August 20th (MISA Yoga camp commentary 2011)

Indra initiation
Conference: Svarga Loka (part 3 of 6). Duration 3 hours. 
9 stamps needed. 

10:30 – 13:30 Conference (re-audition) by Gregorian Bivolaru with the topic: Svarga Loka – The realm of spiritual divine godly beings (3)

Activities with international participation
Special Ayurveda activity part 3. 
Access is based on camp pass and "special ayurveda ID". 

08:00 – 10:15 International preparatory meeting of the ayurveda lecturers, coordinated by Andrei Gămulea and Aurora Nicolae

Alternative afternoon program
10:30 – 12:45 Conference (re-audition) by Gregorian Bivolaru, titled: About stupidity part 3 (duration 2 hours 15 minutes)

13:00 – 13:30 Exemplification: The state of deep communion with the subtle energy of god's will, total, enigmatic, omnipotent and without equal. 

14:00 – 14:30 Exemplification: The state of deep spiritual communion with the great yogi and philosopher Dattatreya

Miss Shakti Contest 
The third evening of the contest. Entrance is as before. 
If I remember correctly this is about the time where the very (stupid) and uniquely spiritual test of "asking stupid questions" comes. They are mostly wordplay and sexual innuendo. Not much fun is to be had for foreigners. Sorry. But this is somehow considered a valid spiritual test during the most spiritual contest for women on the planet organized by a non-profit organization with educational goals. Sure. 
Not only that but MISA also promises to increase intelligence with ancient and 100% authentic (MISA lingo for proven to work, actually meaning "I believe it and if you don't believe based only on my personal delusion, you're demonic") yogic methods. 
For such an organization, with such goals and during such an event to force adult, presumably intelligent women to answer incredibly stupid and demeaning questions is either weird or makes perfect sense for a cult. 
The questions are according to the official MISA propaganda are meant to test the participant's lateral thinking. Well not really. This is not lateral thinking. That's something entirely different. The point of lateral thinking is not to ask and answer weird questions in the most funny and most sexually filled manner possible. 
But of course you need an open mind to understand the difference between weird and creative. Something not encouraged in a cult. Because heaven forbid you might get the blasphemous lateral though: maybe I'm in a cult. 

Sample questions: 
What does the Lord of the Rings do with a bracelet? 
How do the cardinal points make love?
What does a telephone think of telepathy? 
Two Chinese sticks meet a spoon. How do they great each other?
What does a zebra do on a crosswalk/zebra crossing? (Sounds weird doesn't it? This is an example of wordplay that does not translate well to other languages. In Romanian the word for the animal zebra and the crosswalk is the same, but zebra crossing sounds strange, at least to me. And besides the obvious point of this is to say that one zebra is on top of another zebra like during sex)
What does the full half of the glass say to the empty half of the glass to convince him to change places?
What does the music of the spheres do when it meats a cube? (Again with the x meets y and something incredible must happen. No dear bigoted ones. People can interact with others very different form themselves in a normal manner. Just because you can't doesn't mean that others can't either)
How do clouds, with their head in the clouds, behave? 
What is the most daring fantasy of an aquarium?
What does going out of print mean for an envelope? 

What does buttermilk think of domestic abuse?

All of the above questions are form the 2006 edition of the beauty contest. 

The Romanian word for buttermilk is battered milk. Now this not only another hard to translate and hard to carry over to other cultures wordplay, but is  a rather insulting thing to ask for young girls in a beauty contest to answer in a funny and lighthearted manner. Of course there are 0 victims of domestic abuse in MISA according to the official position and hence it's an ok subject for fun and humor. 
No! No and NO! 
You make fun and expect the participants to make fun of domestic abuse and call yourselves spiritual? Not all the transfiguration filled sex-sessions and all the divine love and divine compassion meditations will help you if you do not realize that this is wrong. 

I mean what would be a good answer to this? 
That he/she/it thinks she deserved it? 
That that just happens? 
That it happened to me (the buttermilk) too? 
Or does the following answer get the maximum amount of points: MISA is a yoga school and this is yet another calumnious lie from the media. We are prepared to do a bet of 77.777 Euros with any journalist who can prove that one single person ever in the history of the planet was involved in domestic abuse? 
Seriously. What would be a good answer?

If you are a participant in this beauty contest and think that you have awakened the inner divine male, I dare you to give this answer if you get this question. 

I know there's very little chance of this happening but this is one of those things that makes me think of the ancient and authentic wisdom: All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing (the quote attributed to Edmund Burke). 

If tantra and MISA do promote a higher view of women (as goddesses) and that is a good thing in your opinion and that's why you entered this contest, then why do you let yourself be paraded around like cattle and have your intelligence not only denied but actively hindered by things like this?
The so called intelligence test (that is to come in the following days) only proves that the organizers of this event and the people who do the intelligence test questions think that in order to become the most pretty and most spiritual woman of MISA you don't need to be intelligent you need only to be really-really inhibition free (aka manifest the typical behavior of women in hardcore porn movies) and you should be able to do a sufficiently arousing erotic dance whenever prompted.
The majority of these "tests" have this aim and in not one single instance do they aim to show that the women participating are human beings that are worth respect and love. And why not admiration. No, their whole performance (and hence (spiritual) worth) hinges upon their performance in the question of how much can they arouse the audience. And no the "spiritual perceptions" "test" is not the solution. If anything that makes things worse. 

Not to mention the sexual-harassment-like-forcing-upon-everyone-someone-else's-perverted-sexual fantasy that is to come in the following days? Why and how is this considered to help women live and enhance their femininity is beyond me? This is exploitation 101 and incredibly demeaning. But hey maybe I'm not spiritual enough to see the beauty in this bacchanalia. 

17:50 – 18:35 Integrating the show-contest. No access is allowed in the conference field at this time. 

18:40 – 21:50 „Miss Shakti-Costineşti 2011” Contest

22:00 – 22:30 Exemplification: The overwhelming manifestation of god's mysterious calling

22:35 – 01:00 „Miss Shakti-Costineşti 2011” Contest - continued

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  1. Actually, those questions are asked during the first night of the event.

    And girls are told answers in the backstage when they can't come up with their own.

    For the record, I wasn't told. My question was "What is the nickname for the year 2012?" I was like 'wut?!' and then I was backstage, then I was back in front of the people and my brain was still blown. I said it was the year when everybody would be liberated. Including the tent.

    My humor failed Big Time that once. :P

    Hmm. I feel a "Nothing to Hide" coming up.