August 21st (MISA Yoga camp commentary 2011)

Romantic Trance initiation
Induction of the Romantic trance state (2) – induction of the state
No recording or note taking is allowed. 

09:00 – 14:35 Induction sustained in a subtle telepathic way by Grieg: Induction of the beneficial trance state
As far as I understand the essence of the technique is that you need to put a rubber band on your finger and move it around ate certain times and you need NEED Grieg to induce the state to your puny mind. You alone are not capable of this. God, almighty god who made everything and who's many mysterious aspects are discussed and meditated over during this camp, is also unable to give you this trance state on your own. Don't you see how deeply and mysteriously you need Grieg? Can't you see that you just can't be without him? 

Even if he's not here, let's pretend that he's sitting somewhere in Sweden (or Paris) and is sending out the trance state that arrives just as it was sent to toe inbox in your heart/Sahashrara Chakra/whatever. 

Afternoon program
15:00 – 15:30 Exemplification: Ecstatic translation in the mysterious realm of Shambala

Special spiritual program
15:40 – 20:25 Re-audition of the conference by Gregorian Bivolaru titled: Inititatic aspects of the significance of Spiritual Covenant. Duration: 4 hours 45 minutes. 

Evening spiritual program
20:30 – 20:58 Presentation by Gregorian Bivolaru titled: God's attribute of divine covenant (audio)
This is basically the time when MISA makes a deal with the devil god that suits their plans. Check. 

21:00 – 21:30 Exemplification: Intense, ample and profound conscientization of the subtle, mysterious and sublime energy of god's attribute of divine covenant

Spiritual activities
Special viewing (2)
21:35 – 22:30 Watching the movie "The Divine Library".

Romantic Trance initiation
Induction of the romantic trance state (2): exiting the state. 
Acess is up until 23:30. 
Wonder what is supposed to happen if someone doen't get in until that point? Would they stay in the state? Kind of weird. And forced. 
Would it go away on it's own? Then what's the point of the exiting the state meetings? 
And if you stay in the state is that bad? This is supposed to be a beneficial trance state so why does length matter? And why is it limited? Oh damn those pesky questions ruining nice delusions of the believers. 

00:00 – 00:30 Exiting the romantic trance state. 
00:35 – 00:50 Accounts.
Again the accounts to fortify the delusion that something is happening and that something is deeply beneficial. Even if all you felt was frustration because it's so uncomfortable and so damn long. 
After all a billion fly's can't be wrong. If everyone feels good, so sooo gooood, during the trance state, then so should you. And if you don't then there must be something wrong with you. 

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