August 17th (MISA Yoga camp commentary 2011)

Indra initiation
Sign up for the Svarga Loka initiation starts today. 

09:00 – 11:00 Special initiation in the mantra of the heavenly divine being Indra. 

The actual MISA initiation implies standing in line for a couple of hours and then going in a room one-by-one and having a random guy/gal tells you the big secret mantra, asks you to repeat it and then proceeds to pushes his/her index and middle fingers in the middle of your forehead until it hurts enough and you stand like this for about 2 minutes so that it seems like you are actually receiving something. 

Well since (as I mentioned last time) this mantra is entirely Gregorian Bivolaru's invention you can use it just like any other given in MISA, because it's just as effective. 

The mantra is: DHRAM

Spiritual activity specific for women
Esoteric Shakti Group®
And so starts the intensive tantra themed brainwashing portion if the camp. But of course MISA still only  deals in teaching yoga. 
Access is allowed only for the shakti group members, newly renamed Esoteric Shakti Group® Venus Romania. The Venus Association is the name of the also non-profit organization under which MISA organizes it's groups for women. Absolutely no recording or note taking is allowed either. They are working really hard on keeping the informations given a secret. But we already know about the ultimate goal of all the special and super-secret events geared towards men and women separately. It seems unlikely that they found something so extraordinarily revolutionary and it seems even more unlikely that they would have changed something that has worked so well for so many years. So all the paranoia and secrecy is kind of ridiculous.  

09:30 – 13:30 Special meeting of the participants of the shakti groups with the topic: The exceptional accounts of women who experienced the state of amorous ecstasy (Samadhi).
The meeting is coordinated by MISA porn and erotic star Aida Călin. She is the supposed inventor of the whole shakti groups and is (was) a big part of the MISA erotic business connection. She played in several MISA made porn movies as well as worked on several erotic video-chat sites for enhancing her femininity and the glorious spiritual mission of MISA to raise the spiritual level of humanity. 
She also is a MISA yoga instructor as well as the current coordinator (again note not teacher or something similar) of the main Shakti group in Bucharest. She also has her own room in the famous MISA female guests's villa. She holds special lectures for the women of the villa about among other things erotic massage and other exclusively sex-based topics. 
She also is a member of the judge panel of the Miss Shakti contest, MISA's beauty contest. 
When not the star shakti of MISA during the summer she holds really expensive (for an ordinary woman with no qualifications to do so) workshops for women that are a watered down version of the Shakti groups. 

Afternoon program
14:00 – 14:30 Exemplification: The ineffable state of deep communion with the intimate nature of Indra

Indra initiation
Laya yoga meditation followed by accounts from the participants.
Again with the cultish behavior. It might seem that I'm obsessing with this, but other than an obvious attempt to force people into shutting up about not hearing the mantra and not have a spiritual state and encouraging the automatic repetition of other's accounts I can't see any legitimate reasons for this. 
The mantra with the Laya yoga method is supposed to be ultimate way to know the god in question, then why is there a need for this confessional? And why is it forced on the participants? If this gets a stamp on the ID and a certain number of stamps are necessary to participate in the next round (the Svarga Loka mantra initiation) then this is compulsory and not ok. And highly manipulative. 

14:00 – 14:30 Exemplification: The ineffable state of communion with the intimate nature of Indra. 

14:45 – 15:45 Special meditation: Meditation with the secret mantra of Indra. 

15:50 – 16:20 Accounts. 
Again the confessional and of course it will be recorded for the future. Just like all those HIV and syphilis tests are necessary for the future too. 

The „Miss Shakti- Costineşti 2011” contest
First evening of the beauty contest. 
Luckily only people over 18 are allowed to enter, but there's the drawback of this being a tantric/yoga based cult's beauty contest: the secrecy and the interdiction to talk about what goes on during the contest makes those who can not get in even more curious and even more prone to become more and more brainwashed as they advance during their years in MISA. 
The problem is that MISA has many underage students who do participate in the camp. I have talked to one particular girl that told me with sadness that she can not come to the Shakti contest because she's not 18 yet and she can't wait to be able to do so. Yes this is just one example but if MISA does have hundreds of thousands of students like they claim then this number should be high. And that's dangerous. 

Access is done in sections: until 19:30, and then the doors are closed and no one is allowed to enter until  20:15 – 22:00 and then again after 22:30.
The Shakti contest events usually last until late in the night or early morning. 

19:30 – 20:15 The spiritual integration of the „Miss Shakti- Costineşti 2011” contest-show
Access is not allowed during this period. 
This is a part of the magical thinking popular in MISA. Not special select people can't enter because they might pollute the place with their bad, not adequate resonances. As far as I know a special imagination technique is performed and nothing else. Everyone is made feel special and that's the whole purpose. 

20:20 – 21:50 The „Miss Shakti- Costineşti 2011” contest
The first evening's program is to present all the girls by each of them going on the (ridiculously kitsch) stage and saying their name, year of yoga, city of yoga, zodiac sign, ascendant and something called Nitya that is for some reason an important superstition to determine how good of a shakti someone is (the purpose of the contest). Because the random arrangement of random objects in space at the time a random carbon based life on a random piece of rock floating around in space is such a good determinant of exactly how much of a channel for the creating power of the god that created everything you are. Makes perfect sense. 
I wonder how that was discovered? See also
Typical Miss Shakti stage

And as a bonus here are some retro images of past contests to give you a taste of what goes on. 
View form the back of the stage

The whole thing is now covered up so you wouldn't have such a good view from the neighboring building. 

And this is approximately how the first days event looks except that now the participants are now dressed,  typically in an extra small red bikini during the first event. So I guess the quality of the contest has really went downs since those glorious first years. 

The bikini looks exactly like this one taken from the official MISA website yogaesoteric and is probably provided by the organizers because all of them look the same. 
And no, not all the contestants look like that. But this you have to give to MISA they do not discriminate based on the waist circumference of the participants. But on the other hand I know of no Miss winner who wouldn't be able to go in the modeling business afterwards. So .....

And for a start I also recommend you read this, Sarshi's (another former female MISA yogi's) recollection of the event who actually participated in this first stage. 

22:00 – 22:30 Exemplification: The mystery of the eternal feminine. 

22:35 – 01:00 The „Miss Shakti- Costineşti 2011” contest – continued

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