August 6th (MISA Yoga camp commentary 2011)

Now finally the fun stuff starts. First up there's the big event that was so unique that you needed to participate the very first year because who knows when the master will decide in his divine wisdom to allow this exceptional initiation again. 
In the first year none of the events went as planned. There were horribly long conferences on the topic. And when I say long I mean a minimum of 12 hours long conferences that contained about 2 hours of actual material read out loud by the great master himself in a very ragged out manner, accentuating every other word even if it was not necessary to do so. Incredibly boring. 
The conferences were supposed to last only until the end of August but they managed to drag it out until the very last day in September. The purpose of this in my opinion was to select only those who were truly dedicated to the cult and had no life to g back to. 
Oh and did I mention that this was the first initiation that you had to pay separately for? 
So not only did you have to pay for 11 months of yoga classes, the HIV and syphilis tests and the camp fee you had to pay for this separately. And then there were the special plant mixtures that you could buy, also for a rather huge price. And the recipe is a big secret to this day, so that only the official one can be bought so that the money goes in the right pocket. But of course MISA is not a cult. MISA only acts like a cult on every level. 
Since ten they have put the CD with the pre-recorded message from the master on various times and by this time all of the disciples should have listened to it. Exception of course is the newcomers. I'm assuming these are for them only. 

So first you need to sign up for the trance initiation at the headquarters. According to the official announcement those who were not allowed back in 2007 and 2008 can also try again. It is also specified that the forms can only be completed personally in the headquarters. 
I don't really remember anymore what that form contained I just remember that you had to have a separate picture for this that was put aside along with your completed form. Why all the bureaucracy I wonder. Couldn't they tell form the picture alone that someone will not practice it so he/she is not worthy of it? Or that someone will make the super-secret technique known publicly? 
Because that's what happened. And that's what all this fuss is supposed to have prevented. Now they don't allow anyone to take any notes at the big initiation, but please. If half of what you claim is true you should not need this dear advanced yogis. 

Oh well. Here's the entire trance initiation and technique in Romanian. Sorry I have no time to translate that too. If someone volunteers I'll be happy to post it. 

14:00 – 14:30  Exemplification: Spiritual evocation in Akasha and meditation over the moment of the transfiguration of Jesus. 

Again need I point out that according to MISA doctrine if you can see in the Akasha chronicles you can see past and future with the same amount of ease. Then how the hell can't you do what I suggested above? Or the million other things that you could use this power to do. Ever considered that a good imagination isn't equal to actual knowledge?

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21:00 – 21:30  Exemplification: The state of divine altruism. 
Again I can't wait for the abundance of altruism that will result after this and considering that about half of the population of Romania is a MISA yogi the effects will be amazing. 
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Spiritual activities
22:00 – 23:30  Movie evening.

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