August 13th (MISA Yoga camp commentary 2011)

Spiritual activity
Kalachakra spiritual group 1. Wikipedia article for Kalachakra
Access is based on camp pass and yoga course ID. Access sis allowed only for those from the 9-22 years of yoga. 
So this is another classic in MISA camps. Not only is the camp exclusive to MISA students there are even more exclusive groups for which you have to be in a certain yoga year to be able to participate. 

08:00 – 12:00 Kalachakra spiritual group meeting: Spiritual ceremony for invoking the divine grace of the king of the world from Shambala and of the main deities from the Kalachakra Tantra tradition for peace and planetary spiritualization.  
Remmeber the other day the news report in which a MISA student told the news reporters that yoga is not a religion. Sure here is yet another wonderful example of exactly what kind of beliefs MISA students have. Sure maybe not all of them but those who participate in this celebration should believe this (very incompatible with their starting point Christianity) otherwise their hypocrites. 

And I wonder if this is the inspiration for the spiritual group and the celebration for (not of but for!) peace. Personally I've never seen this in any camp program (those I've participated in and those I have not) and considering that MISA almost never has original ideas but rather copies what has been proven to work for other newage group. 

And since we're on the subject Buddhism you might also want to read this article by author Sam Harris. And maybe this article on wikipedia. 

Romantic Trance initiation
Duration 7 hours 4 minutes
Those who have less than 15 stamps on their ID need to participate. And interestingly the 15th stamp is specified as being red. Wonder why? Or is this just some random thing? 

08:00 – 12:15 Rehearing the conference by Gregorian Bivolaru with the topic: The mysteries of the beneficial states of trance that are consciously induced part 5.

12:30 – 13:00 Exemplification: The state of communion with the infinite mind of god (Maha Ajna Chakra)
I recommend you watch the below video about thinking instead of trying to connect to an infinite mind of an imaginary being.

13:05 – 13:50 Audio continued.

14:00 – 14:30 Exemplification: Clear and firm spiritual invocation in out interior universe of the presence of the archangel Uriel

14:35 – 16:40 Audio continued.

Alternative afternoon program
12:30 – 13:00 Exemplification: The state of communion with the infinite mind of god (Maha Ajna Chakra)

13:05 – 13:25 Laya yoga meditation with the mantra of Matangi. 

13:35 – 13:55 Presentation by Gregorian Bivolaru titled: Archangel Uriel – The archangel of the mysterious light of god. Audio. 

14:00 – 14:30 Exemplification: Clear and firm spiritual invocation in out interior universe of the presence of the archangel Uriel

Exceptional spiritual program for the occasion of the meditation in yang spiral®
Meditation in yang spiral with the induction of the state of spiritual liberation through divine miracle 1. 

17:00 – 18:00 Entering the zodiac lines
18:00 – 19:00 Forming the spiral
A special note is made that a vortex will form during the spiral. 
Here's a good article about a vortex investigation. And the definition form wikipedia. As well as the disambiguation of the term vortex. 
I also recommend this episode of Penn and Teller's Bullshit! a wonderful entertaining show that talks about vortices. 
19:00 – 20:45 Meditation. 
21:00 – 21:30 Exemplification: The state of deep communion with the subtle energy of the complete, deep and unmatched wisdom of god
This is another MISA tradition: the meditation after the spiral. The meditation takes place with people holding hands and after the end of the spiral meditation you can let go and there is a 15 minute break during which people who do not wish to participate in the events after the spiral can leave. After this the evening meditation (or occasional other event) starts. Not everyone stays for the evening meditation. 

If you do not leave in this time frame you are not allowed to do anything else until the thirty minute meditation is over. No talking, no moving, no nothing. Any not allowed action is considered "disturbing the others" and is punished by taking away your camp pass. 
Which you can only get back if you do a few days of karma yoga (the logic there being that you need to burn this karma, but if we think this further this would mean that the karma yogis who are there willingly are doing some form of punishment themselves and they need to burn karma). 
But of course if they would ask for money for every little stupid thing no one would participate in the camp or there would be too much complaining. This for some reason is considered normal.

There are members of the so called order team (the camp security made up of karma yogis) in the spiral and around the spiral to make sure you respect the rules. 
And yes the spiral form is maintained during this meditation as well. If there's a difference between :
1. sitting around in spiral form not holding hands  
2. sitting around in spiral form and holding hands  
3. standing while in spiral form and holding hands  
4. standing while in spiral form and not holding hands
it was never explained (at least not to me) in MISA and not in the least proven by the supposed inventor(s) of the spiral meditation® technique. Why is only option 3 the right one? I guess it's an ineffable divine mystery like the rest of the things MISA claims. 

Oh and other groups hold events like these too. 
They are just not as dictatorial about it as MISA. 
And have not copyrighted the name. 
For example. Or

Spiritual activities
Conference field
23:00 – 01:00 Viewing

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