August 24th (MISA Yoga camp commentary 2011)

Indra initiation
Conference Svarga Loka part 6 of 6. Duration 6 hours. 
12 stamps necessary. No recording allowed. 

07:30 – 13:30 Re-audition of the conference by Gregorian Bivolaru, with the topic: Svarga Loka – The realm of spiritual divine godly beings (6)

Activities with international participation
Special Ayurveda activity part 5
Access is based on camp pass and "special ayurveda ID". 

08:30 – 11:00 International preparatory meeting of the ayurveda lecturers, coordinated by Andrei Gămulea and Aurora Nicolae

Spiritual activity
Kalachakra spiritual group meeting (3):
Access is based on camp pass and yoga ID and only for students from years 9 and above. 
09:00 – 13:30 Kalachakra spiritual group meeting: Special meeting to help the people in the bardo of death.

Spiritual activity specific for men
Why "specific for men" and not just "for men"? Don't ask me. Probably men specific things happen there. Like what? I don't know. And it's not because I'm a woman. It's because this is a cult activity and there nothing means what you think it does, or what it should. 
Not to mention the fact that what exactly is this supposed to be based on? On psychological aspects? Men and women share many of those. The differences there are not as black and white and as dual as MISA says. 
The physiological differences are more obvious (and since there is a physical search involved it can be checked to a certain degree) but without actually asking and testing (which MISA does not do) this is just silly. 
Gender and gender differences are a long disputed topic in psychology and philosophy and in my opinion MISA has taken the wrong side. And the bad thing is that they impose these gender ideals without 0 evidence and based only on "Grieg said so". 
Sorry guys but being male or female and being feminine or masculine is not that black and white. This only serves to separate people further and that is not healthy. At least in my opinion. Apparently in spirituality that's exactly what is considered correct. And what is ambiguous should be decided based on personal opinion and has to be affirmed with full confidence no matter the contrary evidence. 
Here read this article and this instead of a MISA group. 

Esoteric Vira® Group (1)
Access is allowed only for men over the age of 18 and who are members of the special Esoteric Vira® Group: Mahavira Ananda. 
No recording is allowed like always. And this is not just a request. People are searched at the entrance. 
Oh and the best part is that (at least in the past) not even watches are allowed. Because get this they might be bugged. Paranoia to the 10th degree. 

12:30 – 17:30 International meeting of the Esoteric Vira® Group: Mahavira Ananda. 
Words like brotherhood, vitality, purity and bravery are thrown around. I would love to know exactly how this is supposed to done with MISA's methods. 
The official description mentions something called Kaula Tantra but somehow I doubt that what will go on in these super secret meetings are based on that, just like the yoga courses that are supposed to be based on various Hindu scriptures but actually reflect the ideas of Gregoarian Bivolaru and his disciples who wrote them (aka plagiarized them from foreign authors). 

Afternoon spiritual program
14:00 – 14:30 Exemplification: The state of profound spiritual communion with the great philosopher and spiritually accomplished person Apollonius of Tyana, who visited Shambala and received special initiations from the great wise-men that exist in this realm

Indra initiation
Ah the moment is here. The initiation in the mantra of the spiritual realm of Svarga Loka. All those hours and all those boring conferences. Well as promised here's the mantra for free, without boring speeches  or dozens of stamps on ID's etc. 
The mantra is: 

16:00 – 18:00 Special initiation in the mantra of communion with the spiritual realm of Svarga Loka

Miss Shakti Contest 
The fifth evening of the contest.
Access is the same as the night before. 

19:30 – 20:15 The integration of the spiritual show-contest „Miss Shakti Costineşti-2011”
No access is allowed during this time. 

20:20 – 21:35 „Miss Shakti-Costineşti 2011” Contest
I don't actually remember the order in which these events come but that's not really the point. Neither of the actual beauty contest or this presentation so...
One of the tests is the so called intelligence and subtle perceptions test.
This consists of 5th grade level logic questions and 3-5 (?) separate spiritual exemplifications out of which the aspirants to the state of shakti have to guess the exemplified state. The public can also participate. The name of the state that is supposed to be transmitted is not to be identified precisely by those who play the game but rather they have to choose one out of three possible options. So it's basically a spiritual quiz.
This game had some really bad results when it was played at the also "international" (meaning only MISA members are allowed in) yoga congress. The difference is that the results of these tests during the miss contest are not made public.
Now that either means that these girls and women are actually 300% better than the best of the yogis who participated in the yoga congress or that after this test 2-3 participants should remain in the race.
Of course because the system by which the points are given is also a profound and ineffable mystery the intelligence test also could outweigh the results of this. But that makes no sense if you take their word seriously. In the case of the most spiritual beauty contest in the world organized by the greatest spiritual school ever the subtle spiritual perception test should be the most important one.
But then again maybe I'm the one that takes their belief more seriously then they themselves do. Wouldn't be the first time.

21:40 – 21:54 Presentation by Gregorian Bivolaru titled: The attribute of god the divine moment (audio recording)
There's some bs about god's time and other such things but if you really want to feel small and insignificant I suggest you look into physics. 
Even this very shallow and low  level wikipedia article has more amazing stuff in it than all of the MISA yoga camp along with all of it's activities with international participation. 
This is yet another event that reminds me that not only are the people who organize these and who write these "conferences" not aware of how much more awesome the real world is then their imagined one (the one that they would like to have and which does not really exist), but they also are actively misleading  and keeping people from seeing it's true beauty by presenting them with these impoverished versions of the world. 

22:00 – 22:30 Exemplification: Intense, ample and profound awareness of the subtle, sublime and mysterious attribute of god the divine moment. 

22:35 – 01:00 „Miss Shakti-Costineşti 2011” Contest - continued


  1. "This is yet another event that reminds me that not only are the people who organize these and who write these "conferences" not aware of how much more awesome the real world is then their imagines one (the one that they would like to have and which does not really exist), but they also are actively misleading and keeping people from seeing it's true beauty by presenting them with these impoverished versions of the world."

    I really like this. It's very true. And quite an eye-opener :)

  2. Thanks for the comment I noticed the typo :)
    And if you like that I suggest you look up a guy called Carl Sagan ;) , this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhGuXCuDb1U
    and this user http://www.youtube.com/user/philhellenes