This week in MISA 05/10/2011

On the 8th of June the official MISA website announced that the “simple and efficient method” will be performed until April 2012 (including April of 2012). 


Spiral meditation with the occasion of the holiday of Rusalii (Whitsunday, don't ask me why they are doing it a day before), Saturday the 11th of June 2011 in Zalău.

The triangulation spirals are from what I understood spiral meditations in three locations at the same time and that are supposed to be somehow magically connected forming a magic triangle.
In this case on of the locations is the city of Zalău. The other two locations are not given but usually the locations are near each other.
There was a similar event two years ago according to a MISA newsletter.

The location is the sports hall of the Iuliu Maniu school, located on Mihai Viteazul boulevard, on the corner of Armoniei street. (so the intersection of a legendary Romanian king, named Michael the Brave and the street called street of harmony, I'm sure that's just a happy coincidence)

16.15 - 17.15 – Forming the spiral
17.24 – Offering of the spiral
17.27 - 20.53 – Meditation program, it is specified that there will be several short meditations with short breaks between them.
21.00 – End of program, leaving for home.

The fanatics over at Cluj who are on the mailing list are encouraged in the rest of the email by local yoga instructor Florin Curtui to spread the news of the very special and important event to others in neighboring cities like Gherla, Dej, Satu Mare, Oradea, Bistrita etc.
He also repeats several times that those who participate din the last very special event like this two years ago had extraordinary and special spiritual experiences. And this way somehow implies that even though none of the things remotely related to such MISA magic rituals have ever been proven to exist, he guarantees that those who will participate will have similar if not greater special spiritual experiences.

And he shall not fail. When you set up expectations like this and go on by pressuring people to find something special in the event, they will eventually find it. No matter how small or insignificant and entirely explainable in a million other more plausible ways, it will be called special and esoteric and attributed entirely to the wonderful grace of their wonderful master Magnus, I mean Grieg.
Just like at every other MISA event.

But of course there is absolutely no manipulation in MISA. Non I tell you. Except for the legends of similar events, the building up of anticipation, surrounding the thing with mystery and never explaining it, surrounding people with long time fanatics and encouraging them to share their wonderful spiritual experiences and of course the cherry on the cake to keep it a secret form the non-initiated (aka not cult members, because if you are not a member of a MISA yoga course and you do not possess a spiral ID, all of which you have to pay for, you can not participate in the event) but spread it around to those who are in the in club.

Shakti "camp" (sorry guys but two days camp don't make)
This is at best a week end retreat or a workshop, but of course you need to exaggerate everything and exaggerate everything's importance to get the attention of MISA yogis.
The nice ladies over in Târgu Mureș are organizing a two day long "camp" for the special (what else) women in the surrounding cities. Only women from the shakti groups of Cluj, Sibiu and Târgu Mureș are allowed. So yeah, the usual we only do things that are soooo beneficial to all and we are sooo open. Yeah open like a box with a lock inside a safe inside a vault in a bank in an undisclosed location.

Participants were hard to find at first even though the whole thing was sustained by the one and only true tantric master living right now Magnus Aurolsson, so the shakti group organizer ladies had to go into blackmail slash manipulation mode and guilt the women into signing up for the event.
In the end a total of 49 women signed up and this of course was interpreted as a magic number and a great sign, while yet again in typical MISA fashion ignoring that the very same person wrote in a previous email that the local shakti group in Târgu Mureș  had 49 members and that this is the total number of women that signed up from a total of three cities. Somehow the greatest yoga school on the planet with hundreds of thousands of students can't muster up more than 49 people for such a special event.
What about the events? Well those of course are secret and not to be told to anyone but from the materials required it sounds like the usual tacky stuff of MISA tantric rituals.
The women are required not only to pay for the water, gas and electricity bill of the location (which is the local ashram which is supposed to be maintained from the money received from the yoga students, but somehow they always ask again for money when there's something organized) but also to provide the accessories of the camp by bringing candles, candle holders, scarfs, glass or porcelain bowls, little bottles, spoons, something to caress with (like feathers, flowers, soft materials etc.) fruits, and certain oils.
They are also required to dress in a sexy lingerie or a sexy little dress for the occasion.
A certain special ritual will be performed called YPE (which I have no idea what it means, but from the subtle hints of the lead shakti it is some sort of special initiation that some of the shakti group members got and that involves couples of women, but of course this does not mean that sex orgies are taking place in MISA or it's ashrams, or it's other than yoga groups, no, nohohohoho!).
(Source, only in Romanian)

Dacian spiritual camp 
There will be yet another spiritual camp with the topic of the ancient (and hence infallible) Dacian spirit from the 20-24th of June. Apparently it's the eight edition already. It will take place in the Bucegi mountains at the Pestera Hotel (peșteră = cave). Said mountain is considered to be the location of an opening to the inside of the Earth and the spiritual realm of Shambala, where misans believe that the spiritual king of the world lives and his court consists of special spiritual beings that are responsabile for all the good things that happen and all the creative and beneficial inspiration that takes place on Earth. And yes that would mean that the Earth is hollow on the inside. 
And no, this isn't a crazy belief of some people it's official MISA beliefs, articles about the mysterious entries into the inside of the hollow earth were published on yogaesoteric.  Again not available in English, because heaven forbid people who understand English find out exactly how many stupid things MISA thinks are absolutely true and are being hidden by the evil Freemason conspiracy. 

Program of the Dacian spiritual camp 
Monday, 20th of June (the Sun rises at 05:27) [when the sun rises has significance for MISA yogis who were lucky enough to receive a special initiation, that is available for free on the internet, called Swara yoga and that is a system with which they can determine when a certain action should begin and which are the best times of the day. So it's basically shamanic magic and numerology]

13:00 – 14:30 – Lunch
15:00 – 16:30 - Conference: “Belonging to the soul of the nation – first part”
16:30 – 17:00 – Meditation: "Communion with the Soul of the Romanian Nation"
17:00 – 17:15 – Break

17:15 – 18:45 - Conference: “The Sfinx and his mysteries” [note; the Sfinx in this case is not the one in Egypt but a part of the Bucegi mountain called like this because it looks like a head. This is considered a special spiritual place by misans, in the good old days it was a common practice to go there and meditate, and the image of which was used in the MISA yoga course promotional video]
19:00 – 20:30 – Dinner
20:45 – 21:15 - Conference: “The mysterious meaning of the ancient Romanian horas” [hora=traditional Romanian folk dance]
21:30 – 22:25 – Let's learn the HORA together
22:30 – 22:45 – The simple and efficient method to prevent the earthquake

Tuesday, 21st of June ( the Sun rises at 05:27)

07:00 – 07:15 – The simple and efficient method to prevent the earthquake
07:30 – 08:50 – Breakfast 
09:00 – 09:20 – The supreme and efficient method “NO APOCALYPSE”
10:15 – 14:30 – Hike to Crucea Caraimanului [Caraimanului Cross] (with the cable car to the Babele [the old women] meditation at the Sfinx, invocation of the Romanian Nation's Soul at the Caraimanului  Cross or the Piatra Arsa [Burned Rock]  or the Pestera Hotel. 
16:00 – 17:30 – Lunch
18:00 – 19:00 - Conference: ”The mysteries of the Sun”[Somehow I'm doubtful that this will be a presentation on the central star of the solar system, even though MISA has many physicists, but rather a presentation of the fact that the ancient Dacians were sun worshipers]
19:00 – 19:30 – Artistic ritual of the adoration of the Sun [again I must point out that the majority of MISA students are believers and most of them, especially the ones that will participate in this camp are probably of orthodox religion and that is incompatible with Sun-worship. Sorry guys, but remember the whole scandal with Moses? Or was Moses also an evil Freemason too?]
19:45 – 20:45 – Special meditation with the occasion of the summer solstice
21:00 – 22:00 – Dinner
22:30 – 22:45 – The simple and efficient method to prevent the earthquake
22:50 – 00:30 – Projection of an initiatory artistic movie

Wednesday, 22nd of June (the Sun rises at 05:27)

07:00 – 07:15 – The simple and efficient method to prevent the earthquake
7:30 – 08:50 – Breakfast
09:00 – 09:20 – The supreme and efficient method “NO APOCALYPSE”
10:15 – 18:00 – Hike to the Omu and Kogaion peak (with the cable car to the Babele, meditation at the Sfinx or at the Omu peak, Kogaion (Bucura) peak or Kogaion altar, back down via  Ialomitei valley to the Pestera Hotel)

Special program at the Kogaion peak and the Altar of Kogaion
18:30 –20:00 – Dinner
20:30 – 21:30 – Conference: ”On the path of the ancestors. Presentation of the book” 
21:30 – 22:25 – From the mysteries of the ancient dances
22:30 – 22:45 – The simple and efficient method to prevent the earthquake
23:00 – 00:45 – Hora around the fire

Thursday, 23rd if June (the Sun rises at 05:27)

07:00 – 07:15 – The simple and efficient method to prevent the earthquake
07:30 – 08:50 – Breakfast 
09:00 – 09:20 – The supreme and efficient method “NO APOCALYPSE”
10:00 – 11:30 – Conference: “About the Romanian language” 
11:45 – 14:00 – Hike to the Ialomitei cave (meditation program in the cave)
14:30 – 16:00 – Lunch
18:00 – 19:00 – Conference: ”The path of the heart in spiritual practice” [Reminds me of the dirrection in which former MISA VIP Claudiu Trandafir and his new yoga school is going]

19:00 – 19:15 – The simple and efficient method to prevent the earthquake
19:30 – 20:30 – Dinner
21:30 – 22:00 – Conference: “The esoteric meaning of the celebration of Sânziene [Midsummer]”
22:00 – 23:30 – Preparation of the Midsummer celebration – ritual [again a very pagan, and very not Christian event]
23:00 – 00:30 – Meditation with the occasion of Midsummer – the night when the skies open

Friday, 24th of June (the Sun rises at 05:28)

07:00 – 07:15 – The simple and efficient method to prevent the earthquake
07:30 – 08:50 – Breakfast
09:00 – 09:20 – The supreme and efficient method “NO APOCALYPSE”
10:00 – 11:00 – Touching stories of the spiritual experiences in the period of the Dacic spirituality camp
11:00 – 11:30 – Break
11:30 – 13:00 – Conference: “Belonging to the soul of the nation – second part” 
13:00 – 13:30 – Meditation of communion with the great philosopher and initiated master Zamolxis
13:30 – 14:00 – Meditation of gratitude to God
14:30 – 15:30 – Lunch

Organizer: Bartha Zoltan (my correction Zoltán, a Hungarian name, Bartha is also a typical Hungarian family name. So yeah not only are Danish NATHA yogis organizing yoga courses in India and inviting Romanian spiritual couples to hold conferences about tantra in India, back in Romania ethnic Hungarians are organizing spiritual camps with the topic of the ancient Romanian religions and spiritual practices. Note I have no idea how much this person is involved, he may just be the organizer and/or have his name on the end of this for different reasons and actually does not have anything to do with the camp). 

From  what I can tel this is his Blogger profile and his website
On this website he offers online astrology consultations via phone or yahoo messenger for the bargain price of 67 Euros. It's not specified if this is the whole fee or if it's a per hour deal. 
This second site is similar, just with a different color scheme. The same articles are published, the same possibility to book a consultation is given. 
The articles on the sites are simply brilliant like analyzing the astrological chart of now defunct celebrity couples with highly publicized relationships, his take on certain sports events like the retirement of Shaq and similar brilliant stuff. I can't imagine how someone could have ever known about things like this without superior astrology knowledge.
Both sites are also filled with Google Ads (another source of income).  
And this blog This one doesn't offer any services because the services section is empty. Lol
Maybe because this is supposed to be a blog and the official website is here. And is apparently a law firm. 
As I said in a previous post couldn't you get people like this to look over MISA's contracts and write up actual contracts of those many-many verbal contracts with former members of the association in order to prevent stuff like this. 

MISA blogoshpere
misa-yoga writes about the musician Sting and twists his words to sound like Gregorian Bivolaru. (Only in Romanian) And completely ignores certain unpleasant facts about him like the fact that he eats meat and fish and drinks alcohol and coffee and is in no way like the ideal yogi MISA promotes.  But sure a little celebrity endorsement can't hurt. 
And promotes the documentary about Tantra on the Discovery Channel. 

Mr. Daniel Roxin writes about elevated stuff and promotes Osho with the post Love and loneliness
Apparently he missed the whole Osho is not a sufficiently enlightened master that made him a persona non-grata in MISA folklore. 

Another Beyond the limits blog  translates an article from the Telegraph and publishes it without conveying any supplemental information to the article and of course without giving the actual source. Sorry guys this is still stealing. You may need to dig up your first year yoga courses and meditate a little about stealing other people's intellectual property. 

Energialibera (free energy) fails to live up to it's title and instead of showing how to make free energy and instead talks about the modification of the renewable energy resources law

Filme MISA reccomends a documentary about Tantra on the Discovery Channel. 

Beauty-love-wisdom blog writes about Gurdjieff

Mihai Stoian of course writes about the terrible secrets and secret organizations behind the new scandal in NATHA India. With the title: Another scandal against a spiritual community with the same pattern

Yes Mihai we know the pattern: you (NATHA/MISA) goes into a new location and organizes a unique and extraordinary special bla bla bla event, the locals are informed about your organization's erotic industry connections and you cry conspiracy by Freemasons. And proceed to lie about anything you can. Like being a member of internationally recognized organization. While you were thrown out of the only actually non-MISA/NATHA international organization you were ever a member of. 

And Malin publishes a photo of the Herculane spiral

Programarea Mentală – «Asul din mânecă» al organizaţiei criminale a «Iluminaţilor» (5) An article about the evil Freemasons. 

Migrena – modalităţi de vindecare
An article about migraines and the solution of course is the usual MISA bled of alternative treatments (none of which have been proven to work) + hatha yoga. I'm sure the MISA version and not any other. 
It's a copy pasta from the MISA yoga themed magazine nr 10 (it's really old). 

Cazul Dominique Strauss-Kahn
An article about Dominique Strauss-Kahn. (spoiler alert! He's an evil Freemason! Booooo) He's a Jew (automatic –1000 points) and a member of the Freemason elite.  He apparently made some mistakes that are the ultimate proof for the conspiracy obsessed authors and editor at yogaesoteric.net for the evils of Freemasonry. 

Conştiinţa – de la atom la fiinţa umană
An article about Itzhak Bentov (never heard of him? Me neither).
The article contains a sot of graph that I'm assuming is supposed to be the ultimate evidence for the outrageous claims of said person. It ends with to be continued so there's going to be a follow up. 
This is a copy pasta form the paranormal magazine published (guess by who?) MISA nr. 38. 

NATHA news
Mihai Stoian, head of NATHA hints to the evil Freemason conspiracy that followed them all the way to India Interesting, I thought mr. Stoian's performances in various porn movies and openly publicizing them had something to do with this. 

Of course the accusations against NATHA and her activities and the other more interesting activities of her teachers are based solely and absolute certainly because of the (try to guess) 


Wow, never would have thought of that Mihai, thanks for enlightening me. Here I was thinking that maybe, just maybe it had to do with the fact that you and your divine feminine counterpart (who you organize worship rituals for by your students in the official location of your organization's building. I'm sure you did not except any money for that either. I'm sure all your students were given the opportunity to worship your wife for free). 

And most certainly nothing to do with the fact that your precious only on tourist visa yoga and tantra teachers that give talks about yoga and tantra voluntarily and make no profit from it because they all have their own businesses can't even stand together for a group picture without the majority of them being people heavily involved with porn or erotic industry stuff. 
In the meantime the Times of India reports that the police called the MISA/NATHA teachers in for questioning. I'm sure the article signed by Mihai Stoian unmasking the evil Freemason conspiracy will be published as soon as possible on his blog.

Back to some interesting facts about MISA/NATHA.
Just look at this picture (please let me know if the picture was not actually taken in your Satya Yoga Center location and does not picture your teachers in India)

On the upper row (from left to right) Rainer Trubel, Mihai Stoian, Emanuel Langhoff, Ulrik Lyshoj. Middle row (from left to right) Julie Beske, Angela Østergaard, Celestine Andersen and Daniela Pelger. On the bottom row Louise Fisker Skjoldan.
Note: I have received a request from the former Indian students of Satya that I do not promote any of the materials in which they appear, so the image is in part censored. 

With the exception of Rainer, Emmanuel and Julie played in a porn movie of MISA or of NATHA.
Angela Østergaard and Celestine Andersen were part of the Wild Venus group.

On the original Wild Venus website: (All the images were taken from the following address)



The sensual erotic performers of Wild Venus with their unique blend combining the refined beauty of the Orient and daring exotic dance. Wild Venus mix eastern traditions and movement with contemporary western music, resulting in an exotic, erotic and shocking effect. 
Wild Venus explores the art of tantric love through the embrace of eroticism and spirituality. Always being true to their own natural sensuality and desires, spontanously letting the truth of the moment unfolding.
In ancient India sexuality was taught, just like math or sports. It was equally important to learn how to be versed in sensuality, eroticism and intimacy as it was to read and write. Tantric eroticism is a dance and means to a higher experience. The Tantric rituals are done with the goal of gaining higher consciousness and expansion of the mind. Tantric rituals take the mind to where the senses rest, to the pure experience of sensuality. 
We offer different categories of products:
Erotic dances
Erotic rituals
We offer you a personal show! Let us have a talk so we know your expectations, and can tailor our show to fit your arrangement.
We have innocent ,sweet and beautiful erotic dances with sexy, but innocent costumes. Fit for fares, events, commercials and exhibitions when you´re looking for something extraordinary.
We have the traditional striptease, yet with a true aliveness coming from the girls personal enjoyment. Perfect for polterabend and private parties.
Most daring and sensual are the erotic rituals where erotic play between the performers and various daring acts in the dancing, makes the experience very fit for private arrangements and parties.
*Note the spelling mistakes are form the original website. 
I'm sure none of this was done for money either. None of the striptease or tantric ritual performers ever made money out of any of these events. I'm sure all this was also on a voluntary basis as well. 

One of the videos produced and featuring NATHA teachers is entitled “Eve's Awakening” and can be downloaded form here. And for a list of cast and crew see
And another one entitled “Ecstasy in – Greece” from here
This second one was marketed as a spiritually adequate porn for MISA/NATHA students featuring exemplifications on how to make love with (your friends with whom you are on vacation with) continence. I'm guessing this is the educational part. 

Those not identified (and obviously Indian locals) are most likely some of the local students (the picture not having 100 members, the estimated number of students). 
I would actually be curious who these people are. Are they the people who according to the official NATHA position invited them to India and are organizing the activities locally or are they students. 

And here's the quote straight from the mouth of your master about India's level of spirituality:
The original audio file can be downloaded from here (it's only in Romanian, like all of mr. Bivolaru's words of wisdom). 
You should know that you shouldn't imagine that even in India, the country where yoga appeared, that 99% of the people are preoccupied by yoga. Even some of the statistics that have been done show that, paradoxically, the number of those who practice yoga is greater in the West than in India. Why? Because the Indian people is culturally in a period of decline. Every civilization, as you know, goes through a period of childhood, adolescence, maturity and death. Because of this some civilizations appear, grow, mature, grow old and die... From this point of view, therefore, the Indian civilization is in its death state. So it is, as you would say, in this state of old age. Advanced old age. Because of this the people itself does not realize the treasure that it has in yoga and in many situations the Westerners realize the value of these yoga-related methods way better than the Indians themselves do. 
To tell you a comical aspect, in the country in which tantra and the practices related to continence reached their highest... let's call it... development, and where in the domain of sexuality I think that not in 5000 years could a discovery be done that they haven't made, despite all this, paradoxically, in India the population is so numerous that the government periodically uses sterilization through radiations or... 
So this is the situation concerning why they aren't interested in yoga. It is a problem that is related to their inner level and if this inner level is... let's say... in a certain phase of the level of civilization, these things happen that a person who doesn't know the law considers to be oddities. For the one who knows the law they are natural. And from this point of view the Romanian civilization is in full growth, so it is a civilization that [certain spiritual teachings] work a lot better [in] and generate a more profound impact than, let's say, in other areas of the globe, where the respective civilization is confronted with a period of death. 
Translation by exmisa.org user No-one originally here
The style in which mr. Bivolaru speaks was preserved as much as possible, so not that the eventual mistakes and strange choices are those of mr. Bivolaru and not the translator. 

And just to throw some actually correct information out there here are a few excellent examples of the MISA/NATHA erotic business:
NATHA's own female goddess Adina Stoian can be seen here participating and probably promoting MISA's superior view of sexuality at an erotic festival in 2002. 
And the other one in which they only made a guest appearance entitled Ecstasy Water
can be found in two parts here and here
There was a website for this movie and the main actresses promoted them during an erotic festival and they even won an award (in Barcelona, 2003 the list of the award winners can be found here of best cover).
Photos from the event with MISA students promoting the movie can be found here

Links to all of the MISA porn movies can be found here

Also several (female) MISA students appear on erotic video-chat sites (they may do that also voluntarily but none of them do it for free). 

In Denmark NATHA promotes among others the Wild Venus group mentioned above as well as they did promote in the past on their official website the erotic shop Kubera. 

What's my point with this? Only this: MISA and it's branches (including prominently NATHA) is heavily involved in all sorts of erotic industry activities and have been doing that for a long time. This whole business is profitable for some people. 
This may be the official MISA dogma and general philosophy but if you do not wish to participate you still can't avoid it. Sexual liberty is one thing but forcing this strange attitude on your students is another. In MISA you don't have the option to be shy and celibate, (they say that you can be celibate and that they promote this, but even so you can't go to a MISA conference for women or men, or read a book published by MISA or even visit their official website without being flooded by erotic imagery) but in fact you don't. Or you do but you have to be old or ugly to do that. Then they only take you money and talk to you about elevated spiritual things like love and god. Bu the ultimate MISA revelation that sex = god is only revealed to those considered worthy (attractive enough). 
So yeah, the problem is not the tantra, not the yoga and not the eroticism but the fact that people are told that this and only this exaggerated over-sexualization of everything makes you a good yogi and nothing else. If you choose to be celibate you won't evolve fast enough and are an inferior yogi. 
These are mandatory if you want to be  good MISA yogi and you can't avoid this forever. 

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