August 18th (MISA Yoga camp commentary 2011)

Indra initiation
Confrence: Svarga Loka part 1 of 6. Duration: 5 hours 15 minutes. 
You need 7 stamps on your Indra ID to get in. 
At the end of this series another (again most likely fictional) mantra is given, which you can also see get here for free. This initiation from my part is just as effective as the one given in MISA, minus the boring several hours long speeches about everything but the topic, and minus the money, and the oath you need to take for MISA.
The oath meaning to swear that you do not divulge the (worthless) secret of this great initiation. This is very important for MISA. Just like for the Freemasons they "fight" so so "hard".

I'll write up the mantra in nice bold letters the day the MISA imitation is happening and you have my permission to pass it on as much as you like. 

If not, here's a challenge for you MISA:

prove to me that your method is right and this is wrong.
Prove to me that anyone in MISA has had a genuine initiation from a genuine lineage who's founder had a genuine connection to an existing deity form this place you call Svarga Loka and that this mantra can be passed on only in this way. 
Prove me this and I'll be happy to remove the mantra form the site. 

08:15 – 13:30 Conference by Gregorian Bivolaru, with the topic: Svarga Loka – The spiritual realm of divine godly beings par 1. 

Activities with international participation
Special Ayurveda activity part 1. 
Access is based on camp pass and "special ayurveda ID". 

08:30 – 11:00 International meeting of the ayurveda lecturers, coordinated by Andrei Gămulea and Aurora Nicolae
And I'm assuming hammering on the international part is there to give the event some very undeserved credit and air of authenticity, considering that no one outside of the cult can even enter this event. 

In case you are not familiar with what this is, the ayurveda courses are supposed to be based on ancient Indian medicine (which nowdays can be reffered to as alternative medicine) and this is the supposed method by which MISA claims to heal every disease known and not known (not to mention non existing) during the time this system was developed centuries ago. 
The sad (or scary part, depends on your point of view) about this is that MISA has actual medical doctors in on the scheme. Doctors who should know better than to allow dubious practices based on the bullshit of astrology and long debunked hypotheses like the doshas that this bs system promotes inside MISA.
Being the nice little cult that they are the ayurveda lecturers (who don't actually have a school, with exams or propper training but call themselves lecturers because that sounds nice) have their own little subculture in MISA.
During the Costineşti camp they have a medical cabinet open where the participants of the camp can go and have ayurvedic examination and treatment by these people. 
The whole ayurveda classes are centered arround some really boring and really fictional courses written by anonymus authors that are exactly like the yoga courses and of course have 0 sources cited and 0 peer reviewed or experimental evidence backing them up. 
These mainly center around legends presneted in the courses and "taking plants" by putting a powdered plant under your tongue and keeping it there for a certain amount of time while listening to music (this sometimes is optional). This is the great and unique MSIA revelation regarding health. 
Gregorian Bivolaru is of course supposed to be the greatest ayurveda master in MISA and his adivce is considered to be the supreme one and many disciples follow it, supposedly up until their death

Now you might say this is all nice and what is wrong with this? They believe these things and it seems to work for them, so what's wrong with that?
To that I say: it's all nice until the point you actually get sick. I mean really sick. Not just some imagined and consciously induced problem  by the people running the cult like the occasional demon possession, or bad feeling or some undefined uncomfortable feeling etc., for which the bs that MISA promotes is a pretty good cure since they themselves have created the problem. But when it comes to actual diseases or problems that need actual intervention not just listening to nice music, chewing on some plants and imagining that you are getting better.
There's an entire Topic (Romanian) on exmisa.org about the known cases of people (sometimes VIPs) from MISA who died of cancer. 
Now a little help is never bad, and I'm not saying that all of alternative treatments are bad, but MISA also promotes the crazy conspiracy idea that all (and this time I do mean all) of scientifically tested, and retested medicine is bad. All of it. No exception. 
This would be ok if they could keep their promise of perfect health that is on their poster with which they advertise their yoga and ayurveda courses. Instead all they do is bash actual proven treatments and offer an untested and sometimes proven to be not effective (example) or even outright dangerous treatments. And people in the cult are dying sometimes in great pain and with much suffering. 
If this does not seem wrong to you then I can't really say anything. 

Oh and let's not forget the fact that not only do they (with the lead of the spiritual school's enlightened master) let you die but they go on to call you names and declare you persona non grata and enemy of the school after you die. And say that you got sick of cancer because you dared to express dissagreement with the infallible Gregorian "Magnus Aurolsson" "Grieg" "Scumpi" Bivolaru. Like they did in the case of Monica Ceşa
If this seems spiritual, and seems to be an organization worth joining then there's something seriously wrong with people. 

Afternoon spiritual program
11:30 – 13:45 Conference by Gregorian Bivolaru, titled: About stupidity part 1. Duration 2 hours 15 minutes. 

14:00 – 14:30 Exemplification: Evocation and profound spiritual communion with the great yogi Sri Aurobindo

14:40 – 16:20 Conference by yoga instructor Marin Ion, titled: Detachment in love
Now I've never heard of this guy, and I've never heard this talk he is about to give, but knowing what those two code words mean in MISA lingo I'm assuming that the moral of the whole thing will be: it's ok to have multiple partners even if the other half of the spiritual couple you are in doesn't know about it. And if he/she finds out then it's exclusively his/her karma aka fault and it's exclusively his/her problem to deal with. You have the divine excuse of detachment to use in order to run away from taking responsibility fro your own actions.
So basically if you are not familiar with what in MISA is named tantra it's basically this: the main rule is to have as much sex as possible with as many people as possible. If you are in a romantic relationship and your partner does not want to open up your relationship to allow as many spiritual aspirants to the ecstasy of tantra as possible, all you have to do is keep it a secret form him/her. You can still let everyone els know about it in the cult. And since MISA already trains it's members to be such good secret keppers this should not be a problem. MISA is the cheating bastard/bitch's heaven.
If feelings are (rightfully) hurt then the excuse is that the person who was hurt is to blame (blame the victim) because of his/her bad karma. And or his/her exacerbated ego. That's the one hurting him/her and not the tantric aspirants cheating. No. People on the divine path of tantra (and especially in MISA, the ultimate tantric path) are never ever wrong. Who doesn't see this type of behavior as something divine, transfigurating and something to aspire to, then there is something wrong with that person. Never the disciple of MISA.
If you understand Romanian I recommend you read Arwen's wonderful piece on the topic. She presents it far better then I ever could. Plus she's speaking from experience. 

Miss Shakti Contest 
Second evening of the contest. 
Entrance is until 19:30, and continued from 20:15 – 22:00 and again after 22:30.

19:30 – 20:15 The spritual integration of the „Miss Shakti-Costineşti 2011” Contest
During this time access is not allowed. 

20:20 – 21:50 „Miss Shakti Costineşti 2011” Contest

22:00 – 22:30 Exemplification: The superior state of spiritual authority which is born of an endless love state

22:35 – 01:00 „Miss Shakti Costineşti 2011” Contest – continued
After this event the number of girls is greatly reduced based on (you guessed it) profoundly mysterious criteria. The number of points are announced at the end of the evening but the criteria by which the judges award those points (and since we're at it the criteria base don which the judges themselves are chosen) is a deep and dark mystery.

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