About the case in India once again

On the official Satya Yoga Center website the following copy-pasta article from yogaesoteric (from 2006) appeared. 
Apparently they (the ones who have administrating privileges on the site) decided to turn this into yet another waste of server space dedicated to the same old bullshit on every other MISA run website. 

On a more important note is that I have been contacted by someone claiming to speak on behalf of the former students of Satya India and they requested that I do not recommend or post the promotional video of the Satya school mentioned a while back because they no longer wish to be associated with MISA/Satya. 
I therefore have updated this post to mention this fact and I will not post the mentioned video and I ask everyone who reads this to do the same. 
I do however recommend that if someone who has the video and the skills (which I lack) to cut out the parts with the Indian students and leave only the other silly ideas like the plan to build a pyramid, and the part where the instructors from NATHA (in their position of official representatives of the mother school) are speaking about their experiences as well as the interview with the great master. If anyone has plans to do such an edited part of the video I will recommend it, just let me know. 
Let me make it clear this has nothing to do with Indian locals who participated in the courses and  the interviews, this is still an important evidence of just how crazy the ideas of MISA/NATHA are. And I think things like this need to be out there to prevent the exact same thing to happen to others.  
Yes you were fooled by them. I was too. That's nothing to be ashamed of. At least not if you left and decided to no longer promote their ideas. 
But if you do keep promoting their ideas and telling people that silly excuse that Mihai Stoian and the great and wonderful Grieg came up with to not have to take responsibility for their own actions, namely that this is only another part in the great global Freemason/Illuminati conspiracy against them and that their twisted spirituality will triumph in the end and that you just have to keep it a secret that you are/were a part of their cult because salvation will come (in the form of a great shift in consciousness and the beginning of another great spiritual era) and then you will be rewarded for your loyalty, then I think you are still under the influence of the cult and you should seek help as soon as possible. And by help I mean a (or several) professional psychologist(s) with experience in this kind of situation. 

And if anyone, family member, friend anyone ever gives you trouble just because you were involved with them and they can't seem to understand how you could believe all this crazy stuff, just send them my way and I'll be happy to explain to them just how this cult works. 

I understand that India is a very conservative country and this is a sensitive subject but that doesn't change the fact that you were fooled. This is only partly your fault. Yes you should have doubble checked their claims and their certifications but if that is not a popular thing to do then why are people surprised? After all if being spiritual and religious is such a virtue and such things can not be questioned you as a normal person, not versed in religious texts and science, could not know the difference between a cult's "internationally certified" yoga teacher and the most respected representative of the most popular local religion. 
I'm sure there are now outraged (and possibly screaming) representative of certain churches and/or family members who are demanding punishment of the evil foreigners who came to ruin the purity of yoga in India, but who are in fact no different. At best they have different ideas and would have loved to force those on you. 
Don't let this happen. The solution is not to go from a small foreign cult into a bigger local cult. Take the lessons you've learned from this and apply it to them as well. Stay far-far away from these things and let the cult scream conspiracy and the local fanatics scream blasphemy and move on with your life. But be very careful if you ever want to join a similar group again. You now know. Next time ignorance won't be possible only if you let it. 


This week in MISA 06/24/2011

Saturday 18th of June Spiral meditations with the soul of the Romanian people and with the soul of the Hungarian people. In Bucharest the spiral is to be held in Pipera hall nr 2.
I wonder why not in the open air. They have a field in a part of Bucharest called Ferentari which would allow a lot more people than the yoga hall. No hours given.


The new cycle of subtle lies of the Truth Center (Satya Yoga Center, India)

So here's the latest cycle of the outraged and incredibly offended articles published on their own website because everyone else is malevolent and does not want to publish their official 280+ word propaganda in their paper, in typical MISA lingo. 
Cosmic Spiral Meditation mixed with other clips from other yoga schools from abroad and an unknown couple embracing each other, thus insinuating that acts of intimacy were happening during the Spiral.
And no it doesn't.

The quality of Satya Yoga Center teachings

1. The promo movie of Satya Yoga School (Important update below, please read)
Watch, listen and keep your eyes open for the bullshit. And watch out for the ambitious plans they had in India. I'm sure Mihai and his bunch is pretty pissed that their great plans were foiled (or at least put on hold). 

Update the above video is no longer available.
Second Update: I have been contacted by someone requesting that I do not post or recommend the original video because the students who appeared in it do not wish to be associated with MISA or Satya anymore and do not wish their image to be shown associating with these people. 
Let it be shown here also that I received this message on the 25th of June 2011 and from then on everyone reading this should consider that these people who were fooled by Satya Yoga Center do not wish to be a part of this whole thing, so I ask you to please respect that and leave them alone. They are victims in this case and not the perpetrators. They were used for promoting the stupid ideas of MISA/NATHA/Satya/etc and no longer wish to do so.


The same old conspiracy...

Or why bother to try to find actual facts and write about actual problems in the world when there are thousands of already written paranoid articles about the evil devil's music.

Does the problem of curable diseases killing innocent children in third world countries not bother you?
Does the fact that millions are starving while you refuse a certain piece of food just because it may be of genetically modified origin and demand that others do the same even if they are starving to death?
Are the actual problems like poverty, hunger, lack of clean fresh water, basic hygiene, shelter, love and compassion leave you untouched because you are such an advanced yogi already that you don't care about such trivial things anymore, but you are bored of the political or scientific conspiracies, which are way above your level of understanding and seem to much of a trouble to understand, then your friendly local and the only true cult MISA will provide you with bland articles or translations of articles that are superficial and stupid enough for you to understand.


This week in MISA 06/17/2011

MISA blogosphere
The MISA (- aka without) yoga the (only true and unofficial) blog of the MISA yogis recommends a movie about the evils of the gigantic pharmaceutical industry and promises a cure for cancer.

And rejoices about a certain investigation of Freemasonry (who exactly remanins a deep and ineffable mystery until you read the article).

And yet another fictional interview with a former Freemason, now turned nice person (Hey if you can say about actually documented reports about your little cult then I can call your un-sourced articles fictional as well).


This week in MISA 05/10/2011

On the 8th of June the official MISA website announced that the “simple and efficient method” will be performed until April 2012 (including April of 2012). 



To my readers form India

I see that I'm getting some traffic from India, probably because of the latest scandal with Satya Yoga Center

First of all welcome. 
Second: I recommend you first read (at least some of) the following articles to find out more about the subject. 
Feel free to quote me (but please give a link to the original post when you do so) or to comment on the blog with questions and/or personal experiences. 
You can also contact me directly. You can see my email address on your right. 

This week in MISA (06/03/2011)

Sorry for the late post, but at least you get three articles this week. 
Read up on the Bhoga case of NATHA here and the problems of being an entirely pure and spiritual organization in a spiritually decaying country like India here

Spiritual articles

NATHA and the Bhoga ashram case end (?)

NATHA/MISA apparently lost the case against mr. Kim Schmock regarding the ownership of the Bogha ashram. (Article)

Translation of original article
The case will be appealed, said Joachim Porslund Frederiksborg Amts Avis. Here he is in front of the yard. Photo: Karl Erik Frederiks
The Association Natha Yoga Center failed to prove the ownership of Ådyssegård in Vejby writes Frederiksborg Amts Avis.
The Court of Elsinore delivered Tuesday a ruling in the case in which the association has brought against one of its former members, Kim Schmock, in an attempt to get him to waive the ownership of the farm. He owns the company Bhoga Ltd., founded in 2000 and he had signed the deed on the farm. The farm has since been used by the association and the association wanted to transform the courtyard into the location of yoga courses and meditation as well as summer camps, that first became famous because of the television reportage entitled "Tea and tantrasex in Tisvilde".
During the trial the association has tried to convince the court that Kim Schock only became the owner of the farm because he acted as front man for the association. They have tried to get the court to order him to renounce his claim of the property or to give the association the option to purchase the farm for the sum of 394.000 Crowns. 
Judge Larsen ruled on Tuesday that Kim Schock is cleared of all allegations and that the association Natha Yoga Center has no option to purchase the farm.
The association's former chairman and current press officer Joachim Porslund have previously told Frederiksborg Amts Avis, that the case will be appealed if Natha is unsuccessful in district court.
Of course the representative of NATHA said that they will appeal the decision. The case has been on for years and years. Somehow the same divinely guided justice system that gave the MISA spiritual master political asylum somehow can't get it through their heads that if you were a member of the NATHA/MISA cult and you bought a property then that property is owned by NATHA/MISA and this is always done via a verbal contract and no actual written contract whatsoever. 
See also the case around the Brasov ashram, and recently some properties in Romania involving former MISA yoga teacher and vice president of the association Claudiu Trandafir. 

Interesting isn't it that MISA and it's branches keep stumbling on this kind of problem. Wonder why that is? 

The slander never ends

Or The case of the European yoga cult in the homeland of yoga India. 


Former member bashing part 2

So the second part of the verbal attack on former MISA yoga instructor Claudiu Trandafir is out on the official MISA website that only publishes articles about spirituality and is the biggest website about yoga in Romania.


Following MISA logic

Following the yogic logic presented by the (non)non-profit organization MISA we can have entirely correct and fully generalized conclusions based only on one (1 piece) photo and all phenomena has an esoteric and secret meaning that is the only true one even though it is very well explained by naturalistic means, the following image's secret esoteric meaning is crystal clear: beer is good for you and god agrees

So if god sends a rainbow that means, - and only means this, no other explanation is correct - that he/she/them is in total accordance with his/her/their opinion and is thereby supporting the action that is being performed under the said rainbow. 
If this is the case for circular rainbows that appear above MISA organized yoga camps and this validates every single action that was performed by MISA during that camp then the above picture is undeniable proof that god thinks that drinking beer is awesome and this of course means that this is the one and only recommended way of living that is appropriate for every single homo sapiens on the planet. 

Humble request to MISA fans: 
Please show exactly where the above conclusion is incorrect.