August 7th (MISA Yoga camp commentary 2011)

The signing up for the trance initiation continues. 

Music for the meditations can be downloaded from here.

14:00 – 14:30  Exemplification: Evoking and communion with great philosopher and enlightened Abhinavagupta. 
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Oh and don't think for a second that the above wikipedia article is in any way less than the exceptional and special information you would get if you were at the camp. The presentations that are given by some yoga instructor on the stage in the camp are much more poor that these. And at least wikipedia provides sources for these unlike MISA. And while you're at it if the subject actually interests you, you can find out dozens of times more in an hour of googling and reading than in that 20 minute meditation. You can even put on some nice ambient or trance music while you do so. And then you won't even feel a difference. And you won't have to pay for it. 
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21:00 – 21:30  Exemplification: The state of detachment and generosity. 
Again with the generosity and similar good stuff. MISA claims (through it's official representatives the yoga instructors and website) that if the sufficient number of people meditate together for a certain cause like for example the decrease of crime in a region then that will surely happen. 
Well we could see that there were an awful lot of meditations with nice and mild topics like these in the begging of the camp. We still need to see any evidence that all of these meditations have had any effect on or change in all those people that participated (many of them several years in a row) in these camps. Until now I did not see any evidence of this, only the subjective claims and wishful thinking of the cult members themselves. But I still eagerly await your evidence MISA. 

The above claim by the way was copied from the Transcendental Meditation Movement, that Gregorian Bivolaru lately has claimed to have started in Romania (little hint if you are not too familiar with MISA yet: it's not true). TM also claimed to be able to do this, yet wasn't able to provide proof either. 
I personally have heard the exact same claim form a MISA instructor as a proof of the authenticity of MISA teachings. And yes of course she also made the claim that the authorities covered it up just because they are pure evil. So MISA not only translates and adapts the books it publishes but also translates and adapts the various claims that it's people think are in some way cute or spiritual. 
I don't know about you but that's not too spiritual or too nice in my opinion. 

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Spiritual activities
22:00 – 23:30  Movie evening.

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