August 27th (MISA Yoga camp commentary 2011)

Special spiritual activity specific for men
Esoteric Vira® Group (2)
Access is as the previous event. 
08:00 – 12:00 International meeting of the Esoteric Vira® Group Mahavira Ananda

Afternoon spiritual program
14:00 – 14:30 Exemplification: The revelation of Shiva's transcendental manifestation

And here comes the most famous event of the camp and MISA: the annual hiatus moment spiral followed by the collective prayer to god. 
This is probably going to receive some press so look forward to that in the future, but don't expect any big nuisance.  

20:30 – 21:30 Entering the zodiac lines
21:30 – 23:57 Forming the spiral
23:57 – 01:57 Meditation in Yang Spiral®, supported in a subtle-telepathic manner by Grieg. Exceptional yang spiral  with the occasion of the annual hiatus moment. The moment in question is 00:57. 
The fun fact of this is that this has been calculated wrong in the past. So that's not a sure thing. 
Further (propaganda) reading about this "special" moment (Romanian).

02:15 – 03:15 Collective prayer to god the father. 
Again the participants need to fast before the spiral starting from the 27th of August 18:00 until the collective prayer is over on the 28th of August at 03.15. 

And here comes the crazy: 

03:15 – 03:30  During the 15 minute break those who "have already decided to answer with a firm NO to the question that the extraterrestrial beings have formulated". Sure, no manipulation there. No peer pressure there. Also no evidence either. 
The first time this firm YES (sic!) was uttered by thousands of yogis the program and the presentations promised that a literal space ship will literally appear on the sky above the spiral and bring the extraterrestrial saviors of humanity and solve all our problems. Well can you guess what happened? And can you guess if the participants of that spiral went on to say this was stupid and I was an idiot for believing this based on an internet text and because "Grieg said" it's authentic? 

03:30 – 04:05 Expression in unison by the biggest group of people (compared to what?), through their  individual free will of a clear, firm and determined YES to this extraterrestrial civilization who transmitted this referendum-message to appear on the sky or Earth to help like it is specified in this message the entire human race. 
See I told you. They still are claiming this. Even though this has not happened ever since 2008. 

04:15 – 04:45 Exemplification: The state of meditative communion with the top representatives (not any low representative either, but the top representatives) of the Supreme Council of Cosmic Brotherhood (no that's not a typo, and no it's not form a sci-fi movie, they are serious about this, and of course they completely ignore how much this sounds like a Freemason group). 

I love how much these extraterrestrials are like the gods they believe in: invisible and even though they promise thousands of times that they will surely appear and give a precise method by which they can be contacted which when is performed gives 0 of the promised results. Interesting. 
They should just rename these to "The state of deep spiritual communion with the great yogi and philosopher P. T. Barnum"

05:00 – 05:30 Exemplification: Being aware of the spiritual transformations that appear in our being through the special pyramid effect. 
Wow, too bad the pyramid effect is bs. It was even on Mythbusters and was busted. 

05:35 – 08:00 A new (mystery) conference by Gregorian Bivolaru. 

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