August 3rd (MISA Yoga camp commentary 2011)

14:00 – 14:30  Exemplification: Evocing and communion with the great yogi Lahiri Mahasaya
Wikipedia article about Lahiri Mahasaya. MISA version
These sort of meditations are classic and are part of each years program. That's until the really important things like the annual special initiation starts. Then that's the focus and meditations like these appear no more in the program. 

21:00 – 21:30  Exemplification: An intense and striking state of self confidence that allows the manifestation of a state of euphoric spontaneity. 
Notice the use of certain keywords like mysterious, intense and almost anything that has a positive connotations for the MISA yogi. Sometimes I got the impression that they just wrote down all these words on pieces of paper, threw them in a hat and picked out a certain number of them and arranged them until it made some sense and sounded spiritual enough. Not to mention the fact that in the case of this meditation the catering to the ego of the disciples is rather strange form a spiritual school and in a spiritual camp. 
Romanian language presentation on the official MISA site

Spiritual activities
22:00 – 23:30  Another movie evening. See yesterdays program for what that's about.

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