To my readers form India

I see that I'm getting some traffic from India, probably because of the latest scandal with Satya Yoga Center

First of all welcome. 
Second: I recommend you first read (at least some of) the following articles to find out more about the subject. 
Feel free to quote me (but please give a link to the original post when you do so) or to comment on the blog with questions and/or personal experiences. 
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About the teachers in Romania (I'm pretty sure that, since they claim that all their schools teach the same yoga using the same method that now they are claiming is a supreme efficient method, all these observations are also true for them)
Propreties of MISA in Costinești Romania where they hold their annual summer camp
Swearing on the Bible (don't worry if you are a Hindu or a Muslim you will probably be told that there is only one true god, and so it's ok to swear to the Bible for certain initiations, after all in Romania the students are almost entirely all Christians and they still are taught about Hindu gods and goddesses). 
A very good documentary about MISA and it's Northern European Branches
A sample of how MISA treats their former members who dare to start their own yoga school and don't play by the rules they set. 
They are also into various conspiracy theories among which that Romania will be the future capital of the world when aliens or Jesus comes back to rule over the Earth for eternity. The conspiracy theories range from poisoning of the population with the chlorine in water to chemtrails to 9/11 conspiracies and Freemason conspiracies. They believe that their spiritual leader Gregorian Bivolaru is the victim of a worldwide Freemason conspiracy because he wrote some books and some pamphlets about the evils of Freemasonry (Many of these are not published in English, but you can translate the articles themselves and read up on the people mentioned, these are mostly people from the US). 
MISA (and her branches) are an apocalyptic cult. See my short analysis of this and their series of articles on their official website for more (the last one is only in Romanian but translate it with some translation program like and see for yourself what it's about).
I see they claim to have hundreds of thousands of students worldwide. This is also not true. At most they have a few thousand students worldwide. The exaggeration of their numbers is just a simple way for them to claim authority where they have none. See

I also recommend you read this former MISA student's essay series about the various problems with MISA (Note some of these are available only if you are registered on http://deviantart.com/, you don't have to pay, just register because of the mature content). 

Third: I did not cover all the possible subjects and strange things that go on in the MISA/NATHA/Satya Yoga cult but for more information you can also visit the forum of the former MISA members here. (Please note the main language of the forum is Romanian but if you post in English people will understand and reply, but keep in mind that this is still a forum and your views may not be the same as that of some of the forum members). 
Or you can read the English language wikipedia like section for an overview of the events in the cult by topics.
Or you just can write me personally on the email address shown on the right below the profile description. I am more than happy to answer your questions (that is if I am able to). 


  1. Being an Indian, I believe in you and MISA yoga.

  2. Does MISA have any branch in Lucknow, UP?

  3. @Siddharth I replied to your email. Hope that answers your questions.