August 22nd (MISA Yoga camp commentary 2011)

Indra initiation
Conference Svarga Loka part 4 of 6. Duration 6 hours.
10 stamps required. No notes or recordings allowed.

07:45 – 13:45 Re-hearing the conference by Gregorian Bivolaru, with the topic: Svarga Loka – The realm of spiritual divine godly beings part 4.

14:00 – 14:30 Exemplification: Profound spiritual communion with the King of the World from Shambala.
The irony of objecting left and right to the "new world order" and "one world government" etc and at the same time doing meditations to come into communion with something called "the king of the world" somehow seems so pass over MISA and it's students year after year without leaving a mark.
Oh the irony the irony.

Activities with international participation
Special Ayurveda activity part 4. 
Access is based on camp pass and "special ayurveda ID".

08:30 – 11:00 International preparatory meeting of the ayurveda lecturers, coordinated by Andrei Gămulea and Aurora Nicolae

Afternoon program
11:45 – 13:45 Conference by yoga instructor Grace Ambăruş titled: Shambala the spiritual center of the planet that protects and guides humanity and the planet Earth
Oh the other nice and cult like thing is to give the disciple a new name. Grace Ambăruş formerley know as Gabriela Ambăruş is (was?) the vice-president of the MISA association. I wrote about her before here.

14:00 – 14:30 Exemplification: Profound spiritual communion with the King of the World from Shambala.

14:35 – 16:40 New conference by Gregorian Bivolaru, titled: Some initiatic esoteric aspects of the symbolism of fire part 1. Duration 2 hours 5 minutes.
Translation: some but not all, because I want to seem like I know everything but I'm really lazy and just googled this up an hour ago and I just rambled for a few hours about every stupid thing that pops in my mind and you should feel endless gratitude towards me because I'm the master and you are my sheep.

Miss Shakti Contest 
The fourth evening of the contest. Access is like the night before.
17:50 – 18:35 Spiritual integration of the „Miss Shakti-Costineşti 2011” Contest
Access is not allowed during this period.

18:40 – 21:40 „Miss Shakti-Costineşti 2011” Contest
21:40 – 21:56 Presentation by Gregorian Bivolaru  titled: God's attribute of divine intention (audio recording)

22:00 – 22:30 Exemplification: Intense, ample and profound conscientization of the subtle, sublime and mysterious energy of god's attribute of divine intention

There is a test in the Miss Shakti contest during which the participants, or aspirants to the state of Shakti as they are referred to in the cult, have to choose an object from a a selection of objects on stage and they have to "use it in an unconventional manner". This is done with a very spiritual aka sensual soundtrack playing. The goal of course is to use the chosen object as a sex toy and of course use it in the most sensual and erotic fashion possible. At least I never saw any of the aspirants to the state of Shakti to use any of the objects in a creative, useful manner that would actually be a creative use of the object. The purpose is to play with it like a sex toy and turn on the audience and the master who will personally watch the video recordings of the contest.
Oh did you know that? The entire contest is recorded and sent to the master residing in a(n) mysterious unknown place.

The entire event is interrupted by "artistic moments" or by the meditations.

22:35 – 01:00 „Miss Shakti-Costineşti 2011” Contest - continued

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