This week in MISA 08/05/2011

I't that time of the year.

The most important event in the (MISA) year has started in Costineşti: the annual (MISA exclusive) yoga camp.
I recommend you read my past posts about the topic of MISA an it's "yoga camps" here and here as well as watch the excellent documentary here if you haven't already.
You might also want to check out my day-to-day posts about the event entitled MISA Yoga camp commentary 2011. I'll be posting daily about the events of the camp. It's not like a report form location but it's more like a commentary about the ideas presented. When the eventual news reports about the camp pop up I'll post a link to those as well.

This year's topic is "The Revealed Mystery of the Divine Attributes" and the camp's patron saint is Matangi. She seems to come up many times as a patron saint of these camps, doesn't she?
The "governing cosmic power" of the camps is supposedly chosen by random selection, but hey who knows, since that selection is super secret I for one will not trust them with doing an honest random selection. I mean did they ever have a camp with governing cosmic power Dhumavati the old lady and widow?
An while we're at the topic of divine attributes I wonder if this will come up in any of the very "important" and very "scholarly" "lectures" by the greatest master in the universe
Click to see it larger. 
In case you can't read the small annotation at the bottom and don't know what theodicy is, it says:
An explanation for how God can have those 3 qualities while there is suffering in the world. 
Also wikipedia.

And big news: finally I have been given the proper respect by the organizers of the camp. My name has been featured prominently in the first weeks program. 
They finally made the great revelation that I am the one that is responsible for the most important part of their spiritual evolution and that only I am the one that gives the advanced and true spiritual seeker authentic, superior revelations that reveal (of course) the true source of spiritual life to them. Yes it is true, I do give spiritual gifts to those that follow me (on blogger, twitter and facebook... not really) namely that MISA is a cult and you should stay far-far away from them. 
The results of which are access to higher state of consciousness (of the truth), superior visions (of truth) and especially states of spiritual enlightenment that are profoundly transforming and after which you will no longer consider MISA the greatest spiritual school in the universe. 

The program of the first four days of the camp in Romanian is here. And a special explanation of the meditations here
And since there is a meditation with the topic of the source of spiritual life that sounds so much like the spring of spiritual life in Romanian (Starea de comuniune profundă cu Izvorul cel tainic al Vieţii spirituale) here's a little video about using the river metaphor for god and spirituality. 

Until next week that is the topic of your spiritual practice. Contemplate this and make sure to note all the spiritual revelations you receive during this blessed period. 
I know it is not an easy thing to understand but trust me you will be rewarded multiple times if you do so (Of course rewarded not by me, because pretending that you have some special power to punish or reward people if they do or don't do as you want is silly).

In other news
Or better yet, lack thereof: MISA officials still haven't responded to the tv report in which the two former members spoke out against MISA and it's practices. You can see them here with an English subtitle. 
I wonder why? They did have those horrible Freemason-symbolic masks on. In other cases the're more than eager to jump on any small article that appears about them in the most remote local newspaper and write whole series of articles about it on their official website. Why not now? Too busy with preparing the camp? 

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