly distracted with some brand new shiny conspiracy theory or some other form of bullshit, and they will not find out how this whole story ends.
But for us, the outsiders and especially the possible new recruits, this is an essential information: they willingly broke the law and now are verbally abusing the person who was until a point their … in the deed but now is demanding justice. It doesn't matter if the propriety was bought by MISA from donations to MISA, the act of changing the name of the owner to a natural person from the legal personality of MISA is against the law and is cheating. The divine goal (= to keep the proprieties from search and the evil eyes of not initiated cult members) does not justify the means. They cheated and broke the law. And now they are just casually admitting it, and are (oh irony of ironies) trying to use this fact against a former member. No sorry, dear “Only we are authorized to give out yoga teacher titles because we are the one and only true yoga school in the universe right now and only we know what true morality is”, what you are doing now is still ugly and despicable.

But at least the real (lol at the conspiracy) reason for this series of articles comes to light: it's the transcendent, enlightened master's and his advanced over 20 years practicing yoga students reaction to a possible lawsuit of a former MISA member (and yeah, he was a member of MISA, no matter how they define away the word member, he was a believer of the guru and was president of the organization MISA so yeah, he was a member) about the ownership of some proprieties.

Note I do not know mr. Claudiu Trandafir personally and if he was a MISA VIP he probably had his hand in allot of the shady businesses of MISA, and because he is continuing on the esoteric-bs circuit he does not have my respect either, so I'm not saying that he is 100% innocent and an angel living on Earth, I'm just pointing out the hypocracy and verbal aggression of spiritual people writing about him.
I'm sure he's just another person with his own faults and mistakes, but still such a verbal attack and such a systematic denigration campaign on the official website of an organization that pretends (and only pretends) to be a non-profit, spiritual organization that has only the purest goals and methods is unjustifiable form a spiritual perspective. These articles lack the basic decency not to mention superior spiritual attitude or level.
This is MISA. This is a part of the things that you will be subject to if you go to a MISA organized course. This is a part of MISA spirituality.

Somehow the irony of people that teach and that learn among the first things non-aggression (Ahimsa) writing articles full of such hate language and such vile seems to be ignored or not seen by many people. Sorry but I can't look aside and ignore this. Preaching love of god and other human begins and all animals (they do recommend people to become vegetarians because eating meat is morally wrong) while writing and reading such articles is not compatible. And if you as a MISA student can ignore such manifestations of the great master's or MISA's love toward former members then you personally are a hypocrite and a bad person. And not at all spiritual. 
This is wrong. If you are not raising your hand at the next yoga course and asking the official representative of MISA in front of you to explain such un-spiritual actions and don't object to them, then you are a part of the problem and you are a weak and bad person.  

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