This week in MISA (06/03/2011)

Sorry for the late post, but at least you get three articles this week. 
Read up on the Bhoga case of NATHA here and the problems of being an entirely pure and spiritual organization in a spiritually decaying country like India here

Spiritual articles

Part 2 of the very spiritual article about the former MISA VIP Claudiu Trandafir is up on the official MISA website. Here read it yourself. (Only in Romanian, sorry)
The ultimatum to the evil Freemasonry was updated as well with an interview with someone who was approached by Freemasonry and now spilled the beans, the HAARP makes an appearance again, it's an old passion of MISA authors. If you feel like it read all of it. Oh and the best part, it ends with to be continued. So there's more to come.
DMT - the molecule of the spirit - some new version of the paranoia about all those evil additives in every piece of food existent on the planet and the evil of evils fluor.

The 1st of June from 12.00-12.45 Meditation: The sun in trigon with Saturn. 

13.00-13.45  Meditation with The state of candor of the child that exists on each of us.

From the 1st of June until the 2nd of June (so it's a 48 hour meeting?) the meeting of the yoga and ayurveda instructors in Pipera Hall nr. 1.

2nd June Holiday: Ascension. Meditation form 13.00-13.45 with the topic of Jesus in glory (the ascension of Jesus from the physical world to the Heavenly Father's Kingdom).

4th June from 21.15 Yang spiral for the invocation of the divine grace. In Bucharest the spiral will take place in Pipera Hall nr 1. 
22.40-23.25 Meditation: Mercury in sextil with Uranus.

Bookfest - This one is a little late but some MISA publishing house was present at the bookfest in Bucharest this year. Of course Gregorian Bivolaru's work was present and also the book(s?) of the MISA author Aimen Klimmeron we were talking about with Sarshi. She went and gave a quick look at one of his books and wrote a short review. You can read that here.
Other MISA authors also had book launches at the festival. The book entitled The Soul of the Romanian People vol. I was also launched. At the launch there were supposed to be present as representatives: prof.univ.dr. Gabriel Gheorghe, Cătălin Truță, Viorel Ruiu, and Ionuț Pahariu. I wasn't there, so I have no idea if they showed up. If you have information about this please leave a comment below. (updated: you can read Sarshi's comments about it in the comments of this post or on her DeviantArt page here)

She also wrote a quite good summary of the problems with the official MISA website. You can read that here.

MISA blogosphere
I'm sensing a coming articles about the following topics, being currently tested on the unofficial MISA blog for later publication on the big official site.

The revolution in Libya is bad. Because the people of Libya have it very good. Better than the average Romanian for that matter. The source? A website in Russian. And another one in English. Any doubts?
Also MISA/NATHA VIP Mihai Stoian also published a blog post about this topic, telling us and presumably the Libyan people what a true revolution is like.

So let me get this straight: the east has sent an ultimatum to the evil Freemasons and that's great, but if people revolt against dictators that ruled over them for decades are bad and poor manipulated people.

Costică Cojocaru MISA photographer and yoga instructor (no not yoga teacher, that's a title worthy only of Gregorian Bivolaru and people outside the chosen land Romania) preaches about the proper way to see sexuality to people reporting measured facts. And tells scientists to respect women (his words). And how would that work you might ask? Knowing mr. Cojocaru's work it means publishing nude photos of your former (?) girlfriend on your website.

NATHA news and events
There were two videos for the Indian branch of MISA's summer event “Tantra Summer Camp” which will take place in an undisclosed location in the city of Pondicherry but now the videos are no longer available. Why? 
Here and here were the original addresses on Youtube. 
They removed the videos and put up instead an "announcement" which you can read here. Or here (on this blog in case they remove that also). 

In one of the videos the videos the representative of NATHA/MISA keeps pronouncing the word “camp” in a way that sounds more like scam. I can't help but love the irony in that. 
Well if we again apply the logic MISA promotes this is a very telling thing and is enough to consider the whole organization a huge scam. You won't get disagreement from me on that. 

And guess what today the 3rd of June 2011 the first thing that greets you on their official website is a demand for the right to reply in huge red letters. Wow splendid exemplification of the state of deja vue NATHA India thank you. LOL
What's the problem? One little article in a paper. Kind of an exaggerated reaction in my opinion but hey it's their organisation. They can google their name all day long and get extremely upset about all of them. And demand a reply to every single one of them if they have the time to write them, I'm just wondering how do they have time to do tantric things and meditations with such hobbies. LOL
And of course it's for “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” because what else do the editors of a newspaper have to do other than publish as soon as possible the 898 word complaint. Sure, I'm sure they are going to put every other story on hold and publish that on the front page of their paper in the very next issue. Never mind common problems in the India of today like preventable diseases killing people, child work, illiteracy, poverty etc. No, this takes precedence over all. Humble little bunch aren't they?

You can read my comments about this here

Anyway the gigantic spiral that they are planning is now set to have place in SHIRDI SAI BABA TEMPLE, ECR, in CHENNAI. On the 5th of June 2011, from 2-6 PM. (Source)
The tantra camp still does not have a location specified. I'll keep you updated if they eventually publish the location. 

Apparently NATHA (the north-western and eastern Europe branch of MISA) lost, yet again, in the case against Kim Schmock regarding the ownership of the property which was turned into a NATHA ashram. (Article)
You can read my comments on this here

About the case see
The official NATHA version
On their official website (Note that the site hasn't been updated since Friday, 31 December 2010 11:58)

On their official site

They nicknamed him Schmollum combining the name Gollum from the Lord of the Rings series and the family name Schmock. 
They made and published pictures of mr. Schmock's face digitally placed on the body of the movie version of Golloum. 
A spiritual attitude isn't it?

According to the last of their official communication about the case it was said that they will not pursue the manner anymore and find a different location for their activities but it seems they changed their minds. Of course you can do that but why can't mr. Schmock do the same?

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  1. About "The Soul of the Romanian People vol. I". I was there at the launch and blogged about it right after the review for Klimmeron's book ^^

    Nobody was there but Viorel Ruiu. The launch began half an hour late. There were two women at the front table, one of which didn't say a word, the other one (badly) playing interviewer. As for the audience, I think there were maybe about 20 people, me, my friend, some people who were probably yogis and a few elderly people. Catalin Truta's music and Ciuleandra were played in the background.

    As for the book itself... I'm a fan. The author would probably really dislike knowing WHY I'm a fan, though. This is the sort of book you read aloud with a friend, that you act out, that you switch from narrator to narrator for, it's a book to PERFORM and giggle over, a book where you ask "Is this a preface or a chapter?" "Is this fantasy?" or "Why are the women rapping and dancing around the phallic symbol?" It's a book where you shout the words in caps, where you try to put on different voices for characters and quotes and you ask where the bleep did the crystals come from. Is it a good book? Gods, no. It's the positively worst book I've read in ages. It's the exact polar opposite of Herman Hesse and G.M. Marquez combined. It deserves an anti-Nobel. It's marvelous. Not everybody can reach that sort of height of badness. I'm in love. I definitely recommend it to lovers of bad literature.