August 8th (MISA Yoga camp commentary 2011)

12:30 – 13:00 Exemplification: Meditation upon the states of profound inspiration that appear when we are faced with godly synchronicity phenomena. 

13:05 – 13:25  Meditation: Laya yoga with the mantra of the great cosmic power Matangi. 
Now that's just lazy. But seriously, this is another classic: the main meditation of the day (the one around noon) is always a meditation with the patron cosmic power of the camp. Why? It was never explained neither in the written program that the participants get, neither in the presentation of the meditation. But why bother with making sense when the whole point is to feel and to feel good and to stop thinking.

And the strange part of the meditation is that those who have the initiation in the mantra of Matangi (that is given in MISA, which by the way is AIM) have according to MISA doctrine the most superior form of the technique and they should be able to do this in silence while the meditation that is held in the camp is always with the cosmic power's music (supposedly chosen by the master based on the appropriate resonances in the song, but never actually composed by the master or any of his advanced disciples who are musicians). How is that supposed to work?
Now the problem is that the mantra is given in a pretty high year and so many people need to do the meditation in another way in order to be able to access the subtle field of the cosmic power in question (hey it's their beliefs not mine, don't ask me to make sense of this) so the organizers provide them with the (also according to MISA doctrine) the least they could do: the least effective way of resonating with a form of god: the meditation with music.

According to MISA doctrine the effectiveness (don't ask me how they know this I wasn't provided  any proof either) of meditation techniques is as follows ranging from least effective to most effective:
1. meditation with the appropriate music chosen by a truly and fully enlightened master - least effective
2. meditation in silence with a yantra (in the case of Matangi it's this) - medium efficiency
3. meditation with a yantra and music - more efficient
4. meditation in silence with the only true and authentic and most effective (and the only one) root (Bija) mantra that is given in MISA - most effective

So if we look at all these possible configurations we can see that the method used in the camps is the least effective one, and not only that but if someone has the initiation he/she is better off staying home (or at the hotel/house he/she is staying at) and do it there. If the spherical subtle field that was generated on the first day encompasses only the town of Costineşti they still should do this.
And what does happen in the camps? Well according to my (very subjective) observations significantly fewer people come to these meditations than to any other event.
Now this could mean either of two things: either they do what I said above for the above mentioned reasons and hence good or they don't go to the meditation in the official location and don't do the meditation either and rather do something else. Like go to the beach or do one of their endless tapas-es or some other thing. In which case bad. Bad form a MISA-spiritual perspective, the rational decision otherwise.
Anyway in my opinion this type of meditation is geared towards the yogis in the lower years who are given the impression that they are somehow getting more in resonance with the cosmic power by participating in the meditation in this format (you know because of the special spherical subtle field that is generated, what they don't have at home during the rest of the year), while they are actually using the least effective method.
This solution has always struck me as a strange way to cater to the most common denominator among the advanced yogis of the greatest cult spiritual school in Europe.

13:35 – 13:56 Something called an "account made by Gregorian Bivolaru yoga teacher (not really) entitled: The archangel Metatron - The archangel of god's face" and it's going to be an audio recording. So it was recorded beforehand. Well at least the participants don't have to wait 12-48 hours at a time, trapped in a hot during the day, cold during the night tent with no food and no water like they did in the case of the trance initiation.

Ok so while we're at the topic of Metatron here's the wikipedia article for (him? her?) it. And I recommend you watch this video (along with the movie it's taken from):

14:00 – 14:30 Exemplification: Spiritual evocation in our interior universe in a clear and firm manner of the divine presence of the archangel Metatron. 

Special program
Spiral with the patriotic topic of communion with the soul of the Romanian people.
The first spiral of the camp. The news usually reports about this and the biggest spiral (not necessarily) the hiatus spiral. 
Remember this year the spiral ID is enough to participate so if you have one of those go ahead and participate, see what it's about. 
Oh and I agree fully with this because it made absolute no sense that anyone who wants to participate in the spirals should be able to do so. After all it's  held in an empty field and there is absolutely nothing there that would necessitate the participation in the camp. They don't actually give anything other than a well known music played really loud and ground to stand on. That's it. That does not necessitate paying (aprox) 50 RON for a 24 hour pass.

18:00 – 19:00  Entering the zodiac lines
19:00 – 20:00  Forming the spiral
20:00 – 20:45  Meditation in Yang Spiral®, supported in a subtle-telepathic manner by Grieg. 

21:00 – 21:30  Exemplification: The state of supra-mental intelligence.
Interesting that all those years of super mental (joke) intelligence meditations and all those promises of developing the student's intelligence via the 100% effective yoga techniques taught in MISA and yet there are still people in MISA who believe any old stupid superstition or crazy conspiracy theory just because it was declared by the master or some other nut on the internet. Well at least we can be sure of one thing the word intelligence in the MISA dictionary isn't the same as the word intelligence in any other non-cult-double-speak dictionary. 

Spiritual activities
23:15 – 01:00  Movie evening. This is a part of the program the whole camp through. Each day ends with a movie night. Exception being the cases when for example the special women's conference or men's conference or the mixed conference is going on which usually lasts until early next morning (and which features porn movies) or when the Miss contest goes back to back with the years special initiation and the program is 24 hours non-stop. 

"A series" viewing (1 out of 10)
It is held in the blue hall and I have no idea what that would mean but hey. If it's just another movie evening this is really a ridiculous attempt to make it sound more important than it actually is. And what if you already saw the movie on your own? I wonder if this formalizing of the most informal part of the camp the late night movie watching means that the same rule applies as for the special initiations where you can't leave once the doors are closed because you won't be able to participate in the next part of the initiation.
I'm not exagerating. The movies they use dto show were mostly some obscure Indian bollywood movie or some 20+ years old movie that anyone could have seen on the tv at any time during the year and many of the people have. Some people just came in to see what movie it was and then left (because of course the program of the camp didn't contain the title of the movie that was beign shown each evening, it was a surprise and a secret. That's another MISA obsession: to keep the most trivial things a big secret because that makes them somehow special).

"B series "of viewing (1 out of 10)
This is in a place called white hall with columns. If anyone has any idea where this is please let me know in the comments.
The event starts at 00:00 – 03:00.
There is a special pass that you have to have in order to see these movies. Well if it's the case of pirated or recorded from the tv movies then this is an actual crime, bu tin case it's some special screening of MISA made movies then I'm all for it. Depends on how they select the people who get the special pass for this special viewing. And I really hope that they do show their very own spiritual porn movies.

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