2011 MISA yoga camp materials for free

So the "big" "yoga" camp of MISA has started in Costineşti. 
To participate in this unique and very special exclusive event you have to do lots of expensive and even strange things. 

Did you ever wonder what it's all about? 

Is your MISA yoga instructor not willing to give you the necessary information beforehand? 

Are you not willing to do the strange things they ask just to satisfy your curiosity? 

Well worry no more. 

This month I will take you through the MISA camp step by step, providing you with all the topics and activities as well as the occasional additional information that might be useful if for some reason you would want to actually practice and waste your precious time with this entirely unproven and entirely fictional nonsense. 

If you like the series please comment and spread it around by spamming the very same people that spam you with the latest bs from the official MISA website or the even more annoying unofficial MISA blog. 

A few things you need to know before we start. 
In order to participate in the camp you need to send via your MISA yoga-instructor two non digital photos on "real" photographic paper in which you appear in a two piece for women one piece for men bathing suit. Along with the money that depends on if you're a student or not. It ranges from somewhere of 200 RON to almost 300 RON. 
Oh and don't forget the syphilis and HIV tests that you need to submit. But don't worry they don't have to be negative. They need to be done just to fuck with your head and make it all seem like some big important thing and that is taken seriously by the organizers. 

In order to participate in this entirely free and sometimes serious sometimes funny version you need to do only one thing: to visit this blog every day for the latest update. I'm serious. You don't need to send me any photos for me to look at your aura to see if you are worthy of this information. No you don't have to pay me money. You don't need to get a personal spiritual police to make sure you son't step out of line. You don't have to do any of that. It is actually free. If the fact that I don't take any of this seriously and don't believe that any of this is actually real bothers you that is your personal problem. You should stop reading now. Otherwise I would love your feedback and any additional information you are willing and able to provide. If it's interesting enough I'll update the post. 
This will replace the weekly "This week in MISA" type posts for the duration of the camp. If some interesting news comes up I'll add that too. 

A few notes for the MISA press office if they decide to write about this:
1. No I did not start the series on the first day because I just decided to do it, not because some paranormal spiritual pro-MISA power prevented me form doing so. And just to make it clear yes, this has everything to do with the fact that you started your precious spiritual camp. The start date is not a coincidence it is intentional and it is valid criticism of a non-profit educational organization's activity. Shady and very much not educational but intelligence decreasing and manipulative activity to be more precise. And no you are not above criticism just because it's about things dear to you as a group or as an individual student or representative of MISA, no matter how many of you there are in the world and no matter how many of those come to this camp. 
2. If there is any mistake in these posts please point them out in a civilized manner and if I see that it's valid and accurate (you can help this by providing direct evidence, just shouting LIES, INJUSTICE, DEMONS, FREEMASONS etc will not suffice) I will be more than willing to correct any information. Exception being of course the parts where I write about my personal experiences those are not up to debate. For that to be even thought of as a subject of editing you need to provide some really hard evidence. 

So let us begin.
The first four will be posted today starting form 5 PM. The August 5th post will go up tomorrow.

Read the first day's commentary here. 

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