This week in MISA 06/17/2011

MISA blogosphere
The MISA (- aka without) yoga the (only true and unofficial) blog of the MISA yogis recommends a movie about the evils of the gigantic pharmaceutical industry and promises a cure for cancer.

And rejoices about a certain investigation of Freemasonry (who exactly remanins a deep and ineffable mystery until you read the article).

And yet another fictional interview with a former Freemason, now turned nice person (Hey if you can say about actually documented reports about your little cult then I can call your un-sourced articles fictional as well).

Daniel Roxin recommends a movie about the para-psychological war with amazing (what else) revelations. The video seems to be produced by mr. Roxin himself. Zoltan Marossy also appears in the movie. I'm guessing this is their latest big project. And there's a strange part in the middle with ads for a device called Atlantis and mr. Roxin's books.
Again I must ask you dear MISA students to practice the following mantra: if there's no good evidence for it I should not believe it. There that's your initiation form my the great Mahashakti. What is your puny spiritual master that is only a respected yoga teacher compared to the one and only true concubine of the one and only true God.

I'm not even sure if the group of advanced yogis with only highly spiritual concerns would even read something that does not have the words “amazing” or “revelation” in the title or the first paragraph of the article.
He says it's about a new kind of war that is in full development: a war of mind control, of manipulation of thoughts and emotions from a distance.
Well if that doesn't describe all the spiritual exemplifications given in the MISA yoga courses and all the MISA special camps sustained with sometimes triple occult force by their master Magnus Aurolsson, I don't know what is. So maybe there is something to this para-psychological war after all.

Beyond the limits blog recommends the afore mentioned blog post by D. Roxin. And now I'm beginning to suspect that the two blogs are run by the same person.

Kamarius music you know the one that gave a special concert for the men of MISA blog posts a video about a mantra chant by Dj Griffin (advanced yogis with Dj in fornt of their names sounds like a joke, but of course as with everything MISA it's dead serious) entitled the Magic Realm.
And is supposed to be only an excerpt. It's 8:49 minutes, so if this is a fragment the whole thing must be at least twice as long.

If you want to listen to their music you can find it here.

Now this is probably the secret mantra of the magical realm of Indra Svarga Loka which is “LAHIM” (at least according to MISA) that was given as a world exclusive to gullible cult members who don't even care that the unique and extraordinary initiations they are receiving and for which they are staying in the August heat for in a big, warm, uncomfortable yellow tent, are not even supported by actual Hindu scriptures rather made up by their dear master and his sidekick for the occasion some guy that calls himself Indra when he plays his electronic music. Mind you not Dj Indra because that would sound ridiculous, wouldn't it lol, rather just Indra like he's the actual god or something.
About the actual Hindu concept Svarga Loka see wikipedia article.

A new blog is recommended also by misa-yoga entitled Open Your Heart Project.
The person named Delia running the blog has a “radio” show (I'd call it a podcast rather than a radio show because I could not find the actual radio wavelength on which they would transmit the show and sorry guys if it's only online then it's not a radio show, this is just like the if you were are expecting to win the lottery, but never buy a ticket) and in one of the recent episodes recommended the book by Gregorian Bivolaru The Secret Tantric path of Love. It also recommends Mihai Stoian's blog as well as under the title worldwide yoga classes recommends exclusively MISA courses from around the world.

As for Delia Carreon she seems to be one of the US based MISA instructors (not teachers! No one can be a teacher except Gregorian Bivolaru) and holds online yoga classes (wonder if there are real world classes as well).
She describes herself as a textile engineer and claims to be a certified teacher by the international federation of yoga and meditation ATMAN. You know the one that has only MISA yoga class organizers in it zero individuals even though they have a link for it and is basically the attempt of the cult to seem like an international and hence honest and regulated organization. Sorry guys you're still a cult if you don't let others in and you don't follow the rules for normal people.
Just compare the list in the organizers section with the list of official MISA branches on the official MISA website yogaesoteric.net.

The actual description of the “federation” is worth a read in-and-of-itself:
The World Federation of Yoga and Meditation was founded in United Kingdom in the 2005 year, by few toga teachers who studied and practiced yoga, Tantra and meditation at M.I.S.A. Yoga School, the bigest european school of yoga.
Apparently being founded in the United Kingdom doesn't prevent you from messing up the structure of your sentences in English. And apparently the founders were and are too busy to at least run it through a spell-check or something, or at least stop someone on the street and ask them if their description is correct. Not like it's an important or something. It's just the DESCRIPTION OF YOUR ORGANIZATION. Not like ANYONE, EVER is going to read it.
This again shows the quality of these “schools”. Not only do things like this happen but the exemplification of the Soul of the British Nation has to be done by a Romanian woman in one of their biggest events. Hey if they can't find an actual British person to do this they how could they find someone who actually knows English to write their description?
This is just one sentence and I managed to find 6 mistakes but I also found others on other pages of the website. But I'm not telling you where. Do some actual work not just daydreaming that you are saving the world.

But the best part is that it was founded by toga teachers. I wonder what that is? Until now I thought toga meant that ancient Roman garment.  But apparently it's some form of ancient and of course authentic form of spirituality. Well you live and learn.*

*I'm not saying that I am infallible and that I never make any grammatical or spelling mistakes, but I'm just one person not an international “federation” with over 35.000 people involved. The only curious thing about this is if these various associations and now federations that they keep coming up with actually have so many students and volunteers how come they couldn't find someone who write it properly them? Oh maybe it has something to do with the fact that all these official sounding organizations are the same small group of people who are too spiritual (to nationalistic) to have learned a second language and their only purpose is to give MISA and it's branches apparent authority.

Oh and it clearly states that it is founded by MISA members.   

The radio show or rather “radio show” is hosted on (note: the website is in Spanish) the South American version of yogaesoteric.net the official MISA website. So yeah it's the real deal, for a cult that is. This woman has real connections in high places inside MISA. LOL.
About the MESIAS “yoga school” (the acronym stands for Movimiento Espiritual Sudamericano para la Integración en el Absoluto Sublime) see.

You can see the exact same promo that MISA uses at the opening events of their yoga courses except with the first 48 seconds in Spanish and the rest only a Spanish subtitle.  

A self described right winger and Gregorian Bivolaru's yogi writes about the Manipura chakra and conflicts
He defines it in the usual MISA therms but fails like all of MISA's teachings to give any evidence for any of his claims and just simply moves on to describing how it is connected to conflicts.

Yogaesoteric articles
Programarea Mentală – «Asul din mânecă» al organizaţiei criminale a «Iluminaţilor» (6)
The sixth installment of a series of articles that are getting more and more ridiculous.

Fii stăpân peste dorinţe
Another copy-pasta form an old Yoga Magazine.

SUA îşi continuă represiunile asupra statului Haiti
Newsreport  like article with no sources as usual.

The second part of the article. I wrote about it when the first part came out.

Yes it's a sex pose from the Kama Sutra. These tend to pop up sometimes on yogaesoteric.

An article by MISA star astrologer Rodica Purniche about some additional (highly doubtful) details to her book the Lunar nodes.

An article about Sufism. It's a copy pasta from an older article from the MISA edited yoga magazine nr 62.

The revelation of why the death of Osama Bin Laden was announced on the first of May. The news was taken over and adapted to the Romanian conspiracy nut from vigilantcitizen.com
I will post some thoughts about this tomorrow. Please check back. 

About the holy spirit. If you are a Christian read and see if it is what you know or learned about the topic.

And interestingly enough none of the MISA propaganda sources are even mentioning the scandal in India even though the Romanian press also noticed it and several articles appeared about it. I would be curious as to why the silence? In other cases they would be outraged by the smallest and most insignificant not positive mention of their precious cult in the media and would write up several pages worth of responses which they demanded to be published by the papers. And would pose as poor victims of persecution and calumny campaigns if the papers would not do that.
For the latest of the news regarding the case in India see below.

Monday 13th of June form 02.30-03.00 – Meditation - The Sun in conjunction with Mercury.

Tuesday 14th of June Tripura Sundari. The most beneficial time is at 00.16 Monday to Tuesday. The favorable time for sex is 19.00 on Monday. And the meditation is between 00.00-00.45 Monday to Tuesday.

Wednesday 15th of June Full Moon. The worst time is from the 15th at 23.13.

Friday 17th of june from 07.00-07.45 – Meditation - Mercury in trigon with Neptune.

Deccan News the website of the newspaper published in Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore writes about the NATHA India case.

So does the National Express Malaysia blog

And in the latest developments in the case the police called in some of the members to find out what they are up to.  
Shortly after this the members of the “school” have gone into hiding and the police are now planning to search the premises of the “school”. Déjà vu. I'm already awaiting the angry article son Mihai Stoian's blog about the evil Freemason persecution of their dear school in India.  
Also notice the two large pictures of the master in the image accompanying the article.

Videos about the scandal in India (Romanian news)

Video 2
For some reason could not embed it. Click on the link and the video will play automatically.

Video report about the case by India today.

And now apparently the police are searching for them.
The Teynampet police have registered a case under Section 292 (2b) of IPC (dealing in obscene material).
Too bad that according to their own official site Mihai and crew already left the country on the 6th. And they already begun the most effective solution of the problem: (you guessed it) a meditation program. They are doing the same for the case against the cult leader Gregorian Bivolaru and his bunch and the best result they got was a few cases being closed because of the prescription limit was reached. I'm sure it will work just as well in this case.
Mihai is turning out to be the most excellent disciple in following in the exact footsteps of his master. LOL.

MISA/NATHA is trying to enter the Taiwan market as well?

The Shakti camp that was supposed to be held between the 20-26th of June in Costinești this year was canceled 6 days before it was supposed to begin. No explanation why. (Source)
The cost of the camp was 120 RON for Romanian ladies and 50 Euros (209 RON, almost twice the cost!!!) for foreigners. I would be even more curious if they gave that back. 
In the case of camps the usual MISA practice is to not give back any of the fee if the participant cancels but in this case it would not only be fair if they give it back because they themselves canceled but it would be their legal obligation to do so. Otherwise it's pure and simple theft. 
If anyone knows further informations about this please let me know and I'll update this post. 

Plagiarism of unique revelations in yoga

This article is in Romanian but the images speak for themselves. Have a look.

The author basically put the images used in the written MISA yoga courses next to the images used by the Bihar School of Yoga to show how MISA is breaking copyright laws from the very beginning.   

Have a nice, superstition and cult-free week.


  1. Toga teachers! LOL!

    I'm with you on the fact that they really ought to have better English on their official websites. When it comes to individuals and their blogs, I don't mind mistakes as much since writing in a different language is something to be admired in and of itself. But when it comes to official sites, well... You can't afford it.

    The funny thing is that they don't ask for help. I'm not the only person who ever went to MISA courses whose English is good enough for the job, but I never heard of any official announcement, or test for translators, or anything. I did do some Karma Yoga translating books from English to Romanian, but I got to that accidentally and nobody tested me beforehand to see if I really was as good as I said I was.

    Their lack of professionalism is... well.

    I keep thinking of ways in which MISA could be improved, I can't help it. Every time I see them fail, I try to find a way in which they could improve.

    If it were me, I'd have calls for articles for YE and Yoga Magazin, officially advertised on the website. I'd have more communication with the yogis, invite people to write in, advertise for the job posts that need to be filled, get a competent editor who can tell crap from value, test translators...

    Not that anybody ever asked me for my opinion or anything.

  2. Examples like this combined with their belief in resonances and synchronicities really show you exactly where see their priorities lie.
    And I agree with you on the things that are in desperate need of improvement, and the utter lack of feedback, but from observing cases like this and many others I've come to the conclusion that they are not willing to listen to feedback of any kind. Well maybe the one from the infallible master himself. :)
    They somehow were convinced that all criticism is bad and unacceptable. And everything they do is perfect form the very first try because they are building the glorious future of humankind lead by the greatest spiritual master that ever lived. And hence can't afford to admit that they were wrong.

    It's sad and a big part of the problem. And what makes me want to bang my head into the wall is when they get into trouble because some old thing catches up with them (see the recent case in India) and the only thing that they are willing (or allowed by the leadership or by Grieg) to do is cry conspiracy. While the whole fiasco could have been prevented if they would have been more careful of the PR side of things. Or at least admit that some decisions were bad. Like making and marketing a (or several) porn movie(s). But they can't because that's a consecrated and divinely integrated action and the problem is not the movie but the outsiders who can't see how it is divine.
    The problem is (in my opinion) that they think that they just have to do things that feel right to them, do things that are spiritual (again according to them) and at most all they have to do is consecrate the action and receive (=imagine) the positive response from (their) god and everyone else (aka not in the cult) will see the divine guidance in their actions and will agree with them. And if not, then they are obviously demon possessed. Or manipulated by the Illuminati and the evil mass media. Or are poisoned by additives etc etc. Anything except the explanation that they themselves were maybe, just maybe mistaken.
    I think that is a truly dangerous way of thinking and way of viewing the world. In my opinion this is the real and actual harm MISA brings into people's lives: teaching them how to be detached from reality and promote solipsism. And enforcing it. And declaring that this is the only spiritual way possible.

    It's a kind of dictatorship and I only wish for the people who came of age in the last decade of communism in Romania (and for whom the yoga presented by Grieg was a form of rebellion) to be free form this dictatorship as well. Maybe he didn't have the sufficient power back then but now that he does we can clearly see that he is using the same methods as did the communist leaders. And that's a bad sign. Especially for a supposedly enlightened master.
    Many of the MISA yogis in “the big years” are from this generation and maybe that's why they can't let go of the “yogic lifestyle” and of MISA, because that would mean letting go of everything they ever knew and the only thing that was good in that period of their lives.
    But still I think it's about time because no matter how pleasant or how familiar a lie is it's still a lie and the truth is always preferable. But that's just me.