The new cycle of subtle lies of the Truth Center (Satya Yoga Center, India)

So here's the latest cycle of the outraged and incredibly offended articles published on their own website because everyone else is malevolent and does not want to publish their official 280+ word propaganda in their paper, in typical MISA lingo. 
Cosmic Spiral Meditation mixed with other clips from other yoga schools from abroad and an unknown couple embracing each other, thus insinuating that acts of intimacy were happening during the Spiral.
And no it doesn't.

That's what you wish they were saying. And by the way are you saying that there are no encouragements to hug in MISA? Are you fucking kidding me? Hugging is practically the MISA version of a handshake. Passionate hugging between men and women as well as men with men and women with women takes place in every single event organized by MISA. Hey maybe the Indian students are not as advanced as the other students of MISA and don't hug so much, but don't worry they would have taught them the benefits of this very spiritual practice if you would have given them a few more years. 

Just look at this (youtube) clip from a spiral in Romania

And I am certainly not exaggerating with the teaching the esoteric significance of hugging. I personally received this brochure in a MISA camp a few years ago (haha) which detailed the profound meanings of hugging. And at the end of one of the events before the participants were let out of the big yellow tent where the conferences are held in Costinești they had to hug the people around them. 

The brochure is this (PDF)
"The occult art of spontaneous hugs full of love and substantially comforting" (original title: Arta ocultă a îmbrățișărilor spontane pline de iubire și pregnant mângâietoare) brochure. 
You can see that it was published officially by MISA here on the 13th page in the official catalog of the publishing house Shambala the official publishing house of MISA that prints the written yoga courses as well as the majority of books given to participants in the MISA yoga camps. The catalog is available also on the official website of MISA yogaesoteric.net. Are you going to deny this as well? 

And another thing there are parts of the brochure up on the official website yogaesoteric.net 
Here and here
And of course there is no English version of the articles because as I have pointed out many times before: MISA does not want it's foreign students to know exactly how much BS they promote and exactly what tantra means for them. That's a big secret until the gullible student is brainwashed enough to swallow anything. 

And are you seriously trying to convince people that you never ever show erotic images ever in your materials? Are you fucking serious? Every single book published by MISA has at least one erotic or fully nude (and very pornographic) image on every single page! This is the norm. They may have not published books in India but again YET. If they wouldn't have gotten into trouble now they would have imported the books already published in Finland or the UK where NATHA publishes English versions of important books (important for the great tantric message). 

Here see a sample of the big book of the spiritual master of the cult Gregorian Bivolaru. 

Are you really saying that it doesn't contain erotic images? Which page are you referring to the inside of the cover? Because even the cover has an erotic image of A COUPLE EMBRACING WHILE NAKED. 
Here this is the book on Amazon

What is that on the cover? 

Here is the same book promoted by the Natha Publishing House. 

And this is the website for the book

And just read the description of the original teachings of MISA/NATHA/Satya guru Gregorian Bivolaru
10. The Mystery of Sexual Continence 
The mystery of love-making with sexual continence makes possible the biological transmutation, at the body’s normal temperature, of the sexual potential into a gigantic energy, which can be sublimated afterwards to the superior levels of our inner microcosm in order to produce specific beneficial transformations. (...)
13. The Mystery of the Erotic Postures that activates the subtle force centres of the human being (chakra-s) 
The Mystery of the Erotic Postures (body attitudes known by the tantric initiates and very partially revealed in the famous treaty Kama-Sutra) can be easily approached by a man and a woman who love each other and are in a couple relationship. This Mystery reveals that, by correctly practicing such erotic positions (with an adequate mental focus upon the flow of energies), some processes of occult resonance between the microcosm of the two lovers and the benei cial ini nite sources of energy from Macrocosm occur. These special erotic postures practiced by the two lovers when they make love with sexual continence, transi guration and adoration, spontaneously produce overwhelming states of intense euphoric erotic pleasure and the harmonious activation of the subtle centres of power (chakra-s) of the two lovers. This highly revered tantric secret leads gradually to the full awakening of the chakra-s, including the supreme essential thousand petalled lotus – Sahasrara (the crown chakra) allowing the resonance with the highest energies of the Manifestation. (...)
20. The Mystery of the Glorious Androgyny State 
The mystery of the gradual awakening and progressive realization of the Glorious Androgyny State in the microcosm of the initiated human being implies the harmonious activation and unii cation of the paranormal, beneficial, vital, psychic, mental and spiritual powers of both man and woman within the microcosm of one being. The woman or the man that practice this mystery, awakening gradually the glorious androgyny state succeeds in this way to unify and synthesize almost all the qualities of both polarities (masculine and feminine) within her/ his being, conquering in this way the paradisiacal primordial state. The Mystery of the Glorious Androgyny State also includes some secret tantric methods, among which we can mention the perfect sexual continence.

Note: Spelling mistakes are in the original text. 

Are you saying that you would and have not tough your students these important original teachings? Seriously? Is this what you are saying? 
Oh an who wrote this summary of important teachings of Gregorian Bivolaru? Of course MISA nr. 2 Mihai Stoian. Yes the same one that went to India to teach Indians about pure tantra and accepted no payment for this because he is a businessman, independently wealth from MISA, even though that's all he has been doing for the past 20+ years. 

And this is the original first edition of it, in the form of a brochure that was given to participants of the “international” yoga camp in Costinești. 

The first image is the cover and the second image is a couple kissing. And that's, as per usual, just the start. The rest of the images are full on pornography and even close up images of female genitalia (but almost never male centered pornography). 

Again I am not saying that pornography is wrong or that people should not look at it. 
Quite the contrary. I encourage everyone to watch pornography because it's a pleasant activity when it concerns consenting adults. 
What I'm objecting to is the lies. And the attempt to misdirect from something this obvious and this essential of MISA culture and MISA dogma. 
The fact alone that you sign up for a yoga class and you get pornography filled tantra is the problem not the fact that they also teach tantra. That part should be left up to the participants to choose. But it is not. The MISA yoga teachings are filled with allusions to the tantra teachings (note I'm not saying tantra as in the ancient original Hindu tradition, but rather their own version of tantra, that is not sourced, not by any kind of experts in the field, but by amateurs in every sense of the word) and students are constantly pushed in this direction by the teachers. 

If anyone wants to see a sample of how big of a part of MISA dogma this is all they have to do is look at the images of the articles on the official MISA website http://www.yogaesoteric.net/
Almost every single article has erotic images. And I'm not saying about 5-10%, rather something like 90% and the rest of it is 5% scary images to illustrate the articles about the evil Freemasonry and the remaining 5% is images of plants, animals and objects. That's not insignificant. 

And here's another example of an important book written by the master himself and in which you can see approximately what kind of images are in MISA books. (I'm assuming something like this was found in the center in India and this was labeled pornography). 

And a book written by a yoga teacher in Romania Dan Bozaru that also has many-many erotic images to illustrate it. And the book is dedicated to Gregorian Bivolaru (Grieg) on page 5. 

Are you really trying to convince outsiders that your teachings have nothing to do with eroticism? Come on! I was in your yoga classes and in your groups and camps and read your damned books and I was told several times that this is the most important part of your teachings. Come on, don't pretend that it has nothing to do with you. 

And again, let's get back to the statement on http://satyayoga.in/
They keep repeating the mantra "slander" as if they don't know any other words. What slander my dears? The FACT that important people in your school were involved in porn movies? 
How is that slander if it is demonstrated to be true? 
How is it slander when the very people admit it? 
How is it slander that after reviewing your propaganda materials one might come to the conclusions that you are obsessed with sex and that is the reason you came to India is to spread your view of tantra? 
How is it slander when that is 99% of your activities? 

And you have to love it when the thief cries THIEF!!!
For all the friends of truth we have to say that the journalist from TOI was also trying in several cases to threaten the teachers team of Satya Yoga and even to induce all kind of suggestions in order to obtain some specific easy to manipulate answers. 
Reminds me of the speeches I heard during my time in the cult about how evil the journalists are and how they will twist your words against our dear master and that's why you should not speack to them etc. Of course they are preparing the way for the “oh we are sooo persecuted” spiel that they are so good at. If you are lying it's not slander if people point it out my dears. If you repeatedly lie, break the law and then flee the country it's not persecution. But your attitude to demonize and immediately accuse anyone who dares to question your motives and your methods as aggressive and manipulative is simply outrageous. 
No, and NO. Disagreeing with your bullshit is not aggression and is not slander. 
Here is another proof of the unprofessional work done by the journalist and the hidden agenda that is becoming every day more visible
And of course every single journalist who doesn't write you rave reviews and praises your master is a bad journalist. Of course. What other purpose should any self-respecting newspaper or journalist have other than to publish your propaganda. Of course if you live in the world of the MISA/NATHA/etc cult. 
a completely sensationalistic-fictional article
Oh master and your eccentric sense of languages. And oh you poor people who have to translate these. 
this can be proven since the whole event was video recorded.
Finally something concrete, with evidence. Where can we find the video? Oh I know in the exact same secret place where all the recordings from the MISA events end up in and to which only a select few have access. And it presumably is the same where you keep all the footage from the Miss Shakti contests. Including the ones from the secret test to which the audience is not allowed to enter. Got it. 
Yet the fact that other media channels are starting to behave in the same way (we can call it the TOI syndrome) proves once again without error the existence of the same hand that is coordinating this campaign and is covering it no matter how many laws (moral and social laws) will be broken for this.
Of course. TOI syndrome. What else. Nothing to do with the fact that you did actually do the things they said you did and the fact that you potentially broke the law and the fact that you lie every chance you get. NO. Nothing to with that. 
For any careful reader the blatant manipulation jumps up immediately
And for the careful reader of your communist style propaganda and your attempt to manipulate and misdirect also jumps out immediately. 
For any careful reader the blatant manipulation jumps up immediately: since when is the police announcing through the media to the potential criminals that they will search their place?
This information could be easily found with a direct call to the police station and not insinuating all kind of “sources” from the inside of police. 
So the police should give out exactly the information that is useful for the cult they are investigating. Got it. MISA logic, you can't argue with that. Or you are demonic. 

And I just have to love the fact that they mention an obvious cult as “teaching genuine spirituality”, namely Osho and his bunch. Sorry guys maybe you haven't heard but the Osho cult was precisely that a yoga based religious cult. And I thought MISA denounced Osho as not being enlightened enough. Unlike MISA's cult-leader Gregorian Bivolaru. But maybe that memo hasn't reached India yet. LOL. But I'm fine with it either way. If you say about yourselves that you are just like another cult, I am in full agreement with you. You are like a genuine cult. 
 the team is willing to meet and have an open dialogue because we do not have anything to hide.
Nothing to hide except the yoga school's main teachers. 
Oh and while we're on the subject of nothing to hide, let me recommend you a wonderful series of articles here and which has a new chapter about the Indian adventure. 

And in the closing lines there is something I agree with (big surprise)
Ultimately let us not forget the ancient saying “to know and act as if you don’t know is the supreme cowardice”.
Yes, that's exactly why former members of your little cult came out and spoke out against your lies and illegal actions, and yet somehow you tried to silence them and ridiculed them because of it. I only wish you receive the very same treatment in the homeland of yoga. 

The only people I'm feeling sorry for at this point is the naïve Swedish/Danish/Finnish teachers involved in all of this because they will now be told: see, see how they persecute us all over the world? See it was true that the evil Freemasons persecute our spiritual school. Etc. 
And of any of those people read this: please don't take my word for any of this but just look at the big picture as objectively as you can. Just look at the problems MISA had in Romania, and then turn your attention to the problems NATHA had in Denmark and then look to India and the problems Satya had. And then look in your yoga courses and lecture notes and books bought from MISA/NATHA/SATYA. And think about it. 

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